These days we can buy many things from all over the world. Turkish coffee, Turkish Delight etc that I’m sure can be bought in your country too.  However there are a select few genuine things that can only be bought in Turkey

Iznik Tiles.

If you have ever visited one of the spectacular mosques in Turkey you will probably have seen the dark red and turquoise colours of the famous hand painted Iznik tiles. These were prevalent in the Ottoman era, but still today there a few places where you can buy these beautiful tiles. If your looking for some, try The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.

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Nuri Toplar Turkish Coffee.

Yes I know what your thinking Turkish coffee is everywhere you get it even from your local market. However its on the area around the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul where you will find the Turkish coffee of Nuri Toplar made fresh. It was established in 1890 and its roasted with a wood fire giving it an exceptional and unique taste. You can order it online these days but it’s not the same as sitting in Istanbul drinking it from its original home.

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Haci Bekir Turkish Sweets

Turkish delight and Turkish sweets are all over the world and each country may have their own take on this treat. However there is only one place that you can go and get the original and authentic experience. Haci Bekir is situated in Sultanahmet, Istanbul, and the store hasn’t changed much since it was opened in 1777. It sells an array of sweet treats all on display enough to make your mouth water.

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Turkish rugs from Ethnicon and Dhoku.

Turkey is famous for its rug and carpet making and you can buy them in lots of shops around the country. However one of the best examples are to be found in two stores both under the same management. Ethnicon and Dhoku. The stores are in the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul. The quality of the rugs is outstanding and are some of the best examples in Turkey. You can choose a traditional pattern or even go for something a little more modern. They will also ship it back home for you too.

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Turkish Tea

Most of the tea thats actually produced in Turkey os from the Rize Province near the Black Sea. It has a mild climate, high rainfall and the soil is fertile. The tea is usually made as black tea. Tea is a very important part of the Turkish culture and is the most popular drink. It was only in the 20th century that ot became so popular after coffee became expensive and the Turks were encouraged to drink tea.

It is traditionally served in tulip shaped glasses and is held by the rim to stop burnt fingers. An almond biscuit called kurabiye from the Ottoman period is usually served with the tea.

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In our modern world its easy now to purchase things without moving from our armchair. I think that there is nothing better than actually experiencing things in the place where they are actually made. 

Written by: Rachel Labidi




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