Welcome to this new dizi being aired on Wednesday evenings on the Fox channel.

The episode starts as Arif wakes up after what looks like a heavy night. Out of his drawer he collects a ring and places it in his pocket. He leaves the house and its snowing heavily which he appears to love. He takes his car and goes to the cafe. We see that the series is set in Istanbul.

He meets his girlfriend, Zeynep for breakfast. She seems in a rush so he postpones popping the question. he drives her to work. Its a new job that she is starting. As she gets her things from the back seat his surprise is thwarted as she sees the ring box.

Arif decides that now is the time and with it sowing heavily he goes around the car and helps Zeynep out of the car. He gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him. She accepts. He stands and watches her walk into the school for her first day in the job.

We now jump forward in time to one year later…

Akif is stood outside the same school. However he looks to be in a totally different frame of mind than he was one year ago when he was so happy that Zeynep accepted his proposal.

He enters the school in which he is now a teacher and has been for six months. In the staff room ……….. offers him cake and we learn that Zeynep had an accident shortly before Akif started work there. She is obviously still having issues from the accident. He is feeling uncomfortable and takes some boxes that have been delivered for him.

As he is leaving the assistant principal Taner enters the room. Obviously not very popular with his sarcastic comments and his technique with the ladies.

Akif appears to be a push over with the students. Two girls push his pile of boxes over on purpose. Another student, Gizem offers to help but he refuses.

  1. DERS: UYANIS ( Lesson: Awareness )

Akif enters the classroom and three students cheekily walk in after him, one of them Halil not caring they are late. Akif goes to close the classroom door. As he does he locks it from the inside.

Akif tells the class that from now on they no longer are teacher and students. They are his hostages. He tells them they will stay there until he gets the right answers to his questions. No matter how long it takes. The students think this is all a joke.

Ates has had enough and tries to open the door. Finding it locked he confronts Akif. He refuses to unlock the door so Ates tries to hit his teacher. Akif easily over powers him and also his two friends. The students are in total shock and starting to realise this isnt right.

Akif says he will show them a different way. He looks at his watch and presses it. There is a big explosion, blowing out windows. The students are all cowering in the floor. Akif calmly unlocks the door and tells them they can leave.

The students run out only to find that they are trapped in the corridor by rubble. They start shouting for help but Akif tells them not to bother nobody will be in a condition to help.

Outside they realise that the only people missing are Akif and his students. Meanwhile Akif calls a cop, Yilmaz. He tells him what he has done and that he has the students as hostages. He will only talk to Yilmaz and he tells him that needs to take charge of the case.

In the classroom Akif puts two pictures on the board. One of a man called Ziya, and the other is of Ziya’s son, Ali. He asks the class what is the connection between these two and this class?

We see that Ziya and Ali whilst at home one evening get a visit from the police. They are told that their daughter Ruya has committed suicide. We then see that Ruya was an athlete and very good friends with her classmate Gizem.

Gizem now realise that this is in regards to her friends death. Akif tells the class that one of them is to blame for her death. They have until 8pm to come up with why she committed suicide. If they give the wrong answer then one of them will die. The students are horrified. He then tells them that Gizem will be the one to tell him the answer. Akif eaves the classroom to sit in his office.

The students look for ways of getting out but the glass is unbreakable. They soon discover that Akif has placed cameras everywhere and is sat in his office watching them. They see a police drone outside the window and start waving and writing signs to put up at the window. Akif informs them he not only changed the glass. He also put in mirrored glass so none can see inside.

Yilmaz arrives at the scene. He speaks with Akif who tells him that the students are doing their homework and have until 8pm to complete it. And so they dont get bored waiting outside he has made them a surprise. As he says that a small bomb goes off in a hut in the playground. The situation spreads rapidly on social media.

Yilmaz gets the files on Akif and the students. He is told by the head teacher about Ruya that committed suicide. He sends a colleague to her family to see f there is any connection with Akif and Ruya.

In his office Akif is remembering. He did a portrait of Ruya. While he was paining she mentioned a video and told him that she wasnt a liar. He asks her to tell him what happened.

Back to the present and Akif gets a call from someone. He is in a hospital room and we see Zeynep laid on the bed unconscious. He asks Akif if he has started. Then the door opens and the grocer Ziya and his son Ali arrive. They too have heard that Akif has started. Ziya speaks with Akif and thanks him for finding who did this to his daughter.

The students see that all their families have gathered outside and are upset. Meanwhile the SWAT team has accessed the svhool but Akif is fully aware of where they are and isnt concerned.He takes out a pen and switches the end of it to a device and puts it in his pocket.

Akif enters the room with just 12 minutes until the deadline. The pressure is on Gizem to give him an answer. We see how Ruya was bullied by her classmates. Saying that she was doping to enhance her athletic performance and also that she seduced her trainer. Gizem gave up to peer pressure scared too that she would be excluded by the rest of the class if she supported Ruya.

Gizem gives the answer that she was the cause of Ruya’s death. Akif tells her this os the wrong answer. He then tells them they wont leave util they get the right answer.

As he turns his back some of the boys attack him, eventually they have him pinned on the floor. He reaches for his watch and detonates a small explosion in the ceiling that shocks the kids and makes them back away, freeing him.

The chief of police has arrived he gave the order for the SWAT team to enter. After hearing this most recent explosion he communicates with his SWAT team.

In the classroom Akif is triumphant and stands on the table while the students cower in fear. He then starts to decide who needs to die. Halil says that it should be Gizem. She admitted it so she should die. He shoves her forward.

Akif asks them if they agree? No one answers. He asks if anyone thinks it shouldnt be Gizem. Again no one answers. He tells them that class 12A have decided that Gizem is the one to die for getting the answer wrong. He asks her to step forward.

Akif tells them he cannot believe in 3 minutes the class all leave Gizem to die. She was the one that told them what happened, showing them that it was all of their faults. He gets on his knees and begs them all to change, cant they see what they have done.

Suddenly an alarm sounds. The students back away and Akif checks his laptop. The SWAT team after drilling through are now in the bathroom. He takes the modified pen from his jacket and speaks to Yilmaz outside. He tells them that they had an agreement and its been broken. Now they will have to suffer the consequences and will listen to it live.

He grabs Tugrul one of the students. He bundles him to the front of the class and gets him on the floor. He takes a knife out and kills him. He then tells the police he hopes now they will listen and heed the warning. The chief pulls back the SWAT team.

Yilmaz spots a man in a brown coat watching from a distance. He sends Mahir to find out who he is.

Akif drags Tugrul’s body into his office asking Gizem to bring his laptop. While in his room Gizem sees the portrait of Ruya and also one of her former teacher, Zeynep. Obviously as Gizem remembers Zeynep we see that she and Ruya obviously liked her.

At the hospital Ali rushes to tell his dad that Zeynep has woken up from the coma that she was in.

Akif has a trap door in his room. He goes down some steps with a bottle of water and offers it to someone.

Who exactly is he offering the water to? Tugrul? Did they fake that death between them to scare the children?

Its a very powerful subject that this series is obviously trying to teach us. I must admit I was thinking and still am to some extent just how many episodes can this series manage to stretch out? This episode was the length of a movie as usual and so much was packed in there. Can they really keep this up ?

I have enjoyed this episode and will look forward to watching again next week.

The series was a little different to the usual shows we get. Its not an original Turkish drama but has been adapted for Turkish TV. You can watch it live on Fox on Wednesday’s.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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