What do we know so far? Akif is pursuing answers to two problems; the most immediate is solving the questions surrounding a student’s suicide, the second is determining who was the hit and run driver who put his fiancée, Zeynep, in the hospital with a serious brain injury. Thus far, he has determined that the deceased student, Ruya, was bullied by several of her jealous classmates, and he has removed them (Tugrul, Salih, Ismail, Fikret, Ayse, and Merve) from the group by pretending to exact justice. We have learned that Akif, Zeynep’s father Kenan, and Police Chief Metin have a friendly relationship and all three men are aware and supportive of Akif’s actions at the school.

As the episode begins, Detective Yilmaz walks dejectedly out of the school entrance to face the crowd of parents and police, all shouting questions about the recent explosion. Anxious parents scream “Who has died?” while police want to know what he has learned about Akif’s ability to carry out his threats. In his third floor office, Akif looks at his bank of computers to see the commentary on the social media website. Apparently, he is satisfied with what he is reading for he brings up a catchy tune on his phone as he remembers how he created the scenes of “murder” by using artificial body parts, fake blood, and an ether-type chemical to induce sleep. The bodies of the “dead” students have been placed in a secret chamber one floor below where they were anesthetized for awhile. As they awaken they see Tugrul, the first victim, sitting at a desk very much alive. We see that Tugrul has been assisting Akif with the students as they are placed in the secret room. Salih is shocked, stupefied with what he saw as Tugrul being stabbed to death but now alive without blood or wounds. He shouts and the other four students clamor with surprise.

The students in the classroom are lying in an exhausted sleep, but Gizem awakens when she hears a noise. She listens and then shakes Mevsim saying she has heard shouting. Mevsim tells her to go back to sleep and let her be.

In the secret room, Salih demands to know what is happening to them. He accuses Akif of bullying them. Akif defines “bullying” for him by describing his ruthless act of videotaping Ruya in the dressing room to destroy her honor, and then he tells all of them that he needs their help.

The morning of the fourth day finds the classroom coming alive as the students awaken from a troubled sleep. Gizem tells Mevsim she’s sure she heard a shout, but Mevsim doesn’t want to believe her, nor does the rest of the class who are sure that Akif has killed their friends and plans to kill them. Mevsim, who has begun to question Ates for his silence, is stopped when Akif enters the classroom. Again, the students want to know when they may leave, and again, Akif tells them when they correctly answer today’s question: Who edited the video and put it in Mevsim’s book bag? Within a few minutes, Ates admits he did it.

Ates’ admission doesn’t satisfy Akif. He tells the boy that yes, he probably did put the video in Mevsim’s bag, but he didn’t edit the video to make Ruya look guilty of doping. That was too professional, so someone else is involved. The class has until 8:00 pm to determine who the other guilty person is. Without an answer, this time ten students will die. At once, the students assail Ates to tell the truth, but they are quieted when Akif says Ates deserves some time to think before he answers. The lessons they have confronted in the past three days should have taught them something about friendship and patience.

At the hospital, the doctor reviews Zeynep’s test results and says everything is normal, so he will discharge her today. She doesn’t seem to know where she will go, but when her father tells her she has her own home, she decides that’s where she should go. She tells him she wants to go to the police station before she goes home. The mysterious man in black is lurking in the hallway again; he overhears the doctor say “discharge” as he leaves the room. The man calls someone to relay that information.

Outside the school, the crowd of parents and teachers part as a car approaches. Police Chief Metin steps out of the car and speaks to the crowd. He tells them not to believe what they read on social media, for there is no evidence students have died. That is rumor, and until the police can verify that deaths have occurred, they shouldn’t believe the rumors. Assistant Principal Taner arrives and decides he will calm the crowd. His speech is self-promotion which a teacher observes emanates from his love of attention in front of a camera. A little boy tells the principal his brother Ates is in the school. He wants to know the whereabouts of the teacher who brought food to his house. The principal tells the boy to take his little sister to his mother and go home, but the boy says his mother isn’t in the crowd because she’s paralyzed. She sent him to the school because they were hungry.

