Born: 17th June 1996

Status:  Single

Özgü Kaya was born on June 17th 1996 in Istanbul, Turkey. She is currently studying music and theatre at the Istanbul University State Conservatory. She is currently acting and studying part-time to get her Bachelor’s degree.

Her acting career started not too long ago. Her first acting role, a leading actress in the series Adı Efsane (2017). She played the character of ‘Sibel’. She acted alongside Baran Bölükbasi, Almila Ada, Rojda Demirer and Erdal Besikçioglu.
This was her first acting experience in a TV series.

Currently, Özgü is a leading actress in the great series Mehmetçik: Kutlu Zafer. She plays the role of ‘Zeynep’. I really liked her acting and her performance. I find her acting has improved from season 1. Her character is one of my favourites female characters currently on air. Strong and brave woman. Özgü is portraying the character very well. She has been part of the cast from the start when the series premiered back in January 2018, however, the series in Season 1 is called Mehmetçik Kut’ül Amare. It is a fabulous series and Özgü acts alongside İsmail Şaşmaz, Semih Ertürk and Cansu Tosun.

Özgü is very much active on social media.
She uses Twitter and Instagram on a regular basis. She has 264 thousand followers on her Instagram and over 16.2 thousand followers on Twitter.

Other than acting Özgü has a passion for playing music, dancing and travelling. She does a lot of travelling in her spare time. There are many beautiful photos of her travel on her Instagram. She also sings and plays the piano as well.

Özgü is a very good young actress who has just had her acting career kick off. She is being acclaimed for her performance and her beauty. I have already seen a big improvement in her acting. I’m sure the future will be bright for Özgü. I look forward to continuing watching her in Mehmetçik Kut’ül Amare and any future projects. I’m excited to see what her future holds.

Written by: Raghad A.K




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