The episode opens with teacher Akif sitting at his computer in his office. He takes a pill of some sort and drinks water. The students in the classroom are emotionally and physically exhausted, having seen the teacher Akif stab the student Tugrul and drag his body out of the classroom. Gizem followed him with his computer as he directed and saw the finished portraits of Zeynep and Ruya in his office.

Those portraits of the injured fiancée Zeynep and the deceased student Ruya create questions in the minds of Gizem and the audience. Why is the teacher so absorbed in discovering a person who caused Ruya’s suicide? How does he know Ruya’s father and son so well? How was Zeynep injured? Why was he painting a portrait of Ruya?

Outside, officials are questioning what should be done. The assistant principal Taner is answering questions for a TV reporter, giving stock answers without any specific information. The reporter says there are rumors about a student’s death. . .strange since there is supposedly no communication between the students and the outside world.

In the classroom, it’s morning of the next day. One of the girls sprays perfume to cover the smell of boys’ feet, an act not appreciated by the boys or Mevsim who has asthma. Another student complains of hunger and wonders about breakfast, a comment that awakens the group to the past events. Two girls attack Gizem, claiming she is responsible for Tugrul’s death since she gave the wrong answer, and they threaten to kill her. At that moment, Akif comes in with a cheerful “good morning” and a bag of goodies for them.

After breakfast, the “lesson” of discovering who killed Ruya resumes. Halil and Mevsim say they did nothing and should be allowed to leave, but Akif says they will stay until the truth is known. He puts several posters on the board designated “Alone-45” with the comments that the so-named person made on a social media account, and he shows them the fake video that claimed Ruya was doping before the race. He calls for “Alone-45” who made the ugly comments and the video to come forward. The students have until 8:00 pm that evening to discover who the culprit is.

In his office, Akif calls Detective Yilmaz. When Yilmaz asked him what his problem was, Akif tells the detective that his problem is educating, isn’t that the problem with education in general. Then he tells Yilmaz that he, too, once had a problem when he was a teacher. Yilmaz is shocked that Akif knows his past as a teacher. Apparently, Yilmaz had a serious problem and had to leave the profession. The phone call has been transmitted over social media and all of Istanbul is reacting with comments.

Yilmaz and the police chief question the principal who tells them that Akif was a very nice teacher when he started the job. He was engaged to Zeynep who had an accident about six months ago. We learn Zeynep suffered a head injury in front of the school, but the attacker is unknown. The injury has kept her in a coma until recently. Akif started teaching after Zeynep was hospitalized.

After his phone conversation with Yilmaz, Akif is interrupted by two students who have come to his office to ask for water. Standing at the open door waiting for the water, the boys see two half-eaten sandwiches. They think this is evidence that Tugrul is alive and they tell the other students. Now they have to devise a plan to see if this is true.

At the hospital, Zeynep is questioned by a doctor. She can hear and tries to follow directions, but she doesn’t know where she is or who the man is who tells her he will take her home. She knows her name but nothing else. . . her memory is empty. The doctor explains to her father that she can go home, but her loss of memory may last for days, months, years or she may never recover memory at all. Ziya walks with the father and doctor while young Ali sits with Zeynep in the room. Lurking in the hallway outside the room is a suspicious man dressed in black who sees Zeynep lying in the bed and the men walking up the hall. He makes a call to someone on his cell phone to say that Zeynep is awake.

When the doctor leaves Zeynep’s father and Ziya, the two men discuss whether to tell Akif about her recovery. The father is afraid that this might make the situation more dangerous, but Ziya, who apparently works for the father, says it’s auspicious that Zeynep awakened from the coma on the day that Akif started his plan at school. The father will tell Akif that she’s awake but not about her memory loss. He calls while Akif is drilling on the floor of the restroom. Akif is wearing a wedding ring very prominently, but we don’t know if he and Zeynep are married. Akif is distraught because he can’t see her at the moment.

While Akif is overcome with emotion after the call, three students led by Ates attack him in the restroom with a broken pipe and another group goes into his office area and attempt to break in the locked office door. They are caught by a bleeding Akif who holds the pipe. The whipped boys in the restroom can’t understand how Akif has managed to overcome them.

Yilmaz and his police assistant Mahir go to the hospital to interview Zeynep who has decided at the moment to walk. Struggling for balance, she manages to get to the open door just as Yilmaz and Mahir approach her room. Confused and unable to answer any questions, she faints into Yilmaz’s arms. Yilmaz tells Mahir they have to interrupt Akif’s plan and Mahir says it would help if Akif could talk to Zeynep. That gives Yilmaz an idea. He tells Mahir while he keeps her father in conversation, Mahir should find her cell phone. In the hall, Zeynep’s father tells Yilmaz that Akif is Zeynep’s ex-fiance since it’s difficult to be engaged to a woman in a coma. He tells Yilmaz that she has no memory.

The second night of the school vigil finds Ms. Simge, the teacher, and Taner, the assistant principal, standing under a tent by the school. When food arrives, they argue because he criticizes the rice, Taner telling her she should eat while she tells him he should be more concerned about the students and their parents than the taste of rice.