Chief Metin finds a quiet corner and calls Akif. He says Yilmaz has been taken off the case and put in charge of a gang crime, but now many new people are involved and he doesn’t know how much longer he can help Akif. Akif says he’s almost done, just a little longer. Metin is concerned for Akif’s health because he seems weaker.

At the police station, Yilmaz is interrogating a business owner who has failed to pay his business licensing fees. Yilmaz knows the man has connections to a gang. The questioning is interrupted when his assistant Mahir tells him that Zeynep requested to speak with him. In Yilmaz’s office, Zeynep wants to speak privately with Yilmaz, indicating that her father should leave the room. Kenan is reluctant, aware that Zeynep’s memory is imperfect, but he leaves. Zeynep then tells Yilmaz that she doesn’t know the man who says he’s her father, she’s going to a home she doesn’t remember, and she’s afraid of someone harming her. She doesn’t remember her fiancé and she doesn’t remember teaching at the school under siege. As she leaves his office, she hears Mahir tell Yilmaz that the man he questioned doesn’t know the Sur gang. That stops Zeynep who apparently does remember that name, but she says nothing.

A flashback. . .Ruya is sitting for Akif as he paints her portrait. She asks him about Zeynep’s accident, that if he learns that the Sur gang was involved, he needs to be careful because they are very dangerous. She says that Ates saved her from that gang and they beat him terribly, but he never told anyone the truth.

Now, in the present, Akif looks at his portrait of Ruya and remembers her words as he continues to monitor the posts on social media. In the hall outside the classroom, Cetin tells a group of students about the time Ates was beaten by a gang. He says Ruya told him that Ates saved her, but Ates didn’t tell the truth about his injuries, saying only that he had an accident. Gizem goes to Ates and thanks him for saving Ruya, but she wants him to tell the truth since he really isn’t a bad person.

The scene changes to Ates’s home where Assistant Principal Taner and teacher Miss Simge appear with the little boy and his sister. They have brought food to the home. The bedridden mother greets them and asks about Ates. The TV doesn’t work, so she only knows what neighbors have told her and she worries because Ates hasn’t been home since a male teacher brought food to her house. She doesn’t know his name but he was very nice.

Miss Simge prepares a meal for the mother and children, but it’s Taner who enjoys the food. The mother explains she has been paralyzed for a year since she fell from a window and the responsibility for the family came to rest on her oldest son Ates. He gave up his dreams of playing basketball, and although he stayed in school for his mother, he had to take part time work to support the family.

At school, Akif confronts Ates with his guilt about the video, but Ates says he didn’t kill Ruya. Akif tells Ates he knows the burden of his mother’s condition, but Akif is unable to finish his sentence because he has a terrible coughing fit. Ates watches as Akif staggers weakly into his inner office. He waits in the hall until Halil and another boy, Yener, come out of the classroom, but Halil doesn’t want to discuss anything with Ates.

Zeynep enters her apartment with her father. She seems to feel misplaced because she doesn’t recognize the shelves of books and pictures of herself with her mother or with Akif. She wants to know if she was a bad person because she can’t believe she was engaged to a man like Akif.

In his office, Akif has recovered from his coughing. He calls Yilmaz to remind him that he is supposed to solve the case and to keep his phone handy for a call later in the evening. Yilmaz is disgusted that his hands are tied. Mahir comes in to tell Yilmaz they are to raid the “gangland” bars in the evening when orders come, and not before.

Night has fallen and 8:00 pm is near. A student hidden in a bathroom stall is texting on a cell phone as Akif watches the posts on his office monitor. His phone rings, a call from Zeynep which he doesn’t answer. At her apartment Zeynep is watching a video on her laptop of herself and Akif the day he brought her a little kitten. When Akif returns her call, she tells him she doesn’t remember being engaged to him, but if he’s doing the hostage situation for her sake, she wants him to stop. He says he isn’t doing it for her, the call ends, and Akif has another attack of severe pain.

