Welcome to the summary for episode 4. Last weeks episode once again had great ratings. As always I write my summaries as I watch the episode, so any thoughts or comments I have done are as it unfolds. I will also endeavour to make some of the medical jargon easier for readers to understand.

The episode starts the following day. Ali has been up all night obviously Nazli speaking to Adil has bothered him. He thinks it will be better not to speak to people, especially Nazli. At the hospital news comes that a liver has become available for a transplant patient, Ferman sends Nazli along with Ali to fly and collect it. Ali isn’t happy going with her, Nazli picks up on the fact Ali appears to be ignoring her.

Beliz has an investor for the hospital coming in for an operation, she has pulled out all the stops for them making sure everything is perfect. Kivilcim can’t believe she may have an investor so quickly. She isn’t happy as she wants Beliz to fail. Beliz asks Ferman to do the operation being nice to him after the argument the night before. She also informs him this is Dr Tanju’s patient. It appears that Beliz can turn on the charm and wrap Ferman round her finger.

We discover that the transplant patient, Muhsin was found collapsed by Ferman from cirrhosis of his liver caused by alcohol years ago. Ferman saved him and helped him recover. The liver was badly damaged and he has been waiting for a transplant. All the staff love him and he treats them like family. However, when Nazli and Ali get the liver it has been taken from the donor three hours before and they have a time limit of 8 hours. Nazli calls the hospital and tells them to speed things up.

Ferman runs some last-minute tests before the operation. The results come back and it shows that the patient has been drinking alcohol. The transplant committee’s rule is not to give a liver to someone that is drinking. Muhsin promises him he only drank one glass. Ferman tells his assistants he wants them to work out if the test results are compatible with just one drink. They immediately think of Ali and call him…he asks for all the information and quickly works out that one glass of that strength alcohol taken 2 days ago should leave the readings at 0.02, which it was.

Meanwhile, Ali and Nazli are rushing back with the liver in a police car after the helicopter couldn’t take off due to the weather. The temperature inside the carrier rises and unable to find bags of ice they fill the box with slush (a colourful drink made with crushed ice ) this brings the temperature back to within a normal range. Meanwhile all this time Ali will still not talk to Nazli.

We finally find out the relationship between Beliz and Kivilcim. Kivilcim married Beliz’s father, but it was Beliz who inherited the hospital after he died. She tolerates Kivilcim being there but she does not like her. This is why Kivilcm is trying everything to disrupt the way the hospital is run so she can get rid of Beliz and take over.

Still on their way to the hospital, Ali discovers a blood clot in the donation liver that doesnt show on the scan. The scan was taken when the liver was still inside the donor, but after it was removed, the blood coagulated and made a clot, this was killing the liver quicker. They get the police to stop in the middle of the road holding all the traffic up while they perform surgery on the liver, on the front of the car.

Back at the hospital, Tanju is operating on the investor, this needs to go well for the hospital. Halfway through there are complications and he calls Ferman in to help. The operation then goes smoothly and afterwards Tanju thanks Ferman for his help.

Muhsin’s condition deteriorates quickly, Demir performs an endoscopy ( camera to look down into the stomach ) Ferman arrives and patches the bleeding up but sadly he sees that because of the liver cirrhosis there is now a change in the blood vessels in his stomach, they have enlarged and started to bleed. Ferman says he probably only has around 3 months left to live if he doesnt get the liver.

The board discuss what to do about the transplant, again Tanju and Kivilcim are against Ferman and Adil so Beliz has to make the decision. After she promises Ferman she will be on his side in the meeting he expects that she will approve the transplant. As Nazli and Ali arrive with the liver at the hospital, Demir informs them that Muhsin will not be getting the liver as he has drunk alcohol. Obviously Beliz went against Ferman. An ambulance arrives and quickly takes the liver away for another recipient.

Nazli is upset and Ali goes to her. He tells her to open her calls list on her phone, she then realises that he had heard her call Adil. She tells him that she does care about him and wants to be his friend even if Adil hadn’t asked. Ali doesnt believe her. He said “why would somebody like you want to be with someone like me… I have autism, I’m not stupid!”

After talking with Adil, Nazli has the idea to surprise Ali at a cafe with friends from the hospital. Gunesh will take Ali there. As she is leaving the hospital she sees Ferman. There is a tense interaction between them, I think Ferman knows she has feelings for him. She invites him to the cafe for Ali, but he isn’t bothered.

Gunesh gets Ali to the cafe and they all shout surprise. Of course, Ali doesnt like surprises and he turns and walks out. Nazli follows him and persuades him to come back inside.

Ali starts to relax a little and enjoy his evening, He tells Nazli that he has forgiven her. Ferman is driving and gets a call from Beliz, she wants to meet him at home and talk, at the same time Nazli messages him again with an invite to the cafe and the address to join them.

Acelya is interested in Demir but he only has eyes for Nazli. Demir isn’t happy that Nazli is chatting and laughing with Ali. Ali is left alone at the bar and a drunk and jealous Acelya approaches him. She tells him they haven’t really come there for him they came for Nazli’s sake. Nazli had to beg them to come. She tells him that he doesnt belong here.

Ali grabs his coat and bag and leaves followed by Nazli. Ferman arrives, Nazli is surprised but pleased he came, but at the same time is worried about Ali who walks away looking upset leaving Nazli and Ferman stood to wonder whats happened.

Another good episode. Things are starting to be revealed now. Ferman chose to go to the cafe instead of home to Beliz. I think he does like Nazli but hasn’t fully realised that just yet. Will that secret he is keeping be revealed soon? He wouldn’t even tell Adil what it is.

Poor Ali, it looks like the bad guy will be Acelya. It wouldn’t surprise me if in the future she doesnt team up with Beliz to keep Nazli away from Ferman or with Kivilcim to ensure Ali fails.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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