Welcome to episode 2. This episode jumped to the top of the ratings, so hopefully it should stick around. This is great news. I am looking forward to seeing how this series unfolds.

We start where last week ended. Ramo brought Boz to Cengiz for him to pay for beating Neco. In a twist Ramo shoots Cengiz and Halef.

Ramo remves Cengiz’s ring, as he does so they see Neco running from the car he tried escaping in. They quickly catch him. Boz wants to shoot him and Ramo gives hin the go ahead, but Neco begs for his life saying that he can help Ramo out of the trouble he is now in after killing his father.

Meanwhile we see Halef wake up suddenly. Shot in the chest we see he was wearing a kevlar vest. He has also been shot in the shoulder.

Bucur runs back to the family with the information Ramo has shot and killed Cengiz. Everyone is shocked knowing that there will be trouble. Fatos asks about Boz and is delighted to hear he is ok. They start to put preparations in place for trouble. Halef goes to tell Neslihan and Sibel what has happened. That Cengiz is dead.

Fidan warns Ramo that Sibel will be now dangerous and he must be really careful around her, and not to let his guard down.

We flashback to three years earlier when Ramo and Sibel met. Working for Cengiz. Ramo was sent to protect her when she was a date with her boyfriend. Ramo escapes with her when armed men come after her.

Arriving back in the neighbourhood, Boz meets with Fatos who is so pleased to see him. She tells him that he had better be quick and marry her. Meanwhile Ramo arrives home to warm welcomes from the neighbourhood residents. He goes to see his mum. She is still very confused and forgetful and doesn’t realise that Ramo is her son. Ramo is devastated.

Sibel along with her mother and Halef go to identify Cengiz at the mortuary. Sibel turns on Halef and asks him why is he still here? He wore a vest why didn’t he make her father wear one? She tells him he will pay. As they leave the room Sibel walks off. Neslihan tells Halef she wants Ramo dead. But first she wants all his loved ones killed including women and children. He tells her he will do it when they are least expecting it and will hit them hard.

Ramo is holding Neco a prisoner in an empty room at home without the family knowing. Only Fatos knows and she takes him his food. He begs her to tell his mum he is still alive.

Sibel is sat looking at old photos she thinks back to 3 years before…

After Ramo had saved her from the men at the mall, he takes her to a room so she can sleep while he keeps watch. The room is attacked and Ramo saves her life by jumping on top of her and rolling off the bed. He protects her and they escape.

Boz gets a call to tell them that Halef is still alive. Ramo’s brother who has berated Ramo for not letting him help with Cengiz, is pleased as he hates Halef and wants to shoot him in the head.

Sibel arrives at Ramo’s house. She pulls a gun on him and asks him why he killed her father and brother. He tells her that her brother is still alive and is there with them. She doesnt believe him and passes out. Ramo carries her inside.

Meanwhile at the entrance to the neighbourhood a car pulls up with a man, his wife and what looks like a baby in the car. They are questioned why they are here and who sent them. The car is also searched. They say they have come for fuel and were recommended by a friend. They leave the car with the pumpers to fill and clean. As they walk away the woman sneaks to Ramo’s house and places a bag under a table outside. We see inside the bag that its a bomb with the timer counting down.

Neslihan gets a call from Sibel. She shows her that Neco is still alive, but he cannot come home as Ramo has him in his house. Neslihan realises now that both her children are in danger from her own making. Meanwhile outside the neighbourhood, Halef is waiting with his men for the explosion so they can storm their way in.

Sibel runs out of the room telling Ramo there is a bomb. Everyone runs out of the area while the men look for the bomb. They find it and Hasan grabs it and starts running through the neighbourhood. He throws it into the canal as it explodes. Ramo watching from the roof sees the explosion and runs towards it. All the family are worried about Hasan but he arrives back at the home safe and sound.

Halef and his men come speeding to Ramo’s home. Ramo and everyone are stood waiting including Sibel. She tells him that Neco is alive. Ramo explains that Neco will stay with them until Yavuz arrives. Halef isnt happy and tells Ramo no one will stop him from killing him. They leave along with Sibel.

Suleyman, Neslihan’s father arrives. He too isnt happy with Halef. He says that he is now in charge and they dont do anything without him saying so. Halef and Neslihan agree.

Ramo is sat with Boz. Yavuz ha called him and wants the guns and money handing back tomorrow. Boz is obviously wanting to ask Ramo about marrying Fatos but he has trouble saying it. As he is just about to say it Ramo’s phone rings. Its Suleyman. He tells Ramo that they will not do anything else until Cihangir makes a decision. He has called to ask that Neco be able to go to his fathers funeral.

Ramo meets with Sibel to hand over Neco, but before he does they talk. She is in tears and tells Ramo she thought she could trust him as he was different. Ramo hugs her but she pulls away. He tells her that it was her father and grandfather that killed his dad. Sibel promises that one day in the future they will come up against each other and one of them will die.

We go back to three years ago when Ramo takes Sibel home after the shooting ordeal. There he meets with Cengiz and Suleyman who thank him for saving her life. Ramo looks like he already is planning on his revenge.

Ramo has spent the night with his bed buddy, obviously he has no real feelings for her but she thinks there is more to it. One of the men shouts to tell him that his mum is missing. He finds her knelt in the road stopping the traffic. She has remembered her husband being murdered and its like it has just happened. Ramo gently leads her away and promises her he has got one of those men and he will get the rest that killed his father.

Yavuz arrives at Ramo’s home. Fidan welcomes him and makes him coffee. There immediately appears to be some sort of a spark between them. Fidan is respectful but straightforward telling Yavuz they dont expect thanks for killing the traitor Cengiz but they dont deserve to be punished either. Yavuz seems impressed.

Ramo arrives. Yavuz wants him to go with him alone to where the guns and money are. Ramo agrees. When they arrive at a warehouse that belongs to Cengiz the lorry is there as are all the guns and money. Yavuz tells him Cihangir will be happy. Ramo asks to meet him. Yavuz nods as two of his men grab Ramo, a third puts a rope around his neck…

That brings episode 2 to a close. A great episode once again. Im loving this director he is really good especially the continual shots.

So what will happen to Ramo… obviously he will survive or we wouldnt have a series. Will Boz come and save him with the pumpers? Will Yavuz stop the men from killing him?

I really like Fidan’s character. She is a comfort and an adviser to Ramo. And it looks like Yavuz just may like her too.

See you next week.

Written by: Rachel Labidi



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