In the classroom, Halil approaches Ates and tells him it’s almost 8:00. What will he do? Will he tell the truth? Ates says he won’t do anything; as the other students clamor for him to speak, Mevsim reminds him that this time, ten of them will be sacrificed for his denials. At that moment, Akif enters the room and everyone sits except Ates who offers a challenge. He says he and Akif should fight, one on one; if he loses, he will name the person who edited the video, if he wins, Akif will let all of them go home. Akif accepts the challenge after remarking that Ates has no guilty conscience about fighting a sick man. He places a call to Yilmaz and leaves the line open so that Yilmaz can hear what is happening. The fight begins and after a couple of swings, Akif gives Ates a couple of punches, puts him down, and says to Ates, “You used Ruya for money, you got the video taken for money, and you took Ruya to those guys yourself.”

Ates has a flashback. He remembers he is at work carrying heavy sacks to a truck when the mysterious man in black appears. The man introduces himself as Hido and says he knows Ates is in the same class with Ruya, a girl his friend wants to meet. His friend will pay Ates to bring Ruya to a place where the two can meet.

Ates pulls himself up to resume the fight, but Akif continues to speak, saying, “You took Ruya to a deserted warehouse for money, and, even though you didn’t know they would try to kidnap her, you were beaten for saving her. When your friends questioned your appearance, you said you had an accident so you wouldn’t have to admit that you received money. You did that for money, money to help your paralyzed mother. How much did you get?”

Another flashback shows the Ates convincing Ruya to meet his “friend. ” Some gang members are waiting for them at the warehouse. A man gets out of a van and asks Hido why this meeting is taking so long. He’s impatient to get the deal done because the “teacher” wants Ruya to “deliver.” When Ates and Ruya enter the empty warehouse, a van pulls up and six men hop out. They attempt to kidnap Ruya, but Ates fights them and Ruya escapes. The men beat Ates severely before leaving. The Sur gang hadn’t finished with Ates, however. They once again offer him money, 10,000 TL, to see that Ruya doesn’t compete again. Salih’s anger and hurt at being rebuffed by Ruya gives Ates a chance to create the problem of doping that will ruin Ruya’s chances of running another race.

Akif, impaired by his pain, is pummeled by Ates as he lies on the floor, but Akif is still able to speak truth to Ates between the punches. Akif tells Ates he was also jealous of Ruya because even though she lived without a mother in poverty, she never gave up her aspirations as he did. She was stronger than Ates because she overcame the obstacles that he couldn’t. Halil confronts Ates, saying he didn’t know about Ates’s mother and the hardships he endured. He saw Ates as a friend and he would have helped him if he’d known.

Akif asks Ates who edited the video, but Ates says he can’t answer because his family was threatened. Gizem comes into the room saying teacher Akif is not a murderer. She went to his office during the fight and heard Tugrul behind the inner office door. Tugrul told her that Akif had planned the hostage situation to help the students, not hurt them. The students were shocked to learn that everything was a hoax. Akif admitted that he was trying to find out who was responsible for harming the students over the past two years. He knew it was the Sur gang who threatened them and made them dealers, but the police were not able to find the information they needed to stop their activities. Akif turns to Ates and says you can give us the information we need, and I can protect you. Ates, hesitant but convinced, says the gang leader’s name is Kara. . .Abdullah Kara. . .and he can be found at a bar where there are secret rooms.

Akif goes to his phone and asks Yilmaz if he has heard the events in the classroom. At that moment, Yilmaz and his team are in the Kara Bar where they will search for secret rooms. Akif says he will keep the phone line open so he can hear if the search is successful. Yilmaz notices a particular light that shines on the bar and a wall panel next to it that sounds hollow. He calls Mahir as he locates a switch and the panel swings open to reveal several gang members, among them the leader Kara.

Yilmaz relays the arrest of the gang to Akif who tells the students the ordeal is over. The lesson they have learned is that only when working TOGETHER can they overcome their problems. He assures Ates that the Principal Coskun has arranged for a nurse to help his mother so that he can concentrate on school. Just as he is about to explain about Tugrul and the other students, Akif falls to the floor.

One of the girls, Selen, I think, became very agitated when Ates named the gang leader as a man known as Kara. What does she know?

WRITTEN BY: Susan Watson



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