Born June 14th 1957

Perihan was born in Istanbul. A neighbour said that she should do acting as she had that ” spark ” At the age of five she played her first role in the Children’s Istanbul City Theatre. She then attended secondary school and then at the age of just 13 was engaged to a 22-year-old man from the military. Perihan says she did this due to the pressures from her Mother who was strict about her upbringing.

It is said that the marriage only lasted 6 months and they then got divorced. About the marriage Perihan said I never had a full marriage I was a child, I would never, ever recommend being married so young.
In 1979 she met Ibrahim Tatlises on his first film shoot. They had a stormy relationship that lasted 7 years, they had a daughter called Melek. In 1987 she married Yilmaz Zafer, he had a heart attack but never fully recovered..he died in 1995. She married again in 2011 tp Derya Tasdelenler.

Her acting career is long and very impressive. Starring in over 100 movies and over 30 TV series including, Leyla ile Mecnun and currently in the very successful series Cukur where she plays the Sultan of the family…

Perihan is on Instagram and has 123k followers. She has had a very interesting at times traumatic life especially when she was younger, but her first love acting she has always had continual success.


Written By – Rachel Labidi


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