Nefes Nefese (Breathless) premiered on August 1st on Star TV. Episode 1 captivated the audience with its compelling storyline, beautiful soundtracks and a strong cast. Starring Ügur Yücel, Şükrü Özyıldız and Melisa Şenolsun.

23-year-old Rüya lives in Berlin, Germany with her father Ayaz but she wants to find her mother. She learns that her mother is in Syria. So she decides to get into a fake marriage, ‘fake’ marry Boran so she can cross the border to Syria, she is relying on his help to help her find her mother. When she communicates with Boran, she goes by the alias Yasmın. Meanwhile, 26-year-old Yusuf who has been living in Istanbul, Turkey for few years decides to visit his family in Antakya. He has been away for 6 years and has not seen any of his family members. In Antakya, his mother, his aunt, his father, his cousin and all the others were anxiously awaiting his arrival. Especially his mother who was very excited that he was returning.

By a mere coincidence, Yusuf and Rüya aka ‘Yasmın’ met on the aeroplane, they were both on the same flight to Antakya. Yusuf saw her at the airport and helped her out and managed to sit beside her on the plane. They exchanged names and little personal information as possible. I really liked this scene. It was enjoyable to watch. For it being their first conversation, great connection. Although Rüya didn’t want to share to much information, she lied and told Yusuf that she is going to Antakya for her cousin’s wedding. Once they arrived in Antakya, she thanks him for helping her out and they say goodbye, Yusuf wonders if he will see her again. His mother Afet, his aunt Kiymet and his cousin Mihriban picked up him at the airport. While a young woman named Nigar met Rüya at the airport. Boran sent Nigar to meet Rüya and to bring her to him.

Rüya thought that she has lost her mother but now the possibility of finding her mother in Syria is giving her so much hope that she is willing to marry someone that she really does not want to get married to. Meanwhile, Rüya has no idea that her father Ayaz who is loved by so many people is actually an international smuggler

When Yusuf arrived home, all were ecstatic to see him especially his younger sister Mercan and all others who live in the villa. By episode 2, it will become more clear on who those characters are exactly. With each episode, we will learn more about the characters, their history and their secrets. Each character seems to have a unique personality and that is one one of the reasons that make the series interesting along with the fascinating storyline.

After the reunion with his son, Şakir gets kidnapped by Boran and they hurt the driver. It was ordered from Ayaz the international smuggler also known as Rüya’s father. A few hours later, Şakir’s family realize that something must have happened because Şakir did not return home, they tried contacting him but it was useless. After learning what happened to his father, Yusuf and Salih went after him.
Salih is Yusuf’s closest friend and he is the son of Sultan and Cemal. They work for the Alacan’s family and they live with them too. It seems like Salih really likes Mercan (Yusuf’s sister). He is also the family’s legal counsel. They leave and go searching for Şakir. They learn that he is nowhere to be found and that his driver got injured and not in the right state to speak.

Selma is another character that appeared in episode 1. Selma an intelligence person. She and Yusuf have a long history. It seems while she was undercover in Istanbul, she and Yusuf dated and one day she disappeared without saying goodbye. But now she got transferred to work in Antakya. It seems like she really Yusuf but she could not jeopardize her job or that she was working undercover when she met him. Their reunion was quite interesting, she was very happy to see him and tried to apologize to him. While he was very surprised to see her. Selma really wants Yusuf to give her another chance.

Meanwhile, Nigar and Rüya go and meet Boran near the border. Then Nigar is supposed to give ‘the phone’ to Boran. Nigar tells Rüya that after she and Boran cross the border then they will get married. Boran arrives at the meeting point, he welcomes Rüya but he knows her as ‘Yasmın’. Nigar sends a text to Cevdet that the delivery is happening. Cevdet is the assistant, right-hand man of Ayaz (Rüya’s father).

Yusuf and Salih were able to follow the car from the house, he sees Boran and the rest of the guys and also the two women (Nigar and Rüya). At this point, he has no idea that it’s the same girl he met earlier on the plane. Yusuf sees his father and does not hesitate to fight to get to his father. Then shots get fired between Yusuf and his men versus Boran and his men. During the shooting, Nigar gets shot and dies. Rüya covers herself then Boran and his men escape. They left behind Rüya and Nigar. Boran with his men and Şakır cross the border to Syria.

Yusuf takes advantage of the situation and takes Rüya. Since they cannot cross the border illegally. Salih wonders who the girl is and why they took her. Yusuf thinks that Rüya is important to them so they might exchange her for his father. He was shocked when he found out that it’s ‘Yasmın’. Boran wants to go back and get Rüya but his commander refuses. Meanwhile, Yusuf is furious and takes ‘Yasmın’ to his family’s house and locks her in a room. Yusuf informs his mother and the rest of his family and house-workers about the kidnapping of his father. They all felt devastated.

Towards the end of the episode, Rüye wakes up and wonders where she is. Yusuf yells and kept asking her ‘who are you?’ and where his father is. She tells him to let her go and that she is not involved in anything. He locks her in the room and leaves, she continues to yell. He will not her leave until he gets his father back.

Overall I really enjoyed episode 1. The storyline is great. The cast/characters are really good and I loved the music, especially the use of Turkish and Arabic music. Viewers will have many questions which I’m sure will get answered in the future episodes.

Stay tuned for the summary of Episode 2.
New episode every Wednesday on Star TV.
Written by: Raghad A.K 


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