Born April 3rd 1993


The young Turkish actress Nilay Deniz was born in 1993 on May 3rd. She was born in Aydın, Turkey.

In 2010 her acting career began, over the past years she has appeared in several shows, she is well known for her role as ‘Selin’ in the romantic comedy series Aşk Yeniden (2015-2016). Through her great performance, she attracted viewers and fans and made a name for herself. Earlier this year in February, she had a role in the drama series Dayan Yüreğim (2017), she played one of the main characters. She was in the show till it ended in April. Nilay has been trained in theatre and has taken several acting classes.

In May 2017, Nilay Deniz got engaged to Erçin Karabulut. He is a Director of Photography and they met on the set of Aşk Yeniden in 2015. He was the D.O.P of that series. They are expected to get married next year.

Currently, Nilay Deniz is acting the female lead role in the popular 2017 summer series Ateşböceği, acting alongside Seçkin Özdemir. She plays the role of ‘Aslı’ (nickname Firefly) a taxi driver, who becomes the personal driver of a lawyer.

From backstage videos, to set interviews Nilay Deniz seems to have a bubbly personality and gets along well the people she works with. Nilay Deniz at the age of 24 is a rising star. She is a very good actress and has the potential to be a great actress in the future.

Throughout her career, she has been nominated few times. In 2015, she was one of three actresses that won the Shining Stars Award at the 42nd Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards Ceremony.

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Written By : Raghad A.K


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