Nusret is a well known internet star all around the world due to the videos he shared on social media. But who is Nusret apart from his internet fame?

Nusret (full name Nusret Gokce) was born in Erzurum in 1983, he was a child of a mineworker and had 4 siblings. Nusret moved to Darica while he was 2 years old, with his family, he went to primary school there, but later on he had to drop out of school because of financial difficulties.

Nusret started his career at a butcher bazaar as an apprentice. Those days he was working 18 hours a day with 10 other butchers, needless to say it was a hard job but he gained experience in a short time because he had to work so hard and quick.

Nusret’s concept of a restaurant is a little bit different than the usual, he first worked in Istinye park- Butcher Restaurant as he desired in 2007. Later  the young entrepreneur decided to work world wide and took the road to Argentina. He started wandering around Argentina streets with his last bit of money in his pocket and the loan he took out . When he came back to Turkey he had some new ideas, and kept working at the same place that he worked before he left. After couple of months he decided to visit America this time to gain some experience again. He worked at 3 well-known restaurants without taking money, and his menu was published on New York Times. This time when he came back to Turkey he started his own business “ Nusr-Et” and became famous quickly. Especially his videos made him internet famous. One of his videos he was salting the meat and it became a meme, millions of people called him “Salt bae”, he is stil world famous and has restaurants all over the world, even Leonardo Dicaprio ate at his restaurant with many other popular celebrities.

He currently has many restaurants, Istanbul, Dubai, New York and plans to for global presence, I cant see him being the next Ronald MacDonald but he sure is talented.

Follow him on instrgram and do spare some time for his incredible ability as a butcher.

Written By – Merve . B and Nadeem . M


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