Born March 15th 1945

Nebahat was born in Samsun, the Black Sea area of Turkey. Her father is of Georgian descent her mother Laz.  At five years old she moved to Istanbul with her mother after her father died of a heart attack. Her Mum married a further twice. She has an older half brother, a younger brother as well as a younger half brother from her Mum’s second marriage.

In 1960 Nebahat was modelling and was chosen to represent Turkey in the Miss World competition in London, England, She didn’t really want to enter but they asked her and also her Mum wanted her to enter so she did . Her first name was Hilal but for some reason they entered her with her middle name and surname so from then on she has always been known as Nebahat Cehre

In 1964 she was offered the leading role in the film Kamali Zeybek. She acted alongside Yilmaz Guney..they fell in love she was nineteen he was thirty The relationship was a bit of a roller coaster but they acted together in a total of fourteen films. They got married in 1967 and only fifteen months later they divorced. Her ex-husband spent most of his time in prison due to his political opinion but in 1981 he escaped from prison to Paris and Nebahat got to meet with him there once more before he passed away in 1984.

She  started a relationship with Galatasaray basketball player Yvuz Demir, he helped her to get her self confidence back  they married but he sadly died in 2006.

Her TV career started in 2001 in the series Yeni Hayat, she has since appeared in a further 6 series including, Ask-i Memnu, Magnificent Century. A.S.K and Kara Para Ask. This year she acted in the series Yuvamdaki Dusman but sadly only lasted 6 episodes. There is recent news that she may be taking part in a new series called Verda.

She is active on social media and has  636k followers. Nebahat is 73 years old my goodness she looks amazing, Her photos are of her relaxing with friends and also her professional shoots.

This lady is stunning a good singer and an amazing actress, long may she continue to bring us movies and series.

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Written By : Rachel Labidi 

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