Born: February 28th 1972

Status: Single

Nejat was born in the district of Eyup, Istanbul. He has one older sister. He attended the Cagaloglu Anatolian high school. He wasn’t keen on the academic side of his studies so joined the Theatre Dept at the school where he excelled. He couldn’t enter university after leaving high school so he started to earn his own money by organising parties. This didn’t go to plan and after this, he sold T-shirts throughout the summer and in the winter months, he sold books, magazines and records.

He attended Yildiz Technical University in the Department of photography but left to do his military service which is compulsory in Turkey. Afterwards, in 1991 he got a place at Mimar Sinan University in the State Conservatory department. He left in 1995 but took small parts in theatre and TV work. However, he still ran his side business of selling books.

In 1995 along with two friends he founded the ” Theatre of Heroes and Robbers “. He wrote plays for it, and also wrote three books. His first TV series was in 1994 and his first movie was 1999. He has had numerous roles in film’s which includes, Behzat C Seni Kalbime Gomdum, Behzat C Ankara Yaniyor and more recently Istanbul Kirmizisi. His TV series roles are also numerous and have included, Behzat C Bir Ankara Polisiyesi, Intikam and Bodrum Masali.

On January 17th 2014 he became suddenly very ill and was diagnosed with Sepsis ( a condition where disease attacks your own organs ) its a very dangerous illness and can lead to death. He was in intensive care for over 3 weeks. Happily, he recovered and was discharged from hospital in April 2014. Sadly he lost some of his toes through the disease.

After his illness, he moved to live in Bodrum where he opened a shop and also a Football school where 140 children could receive an education. He loves basketball, backgammon and just having a coffee and chilling with friends. He also says that he would like to travel to see how different cultures live. He plays video games especially football manager and his team is Nottingham Forest. His favourite actresses are Zerrin Tekindor and Serenay Sarikaya, who he loved working with.

He recently held a charity event for the children that he supports and it was attended by lots of famous actors including Riza Kocaoglu, Birce Akalay and Deniz Cakir. Nejat appears to get a hard time from the media but during interviews that he gives he appears a generous and kind man who helps those in need.

Written by: Rachel Labidi



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