Episode 2 starts off exactly where episode 1 ended with Yusuf as he locks Rüya in the room. She tells him to let her leave and that she is not involved in the kidnapping of his father. He just wants to know who she is and where his father is. Rüya confesses and tells him that her real name is Rüya and not Yasmım. He finds ‘the phone’ in her bag. She tells him that she has no connection to any of those men except for Boran and that she contacts Boran through Skype. He will keep Rüya there until he finds his father.

Meanwhile, in Syria, Boran and the commander are wondering what happened to ‘Yasmın’. Boran informs his commander that ‘Yasmın’ is not guilty and that she has the phone by mistake because Nigar gave her the phone to hold before the attack happened. Commander wants Boran to find her as soon as possible and to take the phone from her.

Yusuf informs his mother and the rest of the family about the kidnapping of his father and that he took Rüya, hoping that he could exchange her for his father. They are all worried about Şakir but they do not understand why Yusuf took Rüya. Yusuf tells them not to contact the police and that he would solve this without the help of the police. The next day, when Yusuf finds out that his aunt Kıymet (his father’s sister) went to speak to the police. He rushes to the police station just in time, he stopped her right before she went inside the manager’s office. She is worried about her brother. Yusuf tells her that they cannot speak with the police about this matter. Selma sees them leaving the police station and wonders what happened. Meanwhile back at the mansion, Rüya meets the two young kids, Cansu and Azap. She becomes fond of them. Cemal and the other man put wood on the window, to make sure that Rüya does not scape.

Ayaz and Cevdet arrive in Antakya. Cevdet tells Ayaz about there being another girl with Nigar at the meeting place and that she has the phone. Ayaz wonders who this girl is. He has no idea that the girl is Rüya (his daughter). Meanwhile, Mercan felt bad about keeping Rüya hostage she made her breakfast and was nice to her. She introduced herself to Rüya and Rüya took advantage of her kindness and hits Mercan with the tray and escapes from the room she ran into the backyard and into the woods. Yusuf sees her and runs after her. Mercan freaks out and blames herself for trying to be friendly with Rüya. She just wants Rüya to leave. Yusuf captures Rüya and takes her back and locks her in the room. He tells her she better not escape again. Rüya tries to escape but she is not able to. She cries out for help but they all ignore her.

Selma wants to meet Şakir, but every time she goes to the Alacan’s home, his family and wife keep making up excuses that he is away on a trip and that they do not know when he will get back. Selma finds the situation a little suspicious. Yusuf finds out that Selma, the woman he dated is actually an intelligence and she transferred recently. It clicked to him that is the reason that she left suddenly was probably due to her job. He felt strange about it. Yusuf is not thinking about anything except for saving his father. Yusuf tells Salih about Selma and that he knows her from Istanbul and that they dated for few months before she disappeared one day. Viewers learned an important fact about Yusuf’s past. He was in prison for a few years in Istanbul. Yusuf and Salih are after the man who drove Nigar and Rüya and Boran is also after the driver. Boran thinks that the driver knows the location of Rüya but the driver has no idea and he looks scared. Selma then arrives to speak with the driver and Salih sees her and tells Yusuf and they all run after the driver chasing him around the neighbourhood but they end up losing him. Ayaz and Cevdet are looking for the girl (Rüya). They ask two women in the neighbourhood but no luck. The elderly woman is a relative of Nigar and the young woman is a friend of Nigar. Following that viewers see Ayaz looking distraught, he wonders why he has not heard from his daughter Rüya. He keeps calling her but no answer. He thinks that she is at her friend’s place but he has no idea that his daughter is being held captive. He starts to get worried.

Meanwhile, Rüya who actually has asthma hides her inhaler and cries out for help hoping that someone in that mansion would help her so then she can escape. That is what she hopes for. Afer calls her son Yusuf and tells him about Rüya’s situation and asks him to rush home. When Yusuf arrives, they decide to take Rüya to a doctor but without any of the guests seeing them. Rüya tries to escape but Yusuf catches her. Cevder is also there as well and Rüya sees him but he does not see her. Yusuf ends up bringing back Rüya back to his family’s home and they lock her again. Rüya apologized to Mercan and asks her to help her and that she has nothing to do with their father’s kidnapping and Mercan just gives her the cold-shoulder.

Later, Boran and his commander make a deal with Yusuf. They agree to do an exchange, Şakir for Rüya and the phone. Yusuf got the chance to speak briefly with his father on the phone he told them that he will get him out of there. Sweet and heartbreaking moment. Everyone back home gets happy when they heard the good news. However, someone slides a key under the door so that Rüya can escape and she does escape without anyone noticing. Someone in that house is a traitor, most likely its Muhittin. At times his behavior is very strange and kinda suspicious.

Ayaz continues to wonder who that ‘girl’ is and that she has ruined things for them. Ayaz gets a call from his housekeeper and she tells him that Rüya has disappeared and that none of her friends have knowledge of where she might be. Ayaz tells her to keep contacting all of Rüya’s friends. Back at the mansion, Yusuf returns and he notices that Rüya has escaped and that ruins the chances of his father returning home. He realizes that someone close to him (either a family member or house-worker) has helped Rüya escape. Rüya runs into the woods, Yusuf gets frustrated and tells his mother of what happened. He and Salih go looking for her. Afet, Kıymet and Mercan all wonder who helped Rüya escape.

Near the end of the episode, Rüya continues to run and tries to get as far away as possible. Yusuf sees Rüya get in a random car and follows her. Rüya gets dropped off at the nearest town and calls her friend and tells her that she must get to Syria to find her mother ans Yusuf is right on her tail.

Another great episode. I liked how some of the questions that we had from episode 1 got answered in this episode. With more episodes, we will have more of our questions answered. It’s a really good storyline.

Stay tuned for the summary of Episode 3. New episode every Wednesday on Star TV.

Written by: Raghad A.K 


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