Police Chief Metin Nazur, who has brought two bundles of food, and Akif embrace warmly in the school hallway. It is apparent they are friends, and when they sit together on the stairs, Metin tells Akif he’s skinny and he doesn’t look well. Akif says he’s doing all right, he’s taking his medicine, but he doesn’t think it’s working. Metin tells him that Yilmaz will figure “this” out pretty soon, so he needs to hurry and find the information he’s looking for. He gives Akif his gun just in case, and Akif offers him the water gun. Akif tells Metin that Yilmaz went to see Zeynep in the hospital, but Metin knows that. Before Metin leaves, he tells Akif he can’t go back looking the same way, so Akif punches him in the face.

The scene shifts to Zeynep in the hospital bed pondering something as the news flashes on the screen. Her father enters with a surprise for her, a chocolate bar from the canteen, and she asks if that is something that she used to like.

When Metin emerges from the school that night, the parents in the yard bombard him with questions about their children. Yilmaz asks him if the students are all right, but Metin says he doesn’t know because he didn’t see them. He tells Yilmaz that Akif knows he took Zeynep’s phone, and in his anger, the psychopath hit him.

The morning of the third day arrives. Akif rises slowly from the chair he has slept in, his hand on his aching back. He takes his medicine and puts on the tea kettle before checking his computer. He goes through the online social forum of Chatling and scrolls through the posts. He has decided that today he will put Umut on “trial” to see what he knows.

In the classroom the students are slowly waking up after a fraught-filled night. They squabble a bit before quickly getting in their desks when Akif comes in. After Akif’s smiling “Good morning,” o ne of the boys asks if they can go home because he’s tired of “Mahmut Teacher,” but Akif answers that if they are so eager, they will start the lesson. Answer the question and they can go home. He shows them the video of Ruya in the locker room that started the claim of doping. Who recorded the video? Ismail says that no one in the class would admit it; another student asked if he wanted them to be policemen. Akif calls Yilmaz and tells him he has sent the video to him to find the person before 8:00 pm. If Yilmaz can’t discover the guilty person, 5 students will die.

There is a great clamor among the students when Akif leaves the room. Celil begs his classmate to tell the truth, but again, no one admits his guilt. Outside Police Chief Metin Nazur and Yilmaz argue. Metin tells Yilmaz he’d better get busy.

At the hospital, the strange man in black steps off the elevator. He goes into Zeynep’s room. When she sees him, she seems disoriented . The man says, “Pardon, it was an accident.” She looks at him blankly as he nods his head and walks out. He quickly calls someone and says, “She doesn’t remember” and then gets in the elevator.

At the school, the principal asks Yilmaz if he has any news for the parents waiting. Yilmaz says no but he wants to meet with the teachers. All of the faculty are present except Assistant Principal Taner who had to take a relative to the hospital. Actually, Taner is at the barbershop getting a shave and a haircut.

In the tent on school grounds, a group of teachers is watching the video that Akif sent. One teacher, seeing the arm of the person placing the drug in Ruya’s locker, says that student is wearing a school sports jacket. The athletic coach says there are only two teams, basketball and track. When Ruya won her competition, Taner started a fund that provided the sports gear. He would check the records to see who wasn’t in class that day. How many students in the track class, Yildaz asks: only two, Ruya and Nil.

Upstairs in the classroom, Mevsim is accusing Nil because she was jealous of Ruya’s success, but Nil denies it and begs Cetin to tell the class that she wouldn’t do something like that. Cetin says nothing and then the class gets in an uproar, accusing Mevsim again of lying. She walks out of the room, followed by Gizem. Confronting Mevsim in the restroom, Gizem has a flashback of the day she ran to Ruya who stood on the edge of the rooftop. Ruya turned to her as she approached but then jumped. Gizem caught her by the arm but couldn’t hold on to her. This exchange is observed by Akif who has a bank of computers on his desk to watch every room. He is glad to see that the girls are asking questions but he’s waiting for the guilty one to appear.

In the yard below, Mahir brings Yilmaz the list of students in the class. There are five, but Mahir also tells Yilmaz that Akif is gathering quite a base of followers on Chatling.

