Welcome to the summaries for the eagerly awaited new series starring Murat Yildirim. His game show presenting has kept him busy for a while but now he is back… lets see if this will be as good as I am hoping. Usually my first summary of a new series is quite a bit longer as we get to meet the characters and lay out the story line…See you at the end.

The opening scenes are of two young boys sleeping on the roof of a house in the city of Adana. One spots a helicopter approaching. He runs with his friend to alert the neighbourhood. Shouting and banging on an oil drum the neighbourhood springs into life. Guns are hidden, barricades are built to try and slow down the police. Men run in different directions with hoods up. One man escapes under a drinking fountain. The police follow who they think is the main suspect, Ramo. As they remove his hood its not Ramo he is casually walking away from the area with his hood up as police cars fly past him.

A few months before we see Ramo and Boz enter a premises at high speed. Boz takes out his two guns and holds up the security while Ramo enters the building unarmed casually taking out a few men on his way to see the company’s director, Osman.

Ramo is working for Cengiz Yildirim. His son Neco has beaten the Osman’s son badly and will go on trial. Ramo’s job is to persuade him to drop the charges and not go to trial. Osman is stubborn but Ramo shows him the live feed of his son in the hospital bed were he is recovering with a gun pointed at his head.

Outside the prison later Ramo and Boz are stood when a vehicle pulls up. Out gets Sibel, Neco’s sister. Obviously very cool towards Ramo he gets no thanks for getting the charges dropped. She tells him its his fault for not stopping Neco to start with.

A very arrogant Neco comes out from the prison gate asking Ramo why this has taken so long. He wants to go looking for girls but Sibel swiftly makes him get in the car. Ramo reminds Boz that they are just the bosses dogs doing what he commands.

Cengiz is with his right hand man, Halef. Halef isnt pleased that Ramo managed to do something he himself couldnt and get the charges dropped against Neco. Obviously he dislikes Ramo.

They arrive at a factory. Inside we see an open shipping container thats empty and six men knelt and handcuffed. One of them with the nickname Flower calls his boss, Seyhan for Cengiz. Cengiz tells him the goods are missing. Seyhan is surprised but Cengiz isn’t happy. Halef shoots Flower in the head, then as Cengiz walks away he also shoots the six men handcuffed on the floor.

Aptik and Musti are in a shop, Musti distracts the owner while Aptik steals something. They run followed by a couple of guy’s. As they run across a bridge on the other side they stop chasing. The wont chase them any longer as the boys have now entered their neighbourhood, Taskapi… obviously off limits to outsiders.

One of the men explains to the other about the area. Taskapi is a neighbourhood where fuel is trafficked illegally. The local gang are known as The Pumpers. The gang is headed up by a man named Ramo who is very secretive and not seen much and is thought to help the poor people. He is fearless and is one of the main men helping the boss of Adana, Cengiz.

Returning home even with everyone waiting for him in a meeting Ramo enters his house and we see a lady sat looking out of the window. He calls her mother, but she isnt aware and looks dazed. He notices her medication is untouched on the table. He pours water and tries to give it to her but she knocks the glass from his hand. His sister tells him she is busy and struggling to watch her all the time.

At the meeting Ramo tells them all that the goods that were stolen were the property of Cihangir, the boss of the Istanbul Mafia and he will cause a real problem now for Adana. He says that the person responsible for the theft is Seyhan Kus also known as the Bird. Cengiz has had him followed and Ramo is waiting for more information from Cengiz before he acts. He warns the committee that this is really bad for them.

Fatos ( Ramo’s sister ) gets a note telling her to meet at the canal. When she arrives we see its from Boz. They are in love and Fatos wants him to tell her brother that they love each other. Boz respects Ramo a lot and says that after this business with the Birds is sorted he will ask Ramo for her.

That night Ramo, Boz accompanied by Halef and the Pumpers, raid the hideout of Seyhan and the Bird gang. They quickly overpower them and Seyhan trie to run from Ramo. He gets shot in the leg and Ramo catches up with him. Seyhan says he did not steal the delivery it must have been Cengiz. Ramo replies it wasnt Cengiz, he himself stole it. Then he kills Seyhan. Halef arrives mad that he has shot Seyhan and they cant find the goods now. Ramos says that he knows where they are Seyhan told him.

While Ramo goes to visit a lady friend after the raid Halef reports back to Cengiz. He tells him that Ramo shot Seyhan after he said where the goods were. They went to look for the goods but the place had burnt down. Cengiz is furious. They have a choice pay Cihangir and the Istanbul mafia and then going broke or fight with them. Cengiz tells Halef they need to fnd the goods. Halef says that maybe the Pumpers were responsible but Sibel soon shoots him down saying they are loyal. Halef isnt convinced.

Ramo joins his aunt at his fathers grave. He tells her it was him that stole the goods. The reason is that Cengiz was doing a deal with the Russian mafia. The container was full of weapons and guns. She warns him its not a good idea. And tells him to be careful around some women.

Ramo meets Sibel. At the resteraunt while they are talking Ramo sees a van approach he shouts for everyone to get down. The van opens fire, Ramo is concerned to see Sibel on the floor but she isnt injured. They go to the cansl together. Obviously they like each other and Sibel asks him if he loves her. Ramo avoids answering the question.

They get a call to see Cengiz. The whole family plus Halef and Boz are there. Halef wants to go to the Istanbul gang and fight them but Sibel suggests talking with them. She volunteers to go and Ramo says he will accompany her.

