Welcome to the summary for episode 7. Last weeks episode once again had great ratings. As always I write my summaries as I watch the episode, so any thoughts or comments I have done are as it unfolds. I will also endeavour to make some of the medical jargon easier for readers to understand.

Ali has now finally realised he has feelings for Nazli. He rushes to tell Adil, who is pleased but also touched that Ali has now become a man. Ali gets the idea to tell Nazli. He finds her in the break room but every time he looks like he will talk to her, he gets hiccups.

Tanju is on the prowl and stops Adil. He has seen that there are conflicting reports regarding the woman who was left at the scene of the accident. Asli drilled a hole in her skull at the scene to relieve pressure, however, she inserted the airway tube wrongly, and the patient’s brain was starved of oxygen and she had no electrical activity in her brain when she was in theatre. Adil isnt happy that Tanju is going after Nazli, but Tanju unaware she inserted the tube wrongly, tells him he will find out what happened.

Ferman gives a case to Nazli and Ali. A young boy who is a very good opera singer has come in with problems in his throat. His mum is more concerned about his career, rather than her child being treated. After looking at test results they realise he needs an operation on his throat which may leave him unable to sing high notes. They explain this to his mum. She says they don’t touch him, she will take him to Berlin where his next concert is.

Kivilcim tells Beliz that there is a child who cannot afford the fees who needs a heart operation. It would be good for the hospital if they treat him. Beliz asks Ferman who examines the boy. Ferman tells Beliz that the boy’s condition is very bad. Beliz realises that Kivilcim knew this and she wanted them to fail with the child so that the hospital’s stats were lower. Ferman decides he will try to save the child.

Ali’s patient, Tamer has a very overbearing mother. Ali feels that he would feel better with some friends. Ali remembers when he was a child that no one would play with him. He brings three children from another ward to see Tamer while his mum isn’t in the room. Eventually, Tamer starts to talk, but his mum comes back and he quickly shuts himself off again. She orders Ali to take the children from the room.

Nazli cancels an appointment with the psychologist that Adil made for her after Tanju questions why she would need one if things are ok. Adil was concerned that she needed to talk with someone regarding losing her patient. Nazli does go to see the psychologist and is putting on a brave face. Nazli realises that she actually needs to get back to her work as soon as possible or it may affect her.

Tamer’s mother is still adamant her son won’t have surgery. She takes a dislike to Ali too who she thinks is interfering. Ali takes Tamer to see Adem they get along well.

Ferman decides that despite the risk he will operate on Adem. In the middle of the operation, he realises he has made a mistake but Demir tells him they could do a procedure that was Ali’s idea earlier. Ferman agrees. After they finish they remove him from the bypass machine and wait for his heart to beat. It doesnt and Ferman walks away. Demir grabs the paddles to restart the heart directly, but as he is about to do it Adem’s heart starts beating on its own.

Nazli asks Ferman if she can do Tamer’s surgery on his throat. She tells him she really needs to do this. He agrees and tells her he will watch. She then asks for Ali to be her assistant. Ferman says no. Nazli tells Ali to ask Ferman and be insistent. He tells him that if he doesnt do a good job then he will move to a different department. Ferman agrees although I don’t think he agrees as he wants Ali to leave, he appears to be getting a little respect for Ali.

In the operation, Nazli is doing great but Ali stops her. He tells them a way that they could do this without damaging the nerves or chords meaning Tamer will still be able to sing. Ferman who is observing agrees. He looks at Ali and is proud of him. Outside Nazli and Ali tell his mum that everything has gone well. She wants to hug Ali but of course, he steps back. Still not used to close contact.

Ali is happy and thinks about advice from Adil. He shuts his eyes to think about Nazli when she bursts in the door. Ali gets the hiccups again and rushes out. He goes to the shop next to the hospital for a drink of Coke. As he drinks, a man comes into the shop with a gun to rob it. Ali startled drops his glass bottle on the floor. The gunman turns to Ali pointing the gun at him.

Also in this weeks episode, Acelya speaks with Demir about when she kissed him but he tells her its Nazli who he likes. She isn’t happy. She makes sure that Nazli finds out that she and Demir kissed. Nazli is pleased for them but Demir isn’t happy knowing now Nazli wouldn’t be with him instead of her friend.

Tanju and Kivilcim are still up to their old tricks. Kivilcom trying to make Beliz look bad and the hospital’s reputation. Also, Tanju wants to find out what Nazli did and if she caused the woman’s death. Adil stops him investigating further but Tanju is not happy.

The relationship between Nazli and Ferman is strictly professional. However, we know she has feelings for him but we never see his reaction to the odd things she says. Its sad as at the minute Kivilcim is a good person fighting for the hospital, so there is no incentive for me wishing them to break up. Ferman also appears to have some respect for Ali and understanding, you can also see he feels proud of him too, although doesnt show this.

This episode smashed the ratings record in Turkey with a score of 16.33. That’s great news and I don’t think this series will be going anywhere.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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