In the classroom, as 8:00 pm approaches, one of the girls, Selen, tries to get someone to admit they wrote the hateful comments as “Alone-45”on Chatling. She takes all of the comments from the board and slaps them on Gizem’s desk, saying she either wrote them or knows who did. Gizem denies she knows as she holds a yellow smiley star attached to a key ring.

Mevsim sees the key ring star and asks Gizem where she got it. She says Ruya gave it to her. Mevsim remembers the day she gave the key ring to Ruya as a friendly gesture for a video she would make for Ruya. This memory brings guilt, and the guilt propels Mevsim to Akif’s office door. She says he knows who made the video and uploaded it but that person’s life will suffer if she becomes known. Akif answered that the guilty one would suffer but would have a life after to correct the mistake, but Ruya doesn’t have a life at all. Mevsim sees Gizem as she leaves the office and accuses her of listening to her conversation with the teacher. Gizem says no, but Selen, hiding in the restroom, says she heard it and she knows that Mevsim was Ruya’s friend. The argument is interrupted when Akif comes out and sends them back to the classroom.

Akif comes into the classroom, brings the students to order and asks for “Alone-45” to reveal himself/herself. No one speaks, so now he must choose a victim. As he looks through the group, his phone rings. The caller is Zeynep, but he hears Yilmaz’s voice. While he is talking with Yilmaz, the boys gang up and attack him. They take his wristwatch and attempt to take the other watch, but Akif manages to press the button that sets off an explosion. The students scatter again. On his feet again, Akif tells them that they must learn that they can’t exist in nature alone. That their survival depends on the survival of all and they must work together and protect each other, a moral code that apparently only Gizem grasps, because she says she’s the guilty person in order to save the others. When Akif asks for her password to the Chatling account, she can’t answer. The girls accuse her of betraying them all with her lies, and this forces Mevsim to confess. She is “Alone-45” and she gives Akif her password.

When Akif shows that Mevsim’s answer is correct, the students gang up on her, asking why she would do and say those things to Ruya who was her friend. Mevsim once again accuses Gizem because she interfered in Mevsim’s friendship with Ruya. Mevsim was jealous and angry. She vowed that Ruya would pay for choosing Gizem over her. She admitted that she followed Ruya to the gym, soaked her shoes, cut up her track suit, threw a rock through her window, and told her to die. Thinking that her confession would end the situation, she is confronted by Akif who said the problem wasn’t over because she hadn’t learned anything. He admitted that he had made a mistake in not teaching any of them to be understanding, compassionate, and thinking individuals. She must THINK about what her words and actions had caused. Mevsim collapses on the floor in her grief and guilt. At that moment, Gizem approached Mevsim with the star key chain and said Ruya gave it to her when she admired it. When she said she couldn’t accept it, Ruya said that a very dear friend had given it to her. Gizem said, “Ruya thought you were her friend.”

Akif says the lesson is over for the day and starts to leave, but Cetin stops him, saying since he found out who uploaded the video, could they go home. Akif asks Mevsim if she made the video. “No, I found a disc in my book bag and I uploaded it, but I didn’t make it.” So, Akif says he’s sorry but they will be there another night until someone confesses to filming and editing the video. He leaves the room and is followed by a girl who wants to know if Tugrul is alive. “You really want to know?” he asks. “ If so, one of you can come with me, but you won’t come back to class again.” The students back away.

In his office, Akif’s phone rings. It’s Yilmaz calling to find out if anyone was hurt in the explosion they heard. He asks if Akif will let the students come out, but Akif says no. He still has work to do, but they can send food for the hungry students. He tells Yilmaz he needs food for 30 people, and that gives Yilmaz hope that no student has died. The Police Commissioner says he will go alone to take the food and talk with Akif. Akif calls Zeynep’s father and asks why the Detective called him on Zeynep’s phone. The father didn’t know the phone was missing. Akif then asks if he can speak to Zeynep just to hear her voice, and her father was forced to admit that she didn’t remember anything.

The scene changes to the hospital room with Zeynep standing by the window. She seems to be in pain as she remembers being hit by a car. A nurse enters and helps her get back to bed. After checking Zeynep’s blood pressure, she gets her situated in bed and turns on the TV. The news about Akif comes on and Zeynep begins to stir, something familiar is lurking in her brain. At that same time, Akif goes down to the second floor to meet whoever is bringing the food. The food deliverer is Police Chief Metin Nazur who has been wired by Yilmaz. Akif pulls a gun because he suspects a listening device. When he finds the device, Chief Metin cries out, “Don’t do it, don’t do it!” just as Akif smashes the recorder on the floor. Then he squirts water at the Chief. The two men hug, Chief Metin says Akif had to put ice cold water in the gun, and Akif smiles.

Hmmm. . .very mysterious. Who was the man in black lurking in the hospital corridor and making a call about Zeynep waking up? Who does he call? How and why does Akif know about Detective Yilmaz’s work history? What is Akif’s relationship with Ruya’s father Ziya and her little brother Ali ? Why does Zeynep’s father approve of Akif’s mission at the school? Who is Police Chief Metin Nazur and why is he friendly with Akif?

WRITTEN BY: Susan Watson



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