Neco is at the same nightclub as Boz. They do not get along. Neco makes Boz stand and wont let him sit with him. He also pours iced water down the front of Boz. Boz is trying really hard to control himself as he walks away.

Boz goes to the bathroom when Neco enters, Neco tells him he needs to know his pace. Finally Boz blows and beats Neco leaving him slumped in the bathroom. He walks out of the club.

Sibel and Ramo go to Istanbul. They meet with a man called Yavuz who says he is the representative of Cihangir. Sibel explains the situation with the goods and asks for more time to find out who is behind the theft. Yavuz is not happy and doesnt think Cihangir will be either. He tells them to now wait for their fate from the decision.

Sibel says she needs air and goes outside. Ramo catches the waiters eye and leaves a note on the table. The waiter looks and the note says ” I did it “

Boz now in his cat tries to call Ramo but he declines the call. Fatos calls Boz but he throws the phone from the car window. Fatos with the family at a wedding wonders whats happening.

Neco is helped home by Halef who takes great pleasure it telling Cengiz it was Ramo’s man Boz who attacked him. Cengiz orders Halef to get his men and bring Boz to him.

At the wedding Halef arrives with his men. He threatens them and tells them that they will bring Boz to him by tomorrow or he will be back. Fatos tries calling Boz again. All this will have been caught on camera as the item that Aptik stole from the shop was a drone. He had it up over the wedding at the time.

Ramo and Sibel go back to the hotel wit her friend they have met. Her friend is interested in Ramo and Sibel leaves them and goes to her room. Ramo receives a call from his aunt telling him that Halef crashed the wedding looking for Boz. As he hangs up the phone a van screeches to a halt. Two masked men jump out and bundle him in.

Fatos is beside herself with worry about Boz. This is turned to anger when her uncle Ismail sends men looking for Boz and wanting to hand him over to Cengiz. A little power struggle ensues where Ismail wants to hand him over him being the leader of the Pumpers to the outside world and Fidan who says that they should not do anything until Ramo gets back, and not to forget nothing is done without a family council meeting.

Meanwhile a hooded Ramo is brought in front of Yavuz. He tells him that he has the guns and the money. He took it from Cengiz as Cengiz was collaborating with the Russians. Ramo produces a video of Cengiz meeting the Russians. Yavuz asks him what he wants. Ramo says he wants to take over from Cengiz in charge of Adana. Yavuz tells him to return the guns and money and they will talk about the rest later.

Yavuz calls Cengiz and tells him that Ramo says he is meeting with the Russians. Cengiz denies this of course Yavus knows he is lying but he plays along and says maybe Cengiz should see if its Ramo staling the goods. His test for Ramo is to see if he can take on Cengiz and win.

Back at the hotel, Ramo meets Sibel. She still thinks he spent the night with her friend. He tells her he didnt. He also tells her that if death finds him or they are torn apart they will always have a bond. Sibel is left wondering why he said that.

Ramo returns home to the family council. They all apart from Fidan and Fatos think they should hand Boz over to Cengiz. Ismail arrives after seeing Halef. He tells them that they want Ramo to take Boz to them and Cengiz wants Ramo to kill Boz infront of him. Fatos is upset, Ramo smiles with incredulity.

Ramos finds Boz and tells him what Cengiz wants him to do. Boz goes to the car to wait for Ramo. In the car he see’s Ramo’s phone. He calls Fatos and tells her he really loved her and for her to remember him. He hangs up. Fatos is so upset.

The next day Ramo takes Boz to the mountains and they wait for Cengiz to arrive. Boz respects what Ramo needs to do he just asks him to take care of his mother. Ramo tells him he will.

Cengiz, Halef, Neco and some men arrive. Ramo asks one favour that Boz can beg foregivness, Boz looks confused. He kneels and tells Ramo to do it he wont ask anyone for forgivness. . Ramo watches Halef who is very twitchy with his hands. He looks around at Cengiz’s men.

Ramo says goodbye to Boz he pulls his gun out and aims at Boz. Suddenely he turns and shoots Cengiz, Halef and his men, Boz grabs a gun and shoots too…Neco escapes in the car but Ramo shoots at it and the car comes to a stop. The last thing we hear is Ramo shooting an already dying Cengiz again.

Well that was a fantastic opening episode for an eagerly awaited series. Once again Murat has delivered. Such a talented actor. The director also did an amazing job. The scene where Ramo, Boz and the Pumpers go to kill Seyhan at the abandoned building. From arriving to the very end where Ramo confronts Seyhan it is one continuous shot. Both fantastic acting and directing by Mustafa Sevki Dogan.

Great casting too. Yavuz played by the veteran actor Yigit Ozsener is truly a great choice. Gorkem Sevindik as Boz hot from his role in Soz plays a very loyal right hand man. Ruzgar Aksoy as the nasty Heraf, and Cemre Baysal as Fatos all very exciting to watch.

So obviously now Ramo has proven to Yavuz / Cihangir by taking out Cengiz and his men that he is capable of running the Adana side of the operation. Obviously his relationship with Sibel will be a little strained after he has shot her father and brother. Will any of them still be alive?

I always rate a series on what I call binge watch ability. Ramo is a series that I wish was fully complete and I could sit and watch all in one go. Its that good waiting week to week for another episode will be torture.

Written by: Rachel Labidi



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