Welcome to the summary for episode 6. Last weeks episode once again had great ratings. As always I write my summaries as I watch the episode, so any thoughts or comments I have done are as it unfolds. I will also endeavour to make some of the medical jargon easier for readers to understand.

Kivilcim speaks with Tanju and tells him that Ferman is planning to marry Beliz. They are both concerned as this would mean after Adil leaves then his position will also have Ferman as a competitor as well as Tanju for Beliz to choose from. She tells Tanju he really needs to step up his game.

Tanju speaks with Ferman telling him that his students are incompetent and he will put all three of them in the emergency room and scrutinize how they manage. Obviously Tanju hopes they will mess up and is trying to make Ferman look bad.

That evening they all wait in the emergency room. A call comes in that there has been an accident at a wedding. Ferman tells them all not to be heroic just do their job. The patients start to arrive and Demir, Nazli and Ferman quickly have patients to deal with. Ali’s patient is the groom from the wedding but Ali again freezes with all the activity going on around him.

Sevli encourages him to see to the patient. Ferman is watching Ali closely. Ali finally gets with it and orders the staff to bring him the thins he needs to stop the arterial bleeding the man’s leg. Adil and Tanju arrive at the hospital. Adil watches with Ferman as Ali inserts a balloon catheter into the artery and inflates it blocking the flow of blood. The paramedic and Sevli are impressed. Adil is too and does a special hug for Ali. Adil notices that Ferman watches passively.

Adil saves the life of the driver by removing fluid from around their heart without the ultrasound to help. Ferman is so impressed. However, Adil is not impressed with Ferman and tells him to admit that he has an issue with Ali.

After looking at the groom’s results Ferman and Ali go to the family and tell them they will have to amputate his leg. Ali cannot understand why they are upset about this when it will save his life. Nazli explains he is still a young man and it will be a big thing for him and his family. Ali comes up with a third option, to remove the shattered pieces of bone and fuse the ends together but add a frame to the leg that can be turned by 1mm, therefore, making the leg to its correct length. Nazli and Ali approach Ferman about this but he said there may be complications too so they need to speak with the family.

Demir is under the microscope with Tanju. After he was about to open up a patients neck in the wrong place. Tanju stopped him. Then the patient who had severe burns asked Demir if she was still beautiful he replied she was and passed her a mirror on her request. Tanju was watching and he stops Demir questioning him, not happy with his approach to patients. Ferman arrives and tells Tanju to back off, he is the one responsible for his assistants so blame him.

Ferman and Ali speak to the family regarding amputating the groom’s leg. Ferman explains there is a 20% chance he may die. The family asks for time to talk. Ali asks them to make it quick as the lower leg will only be viable for another 3 hours. It is the parent’s decision as they are his next of kin as the wedding hasn’t taken place yet. They want him to have his leg amputated, a view not shared by his wife to be.

Ali asks Ferman about him marrying Beliz. Ferman isn’t happy this rumour is going around and says he will find who started it. He goes to see Belize and tells her what people are saying. However, Belize tells him that the fiancee of the man has been to see her and she has complained that she wants them to save his leg.

Meanwhile Nazli patient wants to see his wife who was also involved in the accident. After searching and Ali standing on a chair to get everyone’s attention, they realise that the woman must still be at the scene and not been discovered. Nazli takes Gunesh to the scene of the accident to find her. They find her in the woods, unconscious. Nazli determines she has a bleed on her brain and asks for a drill to bore a hole to relieve the pressure. She successfully releases the pressure and they take the patient to the hospital. When they arrive, Ali doesnt look happy with the breathing tube that is inserted, but he chooses not to say anything.

There is a meeting in the groom’s room as to what decision the family will make regarding his leg. Ali notices that the foot is becoming compromised and they urgently need to rush him to the theatre. The family agree that they want to try and save his leg. Ferman takes him into theatre.

Tanju is still making things difficult for Demir. Demir has the idea to use fake skin that is still a new operation but has been done in Adana and London. Tanju tells him its too expensive and the insurance won’t cover it. Tanju tells the patient she will be in the hospital for 6 months and will need 3 operations and there will be severe scarring. As he tells her this Demir rushes in and tells Tanju he has got the skin and covered the expenses as an experimental treatment. Tanju smiles but he is really not happy Demir managed to pull this off.

Simultaneously, Ferman and Ali operate on the groom’s leg. Nazli and Adil operate on the lady with the head trauma and Demir and Tanju operate on the burns victim. Demir’s operation goes well and Tanju thanks him. Ferman and Ali’s operation also goes well and they save the mans leg. Ferman is pleased with Ali. Unfortunately, Nazli and Adil’s patient showed no sign of brain activity after the operation had ended. Nazli is in complete shock.

Ali talks with Adil and tells him he had concerns about the patient that Nazli brought in. Adil speaks with Nazli and tells her Ali noticed that the breathing tube was not inserted correctly at the scene and that’s why the woman died. Nazli is shocked and then realises she has caused someone’s death. Adil comforts her and tells her she must tell no one he will sort it.

Tanju finds out that Demir asked his father for the money to complete the skin graft operation. He is furious with Demir telling him if anyone finds out its bad for the hospital.

Ali speaks with Adil concerned how Nazli is. Adil asks him if he has feelings for Nazli like his heart feels like it will burst, are his pupils dilated, does his palms feel sweaty?. Ali doesnt get it at all and can only liken these symptoms to a medical diagnosis.

He goes home and calls to see Nazli. She doesnt blame him for telling Adil, but she is upset and says she wants to hug Ali. He steps back and Nazli closes the door. Ali is happy she wanted to hug him and notices that his heart feels funny. He checks in the mirror his pupils are dilated, his palms are sweaty. He listens to his heartbeat. He is in shock and realises these are romantic fellings for Nazli he is having.

Also this week Acelya has made it obvious now she likes Demir by kissing him. Demir only has eyes for Nazli, as does Ali now. While Nazli only has eyes for Ferman. ( I really can’t blame her though ).

Beliz has made Ferman her next of kin in case anything happens to her for him to make the decisions. Obviously this could be something that will happen in a future episode.

Kivilcim after arriving at the hospital to help out with the major incident looking like she was going to a nightclub, really wants to undermine Ferman so it would be Tanju that takes over from Adil in the future. Tanju is helping her but at the same time, he hasn’t been dishonest with the students. Is he really as bad as Kivilcim?

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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