When Zeynep’s father enters her hospital room, she asks about her telephone. He doesn’t know but he will buy her another one when they leave. She tells him she wasn’t there because of an accident,that someone ran into her on purpose and she knows who. . . .Akif Erdem. She says she saw him on TV yesterday and remembered some things. . . he’s the one. Her father says the doctor said she may get things confused, but Zeynep is sure Akif is the one because she saw him on TV. A man who would treat young people that way would do anything. Her father tells her Akif couldn’t be guilty of hitting her because he was her fiancé. She could not grasp that she had a fiancé. When the nurse comes to take Zeynep to physical therapy, her father, Kenan, goes outside and calls Police Chief Metin. He tells Metin that Zeynep has remembered. Metin is shocked that she remembers Akif. He and Kenan obviously know something that Akif doesn’t know.

A flashback shows Zeynep in a room at the school with an unidentified man, apparently a teacher, telling her if she told school officials or the police, she would be fired. She’s angry and asks if he’s threatening her. She said she would go to the police and tell them what he had done. As she leaves, the man tells her she would never make it to the police station. She dashes out of the school, talking on her phone to Akif. She is outraged and tells him she’s going to the police station and she wants him with her. Not paying attention, she walks into the street and is hit by a car.

At that moment, Akif has some sort of spasm. He appears to be in severe pain as he grabs his medicine. When he recovers, he has a flashback to a day when he and Zeynep had lunch in the park, and Zeynep talked about growing old. She was afraid he wouldn’t remember her when his memory faded, but he said he would look at her every day and love her. She said she would never lose her memory.

The students start arguing again. Cetin said somebody needs to confess so they can go home. Ates tells him to do it if he’s so afraid, but Seren starts accusing Mevsim again because she hasn’t returned from the rest room. Cetin goes out and finds Nil sitting on a pile of debris in the hall. She tells him she hated Ruya, not because Ruya always won but because Cetin admired her. She tells Cetin she felt sorry for him because Ruya only thought of him as a friend and ruined his ability to compete in track when his knee was injured. In a flashback, Cetin remembers the day that he charged into a group of boys who were harassing Ruya after school. During the fight, one of the boys stabbed his knee.

Mahir waits for Zeynep to return to the room from physical therapy to return her phone while Yildaz paces in the school yard. When Mahir sees Zeynep, he returns the phone with apologies, and Zeynep says she wants to tell him something. She tells him that her injury was not caused by accident but on purpose. Someone deliberately hit her and it was Akif Erdem. Mahir says there is something she can do to help the police.

At that time, Akif is sitting in his office watching his computers. His phone rings. The caller is Zeynep, but Akif thinks it’s Yilmaz still using her phone. He is surprised but pleased to hear his Zeynep’s voice, but soon he’s shocked when she asks him how many more people will he hurt. Mahir is observing her conversation, but her father comes and stops the call before castigating Mahir for confusing her. Akif is angry because he suspects Yilmaz of playing a trick. He proceeds to destroy things in his office as the students listen to the confusion and breaking glass from the hall. He straightens up and sends a text to Zeynep’s father. Apparently, before Kenan receives the call, he has explained to Zeynep that she is not remembering correctly. She is accusing the man she loves because she’s associated the story on TV with Akif, but Akif is not the person who hit her with a car. She is confused and angry that she can remember only fragments of the past. Her father goes outside to call Akif and apologize, saying Zeynep doesn’t remember anything; the police made her make the call.

Once again, Mevsim confronts Nil, telling her to admit the truth, but Nil denies that she made the video. She says maybe Cetin made it. Someone else is in the bathroom hidden in a stall. He/she is online at Chatling writing a post that is being read by hundreds of people at the time. Akif, back at his computer, is reading the posts and smiling. Mahir reads the posts and tells Yildaz. Mahir asks the student if he/she will cooperate with him; the student agrees but won’t give a name because it’s too dangerous. He/she isn’t supposed to have a phone.

