Welcome to the summary for episode 5. Last weeks episode once again had great ratings. As always I write my summaries as I watch the episode, so any thoughts or comments I have done are as it unfolds. I will also endeavour to make some of the medical jargon easier for readers to understand.

Last week ended after Aceyla told Ali that he wasn’t wanted. He runs from the cafe as Ferman arrives. Nazli and Ferman run after him and find him at a dead-end, pacing frantically having a meltdown. They are at a loss what to do as Ali won’t listen to them. Nazli calls Adil who gives them some ideas to try and calm him. None works until he tells them about the toy scalpel his brother gave him. This calms Ali and they help him home. We see again that Ferman has something on his mind with Ali. Ali asks Adil if Ferman likes him. Adil tells Ali that making friends takes time.

The next morning Ferman is away from the hospital and Nazli, Ali and Demir are under the supervision of Tanju. He gives Nazli and Demir a patient that has an allergic reaction and to find the cause. Ali he sends on his own to deal with a patient that has arrived by ambulance. It looks like he wants to make Ali make a mistake.

As Ali approaches the young patient he immediately sees a likeness to his brother who died in childhood. Kerem has fallen and hurt his arm. When Ali checks he sees that his eyes do not focus correctly and thinks he may have an issue in his head. Ali sends Kerem for tests but is still stunned how much like his brother he is, even his personality. Adil offers to help Ali but he refuses, and then Adil sees Kerem he too is shocked at the similarity.

Kerem’s parents arrive and Ali informs them that he has a tumour in his brain and they should get the oncologist ( cancer specialist ) to look at him. His parents are not shocked at the news. They say they have their own oncologist as Kerem has bone cancer. They also ask Ali not to say anything to Kerem as he doesnt know he is ill.

Meanwhile Nazli and Demir’s patient is in theatre having a biopsy on a cyst near his pancreas. As they are operating the man again goes into anaphylactic shock, his airway starts to close and his oxygen levels go down. They do more test and discover the allergen. He has several cysts in his body that have parasites in them and as they burst they caused the allergy.

Ali cannot lie as we know and he asks Nazli to help him with Kerem. While Ali and Kerem are alone they chat and Kerem promises that they shouldn’t lie to each other. Ali blurts out that Kerem has cancer. Kerem had already worked it out through looking on the internet. He tells Ali he isn’t scared of dying and asks Ali if it will be painful, Ali doesnt say anything. As he leaves Kerem grabs his wrist, Ali doesnt pull away as he usually does, he covers his hand over Kerem’s.

Leaving the room Ali rushes to find some medical books and he sits reading through them trying to find something. Frustrated he cannot find it he heads to Kerem’s room but he isn’t there. Ali finds him stood looking out of the window. Kerem wants to die quickly so his family can forget about him quicker. Ali explains you never forget someone who has died. And where Kerem is ging he won’t be alone. Kerem hugs Ali, and surprisingly Ali hugs him back. Remembering he used to hug his brother too. After Kerem goes back to bed Ali is re-energized and goes back to studying the medical books.

The man with the cysts has one in his brain. Tanju wants Ferman to operate but he is at a conference in Ankara. They try to get in touch with him but they find out he never went to the conference. Kivilcim wastes no time in telling Beliz that Ferman isn’t where he was supposed to be. Meanwhile, we see Ferman leaving a building, he is upset and he has a mark on the right side of his chest. He gets in his car and cries. We don’t get to see the building but its possibly a mental health facility or assisted living. Ferman seems to know someone with mental health issues and this is why he reacts the way he does to Ali.

Ali has had a breakthrough. While reading a report he sees the word Dokuntu meaning rubbish/debris and about the glands in his throat. He thinks back to all he has learned and then says that Kerem hasn’t got cancer.

The next morning Ferman arrives back at the hospital before he can get out of the car Ali is telling him about Kerem. Ferman is interested what Ali has to say and it could be possible but other indications show that it is most likely cancer. Ali tells him that it could be from months ago, Kerem had a glandular virus that leaves lesions in the body and these could have been mistaken for cancer and even the tumour in his brain. Ali goes to Adil who also tries to tell him they cannot get the families hopes up. He loves Ali and knows that Ali is on to something, He tells Ali to say they need the test as some blood levels were abnormal, but don’t make it a big issue.

The staff are all gossiping about the fact that Ferman was missing and they think he is cheating. Nazli tells them not to gossip. Ferman returns and Beliz wants to talk with him. Ferman tells her everyone has secrets that they don’t want people to know about. So as he and that’s the way it will stay.

Ali is trying to do the test on Kerem. His parents find out that Ali has told Kerem he has cancer. They argue and shout at Ali as Kerem is coughing up blood. He has a blood clot near his heart. Tanju tells Ferman its Ali putting the child’s life at risk and sends him to do the surgery. Ali is already scrubbing in for surgery when Ferman stops him and asks Nazli instead. This is exactly what Tanju wants to happen to Ali.

Nazli goes to speak with Adil as she is worried about Ali. He shows her his brothers photo and Nazli is hocked it is like Kerem. Nazli wanting to help Ali goes to Kerems room and tells his parents to go to eat while she sits with Kerem. Nazli does the test on his bone marrow secretly.

Nazli gets the results of the test and takes them to Ali. Ali goes to Ferman’s office the next morning and tells him. He asks if he can go and tell Kerem and his family. Ferman tells him he can… as Ali leaves Ferman smiles, he is pleased for Ali, it’s just he can’t cope with Ali’s symptoms when he has a meltdown.

Beliz is fed up of Kivilcim and tells her that Ferman was arranging a surprise and that they were getting engaged. It is overheard and the rumour is soon spread around the hospital. Acelya runs to tell Demir and Nazli. Nazli just silently leaves the room. She finds a quiet corner and cries.

Kerem tells Ali that just for his information Nazli ikes Charlie Chaplin. Ali takes note of this. He has brought a book to Kerem and asks Kerem if he can read a short passage from it. The book was a present that Ali bought his brother for his birthday before he died. After reading it he leaves the room and says goodbye to his brother.

Nazli is still upset and waiting at the lifts encounters Ferman. She congratulates him on his wedding. He tells her there is no wedding it’s a stupid rumour he hasn’t got time to be married. Nazli’s mood changes and she jumps out of the lift telling him she is pleased he isn’t getting married, then adds because she thought he may leave. He touches her arm and says no it looks like you will put up with me for life.

Ali sends Nazli a message asking her to go to his apartment when she arrives the door is open. She sees popcorn, crisps ( chips ) and fruit and on TV is an old Charlie Chaplin film playing. He tells her he has done this to make her happy as she made him happy doing the test. They are sat watching and Nazli is thinking back to when Ferman told here he isn’t leaving and touched her arm. We see Ali looking at Nazli maybe in a different way than what he has seen her before.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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