Ali is the main character in the series. He was born with Autism and Savants Syndrome. This means that he has vast knowledge on one specific subject, this for him is the human body. He was born in Bilecik and that his where his childhood scenes are shot. The current scenes are shot in the Beykoz and Sariyer districts of Istanbul.

Ali is in his mid-20’s. he is a surgical assistant. Even though he had difficulty communicating, Ali had a rabbit that he cared about as a child. He had an older brother who protected him from everything. But his father rejected Ali because of his disabilities. Ali, who was left alone, was brought up to a better life thanks to Adil Hodja, who adopted him. Adil Hodja, a surgeon helped Ali to keep his promise to be a doctor to his older brother and graduated from the faculty of medicine at the top of his class.


Ferman is in his 30s, the hospital’s star surgeon. He was mentored by Adil Hodja. He looks wise and distant but actually has a secret. Nobody sees how soft his heart is because of this secret. He really seems to suppresses his emotions. He feels that there is no room for emotionality in surgery; his hard attitude is actually for the sake of his assistants. Everybody respects him and most are little afraid of him. He has a successful career and a beautiful lover, Beliz; the hospitals owner and manager. He appears to be against Ali but is Ferman hiding something from his past that Ali reminds him of? But what will happen in the future is unknown.


In her 20s, Nazli is also a surgical student. Nazli is one of the hospital’s most promising surgical assistants. Due to the trauma, she experienced in her family, she always had difficulty trusting men. She has very little tolerance for addicts as a result of her past Although she was a beautiful and wise girl, she has never had much of a relationship, she was afraid of being disappointed, always protecting herself. Ferman was the first to break that hard shell. The handsome, successful surgeon is someone who Nazli has feelings for. Does Ferman have feelings for her? Is he keeping himself in check due to his relationship with Beliz?


Example: Fırat Altunmeşe

In his 20s Demir is the third and final surgical assistant is the team and is the son of a millionaire family, but from them, he pursues respect and their heart that he can never win. Demir is secretly in love with Nazlı. He really loves her with all his heart. But will Asli choose Ali and this will be hard for Demir? Demir will not understand how Nazlı chose Ali while he was standing and would be confused with it. When the rivalry between the assistants in the hospital begins where will Demir stand?


In his 40s, the chief of surgery, and also a general surgeon, is convinced in his attitude but believes he doesn’t get the respect he deserves. He is one of Turkey’s most successful general surgeons. He really wants the position of Head Physician that is currently held by Adil. He teams up with Kivilcim to try and get Adil removed from his position.


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Adil is the head physician at the hospital. He is also the mentor of Ferman and has encouraged Ali with his dreams of being a surgeon since he was a young boy. He is very well respected in the hospital apart from Tanju and Kivilcim. He has known head nurse Selvi for a number of years and they both share a special bond. Adil tries his hardest to back Ali and it’s his job and reputation that is on the line if Ali fails.

The series which is the Turkish adaptation of an original Korean series follows the lives of hospital staff at a hospital situated in Istanbul.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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