In the classroom, Selen accuses Nil and Nil accuses Cetin; all of them know that Cetin liked Ruya, saying he was her her puppy, her slave. Cetin said he was trying to help Ruya. Flashback: After his surgery for the ruined knee tendon, Ruya and Nil visit Cetin in hospital. Ruya leaves, Cetin chases Nil out, and Ruya comes back to ask Cetin to be her coach since he can’t run anymore. Now, in the present, when Cetin enters the classroom, Selen pounces on him. Selen has become investigator, judge and jury for all of them, but Ates finally makes her sit down and be quiet.

The evening has come. The school coach and a teacher watch Taner interviewed on TV, and afterward, they discuss Akif’s behavior. The teacher doesn’t believe Akif is a psycho. She thinks there is something else behind his behavior. The principal tells the woman to go home to rest. From now on, they will take shifts. She says she will go, but it’s almost 8:00 pm and she wants to hear that the students are all right first. The coach volunteers to cover the first shift.

In the classroom, the students are arguing again in desperation. Akif comes into the room and restores order. He asks for the guilty party to admit he made the video, but no one speaks. He calls Yildaz and asks if he has found the guilty person, and Yildaz says it was Nil. Wrong, Akif says. Try again. Yildaz says okay, it was Cetin. No, wrong again. Akif says, “Now I’ll tell you who made the video. . .it was Salih Karakaya.” Salih is speechless with embarrassment. He has a flashback to the day he asked Ruya if she would date him; she said she was honored that he asked her, but. . .Without allowing her to finish, he accused her of loving Cetin and he stalked away. On his way home, Salih meets Ates and admits to him that Ruya refused him and he’s hurt. Ates tells him to hurt her back by making a video and he’ll do the rest.

Akif repeats what Salih has said. Salih has a flashback as Akif talks He slipped into the dressing room and took the video. The pill Ruya had in the video appeared to be a vitamin. That’s all he did, he says. He didn’t edit the video or put it in Mevsim’s bookbag. He kept quiet because he was scared. Akif wasn’t satisfied with Salih’s answer. He said Salih was more concerned about his honor and power than the consequences of his actions. He did something evil and that was cowardly.

Salih accuses Akif of thinking he knew everything and then he marches over to Cetin, calling him weak and cowardly. He asks why would Ruya want Cetin who couldn’t do anything. Gizem stands up and says Ruya admired Cetin because he overcame his pain of having to give up running. He went on with his life despite his disappointment. He was strong, not weak, but Salih didn’t listen. He accuses Cetin of being a loser and screams that Ruya hurt him. She broke his heart. . .and then he says, “I did it. I ruined the life of the girl I loved.”

Akif calls Yilmaz to ask if he heard Salih’s confession. Because he has been inept in solving the puzzle, five students will die. Akif takes a gun from his briefcase. The class becomes an uproar of begging and denial of guilt until Salih steps forward and says he is guilty so he will take the blame, kill him. Akif is pleased that Salih has volunteered, so he tells him to step forward, but after that, Akif names four more students: Ismail, Fikret, Ayse, and Merve. He forces them into his outer office; at that moment, in the courtyard, Yildaz makes a dash for the school door. Chief Metin tells him to stop, but Yilmaz says he won’t. He says he couldn’t be a teacher but he can’t stand by while students are hurt, and he runs inside. Akif fiddles with his watch and there is an explosion which stops Yilmaz for a moment, but then he runs up the stairs screaming Akif’s name. The students, coughing, move into the hallway and see Akif’s outer office where the students were, but they are not in sight. The office is covered in huge chunks of debris and smoke. In the lower hallway, Yilmaz hears Akif’s voice speaking to him. Akif tells him he finally achieved something, the death of 5 children, and asks if he feels hopeless. He says Yilmaz must remember what he told him before. . .now he knows what hopelessness feels like. Yilmaz says, “You’re wrong. I’m full of hope that I catch you and make you pay for what he did.”

Social media explodes with comments about the explosion and a TV reporter broadcast that parents and neighbors have gathered at the school in fear for the safety of their children in the hands of a psycho.

WRITTEN BY: Susan Watson



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