Welcome to the summary for episode 9. Last weeks episode once again had great ratings. As always I write my summaries as I watch the episode, so any thoughts or comments I have done are as it unfolds.

The magazine has been published. The one that they have been waiting for. Kivilcim made sure that the article would be about Ali. Adil sees the article first at the same time that a friend who is the inspector for the Health Ministry lets him know a complaint has been made against Ali. The girl who was shot in the shop, her boyfriend has made a complaint. Luckily the ministry won’t take it further as he isn’t a family member but if he persuades the family, Ali could be in trouble.

Meanwhile, Ali sees a patient reading the medical journal and notices he is on the front cover. He is so excited. He asks for the journal and then goes to the staff room to read it. Ali is shocked and has tears in his eyes as he reads the negative things and complaints that have been written about him.

Beliz is furious with Kivilcim. However, she informs Beliz about the complaint from the boyfriend of the girl who was shot. The ministry may not take action but Kivilcim has arranged a board meeting to discuss Ali’s future.

Ferman’s patient is Soner. A man he knows from 7 years ago when he had an accident that paralysed him from the chest down. He has come in with severe neck pain. Ali and Nazi are assisting Ferman. He asks for Ali’s input but Ali says the patient may not want him. He tells him he has autism. Soner reassures Ali its not an issue and this please Ali. While Ferman is examining him he gets a pain in one of his paralysed legs.

Ferman, Nazli and Ali are in the staffroom working out tests for their patient. Ferman asks Ali why he said what he did about patients not wanting him. Ali shows them the article in the journal. Before they can react Adil comes in and tells Ali about the other complaint and that the board are meeting and it’s serious. Adil wants to take Ali to prepare for the meeting but Ali tells him this patient likes and accepts him. Ferman backs Ali and tells him he can stay with the patient.

Soner has tests and they see that the original injury has healed, however, he still cannot walk as he has a tumour wrapped around his spine and brain stem. It’s a risky operation to remove it, but Soner is adamant he wants to try.

Tanju’ is being assisted by Demir and Acelya neither are happy about working together. Tanju’s patient is a lady who has had many plastic surgeries done. She has an infection in her implant. Tanju wants to remove them but she is adamant she won’t. Acelya finds out that she thinks her husband is having an affair that’s why she wants the surgery to look younger. He isn’t having an affair but as he tells her she collapses. Rushed to theatre they perform surgery. Her heart stops and Tanju tries to resuscitate. The heart starts beating on its own but she has been deprived of oxygen too long and has no brain function. Tanju is upset after the surgery.

Tanju and Demir approach the patient’s husband to consider organ donation. She did carry a donor card but her husband refuses to let them do it. Demir takes him and shows him the people who are waiting for transplants it upsets him but he still won’t let them take his wife’s organs.

Ali is going in front of the council. Adil and Nazli have been telling him what to say and what not to say. Adil tells him he must never admit that he did anything wrong. Before he goes in he sees the gentleman upset about his wife. Ali speaks with him and makes the man realise just what a good thing he will be doing by giving back. The conversation is overheard by Ferman.

In the meeting, Kivilcim has got her claws out and is really attacking Ali. Tanju is also enjoying it as they smirk to each other putting Ali under pressure. Adil tries to help but Kivilcim shoots him down. She asks Ali whose fault it was but before Ali can say anything the door opens and Ferman walks in and says it’s his fault. He tells them that he needs Ali to help with the operation and takes Ali with him. Kivilcim and Tanju look like they are sucking lemons. They are not happy.

Tanju is interested who actually convinced the gentlemen to donate his wife’s organs. Acelya tells him that it was Demir after showing him all the patients and families waiting for a donor. The surgery to remove her organs goes well, one of the recipients is a young girl who will get the heart. When everyone leaves we see a different Tanju as he thanks his patient for helping so many other lives.

Soner’s surgery goes well after a few hairy moments and Ferman is pleased. Ali is washing when Adil comes to tell him that the council decided there will be no punishment for him. Ali is so happy and relieved. He gives Adil a virtual hug.

Beliz tells Ferman that he has a warning for busting into the meeting, she tells him he cannot do a mistake again. He tells her he did it so that Adil could stay, Beliz asks him is that the only reason?

In a moving scene, Ali goes to see Ferman all excited. Thanking him for helping him in the council meeting. Ferman tells Ali that he is moving him to Pathology. He says that he is risking Adil’s job. Ali tells Ferman he likes him and he admires him and asks Ferman why he doesnt like him the same. He tells him that he won’t like him either. Ali walks out leaving Ferman with his head in his hands.

A good episode this week. Ferman does care for Ali and despite what he says we know he interrupted the meeting to save Ali. What is it that’s holding him back from Ali?

The cast has made appeals on social media for people to donate their organs. Explaining how important it is. Turkish people carry donor cards expressing that they wish to be a donor but still in Turkey its the next of kin that has the final say.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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