Welcome to the summary for episode 3. Last weeks episode once again had great ratings. As always I write my summaries as I watch the episode, so any thoughts or comments I have done are as it unfolds. I will also endeavour to make some of the medical jargon easier for readers to understand.

Ali wakes in his new home and goes through his morning ritual getting up and dressed and placing things neatly away. Arriving at the hospital Adil tells him that he needs to concentrate on how he interacts with people and listen to what his teachers tell him. He then asks for Alis house keys so he can get his furniture delivered. Ali makes sure that all the furniture will be arranged exactly as it is in his old home.

The first case of the day is a lady who is pregnant but has a tumour. Ferman, Nazli and Demir are discussing this when Ali forgetting what Adil just told him goes rushing in with his advice saying she needs a scan immediately. The tumour is large and taking a lot of the blood supply. Ferman advises that pregnancy should be ended now to save the mothers life. The patient disagrees and wants to carry on no matter what. Ali says there is a way, much to Ferman’s surprise at him butting in again. He says that the risk of blood clots during the surgery can be stopped by using HEPARIN ( blood thinner), they can then remove the fetus, remove the tumour and replace the fetus back inside the womb.

Outside the room once again Ferman tells Ali not to speak like that in front of a patient. Ali is adamant he was giving a solution. Ferman says he already thought of it but it’s very risky. Nazli and Demir think Ali is right. Ferman agrees to study the procedure but won’t let Ali help and sends him to another case. Ferman also tells Nazli that she cares too much for Ali and she is to stay away from him, and asks Demir to go with Ali today.

Demir and Alis first patient is a gentleman who has had his third heart attack. This time caused by the battery on his pacemaker dying. Ali blurts out that he is in the final stages of heart failure but they can replace the battery. And with a little calculation in his head tells the patient he may live another 5 years. Outside Demir tells Ali he cannot do this. Ali explains he actually has less of a chance and Demir asks him if he lied to the patient. Ali says he doesnt lie, he just gave the best facts out of a range of facts.

Demir asks Ali to get the consent form signed. Ali goes to the room and the man has disappeared. He finally finds him laid on the floor in a storeroom. and talks to him. He learns that the man misses his wife and he isn’t bothered about living. Ali explains to him that his wife will still be with him this time. Ali offers them man his hand to get up, this is something new for Ali as he doesnt like physical contact. Hr grabs the mans finger…well its a start!

Ali is so pleased with what he has done he rushes to tell Ferman. Ferman is talking to the father of the pregnant girl who is being very rude and aggressive. He insults Ali by calling him disabled. Ferman immediately stands up for Ali teling him that he cannot say that about his assistant. Tanju interferes and takes the man away.

Ferman, Adil, Tanju, Beliz and Kivilcim have a meeting about whether to operate on the pregnant lady. Adil and Ferman want to try and save them both but Tanju and Kivilcim worry more about if it fails they will be sued. The decision is left to Beliz. She agrees with Adil and Ferman and says to do the operation.

Ferman and Beliz make up and are seen by Gulin her assistant. It soon gets back to the staffroom where it is told in such a romantic way that Nazli is listening she is upset but turns it to anger shouting at them for discussing peoples private lives. Acelya and Demir understand why she is like this because she is in love with Ferman. Nazli runs into Ferman and asks him when will her report period end, he leans forward and whispers for her to hold on, Nazli’s legs must be shaking!

Ferman invites Nazli, Demir and Ali to scrub up for the operation of the pregnant lady, Ali is so pleased. During the operation her heart stops caused by a blood clot. The next scene we see is the patient in bed and Ferman telling her that they saved her but they were unable to take the baby out so they are back where they started. He explains that now after the heart attack the procedure is too risky. He leaves the room and Nazli comforts the girl and Ali looks thoughtful.

Ali finds his patient who has run away again on the roof. He doesnt want the operation on his pacemaker. We see Ali open up to him by telling him he is in the autism spectrum and about his brother and father. The patient still does not want to live. Ali rushes to Ferman saying they could get the psychiatrist to help but as he is talking the phone rings, the old man’s heart has stopped. Despite Ferman and Demir doing CPR his heart doesnt restart. Nazli speaks with Ali and tells him its not his fault. Ali says his soul hurts and he is upset.

That evening after making up Ferman and Beliz are at home. He is thinking about the pregnant woman. Beliz shocks him by saying the mother is selfish she could always adopt a child. Ferman asks her if they have children? She says she doesnt want to give birth. This obviously affects Ferman.

At home, Ali is in bed and can hear the tap dripping, but it’s not dripping at the right rate like it did when he was in the shelter. He frantically searches for his screwdriver and has a meltdown, wrecking his apartment to find it. Adil arrives after being called by the apartment manager and he calms Ali down and temporarily makes the tap drip to Alis satisfaction. Ali is still confused after doing what Adil told him like talking to his patient etc and listening to him the man still died. Adil tells him he cannot save everyone.

The pregnant woman’s family want to sue the hospital. They now want her to have the operation but Ferman says its too dangerous. Ali visits the patient and gets an idea. He runs to tell Ferman who is with Adil. They can stop the patient’s heart and put her on a Heart and lung bypass machine, so her heart will rest and the blood supply will be oxygenated for the baby. Ferman thinks its a good idea.

In the operating theatre, Ferman successfully removes the tumour from the baby while the mum is on the bypass machine. He looks at Ali and nods and Ali nods back. Afterwards, the family of the girl thank the staff and her father personally thanks Ali for the idea of how to operate. He gets a quick handshake before Ali blurts out its a boy, making them all laugh. Ferman tells Nazli her probationary period is over now and he won’t send her anywhere, she is staying with him. Nazli is of course happy.

Leaving the hospital Ferman speaks to Ali and tells him he did a good job today. As Ferman leaves Ali is so happy that he did something good and he got Ferman’s approval. Adil asks Nazli to watch Ali outside of the hospital, explaining she may have to be persistent as he is set in his ways. She says she will and call him with any news.

At home, Beliz gets a call from Kivilcim telling her that the hospital cannot afford to keep running, its losing money. Ferman arrives home wanting to discuss their future and have a child but Beliz snaps at him. She does not want to discuss having children. Again Ferman looks confused, mad and upset.

Nazli goes to Alis apartment and discovers he has no food. After eventually finding out what he can eat after going through a long list of items, she cooks Menemen for them. He has to smell everything before he eats it. After Ali leaves she goes outside to call Adil and tells him that she has checked on Ali and they had dinner and not to worry she will look after him.

We see that Ali is stood outside and has heard the conversation, obviously thinking that Nazli is being nice as she has been asked to do it by Adil.

There is a rift developing between Ferman and Beliz. She obviously is very career motivated and wants to keep the hospital which is a legacy from her father her main goal in life. Ferman loves children, maybe this is a clue as to what he is hiding from everyone.

We have seen subtle things that make us think Ali is starting to blend in a little more, like touching a patient in a comforting way although he will probably now feel betrayed after overhearing Nazlion the phone to Adil.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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