Welcome to episode 10.

Last week ended as Alpay had injected Sibel and Ramo had to chose. Follow Alpay or get Sibel to the hospital.

He rushes her to the hospital where Yavuz and Fidan are waiting. Hasan has also been admitted to the same hospital with his gunshot wound but he is recovering well. Sibel meanwhile is unconscious with Ramo at her bedside.

Alpay is hiding in a nightclub. While Halef has gone and got Fariye’s money from her boss that she was owed.

Sibel recovers and leaves the hospital. Suleyman tells Ramo that he should start the divorce proceedings soon. At home Ramo talks with his mum. She tells him Sibel should not go there anymore. She knows she stabbed him and has caused all the trouble. Sibel confessed to her and she wrote it down so she wouldn’t forget. When she leaves the room Ramo finds her notebook and rips out the page regarding Sibel.

Ramo visits the nightclub where Alpay is hiding. He tells the manager that he along with the pumpers will be taking over the nightclub. A fight ensues. We see Alpay leaving unseen.

Neco returns to the hospital to see Fatos. He asks to talk. He tells her that he is in love with her. He tells her she doesnt need to say anything. Afet interrupts and Neco leaves. Fatos is shocked and feels faint.

Ramo helped by Halef and the pumpers go around all of Alpay’s businesses and take the money by force. They then give money to the people in the neighborhood along with gifts and replacing everything that was destroyed during the shoot out.

Ramo follows Sibel as she is out shopping. He takes her to an apartment that he has bought. He wants it to be their place to be together. He hands over the keys and asks her will she open the door to him?

Ramo is showing Fidan the new nightclub he has acquired from Alpay. The woman who worked there as a singer introduces herself as Meryem. She asks about her job and Ramo says they can all keep their jobs. She is obviously trying to flatter Ramo but for what reason?

We see that Halef has a breakdown. He realise that Feraye and Cino were all in his head. All the times he spoke to her from seeing her in the nightclub to going to her home was all imagination. He was having visions of himself as a young boy and his mum. He stands in a empty room realising it all gone.

Fatos hasnt been feeling well. She takes a pregnancy test and it comes back positive. Despite being alone with Boz she decides not to tell him anything.

Alpay has asked Suleyman to speak with Yavuz saying he wants peace. Suleyman calls Dogan to meet him. He threatens him that if he doesnt bring him information about what Ramo is doing then he will tell Ramo what he did, betraying the pumpers.

Yavuz is given information where Alpay is hiding. He gives the details to Ramo and he goes with the pumpers to a derelict warehouse. There is a shootout. They find the room where he was but he has escaped.

Alpay has gone to the police. Yavuz meets with Suleyman and Ramo. He gives the job of dealing with Alpay to Ramo and tells him if he suceeds then he will get a seat at the table. Suleyman is not happy.

Fatos meets with Neco. She tells him that she is pregnant and wants a divorce. Neco is gutted. He tells her sadly that he will give her the divorce.

Fatos finds a ring in a box when she enters her bedroom. She goes to Boz with the ring on her finger and tells him that she is pregnant. Boz has a huge grin on his face.

Fidan in a hotel sees Yavuz and is about to go to talk with him when she sees that he is sat with a young girl and a woman. She turns and walks away.

Ramo goes to the apartment and rings the bell. Sibel doesnt answer. Disappointed her walks away. As he does she opens the door. They eat a meal together and dance, they then go to bed together.

Alpay is sat in the police station. He is writing something on a sheet of paper. He holds it up at the glass. It has all the names of the committee on it including Yavuz, Suleyman and Ramo.

Written By: Rachel Labidi



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