Born May 19, 1975

Ozan was born in Nuremberg, Germany. His family are of Turkish origin and immigrated from Bulgaria. He lived in Germany until he was nine years old. He studied at the Izmir Municipal Conservatory and then also studied Modern Dance at Mirmar Sinan Fine Arts University. He worked at Tekand Theatre and did 15 months of Military service.

He started acting in 1997 in the series Çiçeği Büyütmek. Since then he has had a very successful career. Starring in 9 movies, narrator on 3 projects, appearing in lots of advertisements including petrol and banking , and also made 15 TV series.

He starred as Damat Rustem Pasa in Magnificent Century for two years and more recently took the lead role in the series Fi as Can Manay. He is a very talented actor who can produce a wide range of acting skills, from Crime drama to comedy.

In 1997 while filming the series Ikinci Bahar he met  Director Turkan Derya. They married in 2005 and had a son, Ali ..they sadly divorced in 2010.

He has his own shoe store, he is active on social media and has 1 million Instagram followers. His pictures are great and varied with professional and personal shots, he looks like a fun character. In a recent IG post he said that the reason for him being an actor was the film character Şekerpare, Ziver Bey. There are no reported plans for his next project as yet.

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Written By : Rachel Labidi


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