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Last weeks episode ended as the new doctor, Damla had told Tanju that Ali and Nazli were in a relationship. Tanju is now telling Adil. Beliz and Ferman that this will not happen. He also tells them they are being sued again. After arguing with them all Tanju says he will find out whats going on with Ali. Ali will also work with him and if he makes one mistake he goes.

As Tanju leaves Ferman follows him. He asks who told him about Nazli and Ali? Tanju wont answer. Ferman tells him he knows its Damla. He tells Tanju he can treat his staff how he wants thats ok…however he will treat his staff how he wants too. Tanju does not look impressed.

Tanju takes Ali and Nazli to his office. He asks them how long the relationship has been going on. Nazli says she wont tell him. Ali asks if its because he has autism. Tanju tells him that the hospital is being sued and he wants to find out of Ali can be a doctor and have a relationship at the same tome and not be confused.

Damla is working with Ferman and Ali. Ferman tells her in no uncertain terms that she will stop her spying games. No one comes between him and his students. She will regret it if she does.

Finally Nazli manages to catch up with Damla. However Damla has no regrets what she is doing and tells Nazli that she will be the best assistant in the hospital and if she wants to try and stop that go ahead.

Kivilcim is in Beliz’s office. She is in tears and begs her not to fire her. She tells Beliz that she has had an abortion and hands over a report from her doctor.

Ali and Ferman are operating on a young boy who cannot talk. They are fixing his trachea. Damla runs into theatre and tries to take over from what Ali is doing. Ferman stops her immediately and tells her that today she will be observing Ali.

A boy was running from police. He swallowed a number of packages and came to the hospital with stomach pain. As it gets worse Demir thinks that he swallowed drugs. The boy insists its not drugs but begs them not to get the police involved. Demir tells him that he will need surgery to remove them. Demir wants to tell Tanju. Nazli doesnt want him or the police involved and says she will find a way to sort t. Demir gives her one hour to come up with a solution before her goes to Tanju.

Ali experiences a flashback to when he was young. The teacher made him stand on one leg as punishment. He actually does this in the hospital corridor, and Tanju sees him. He questions Ali and this reminds him of his dad and his abuse when he was younger. Ali hurries off leaving Tanju stood there.

Ali comes up with a solution for Berke to talk. Damla tries to put him down but Ferman agrees with Ali and they go to put the idea to his parents. Meanwhile Damla has gone straight to Tanju.

Berke’s family arent happy with Ali’s solution but as Ferman is explaining Tanju arrives followed by Damla. He asks them if they want the operation his parents say now. Ali isnt happy and again shouts that Berke will always suffer because of this, they need to ask Berke what he wants. Tanju tries to make him leave the room but Ali refuses. It takes Ferman to really shout at him to make him go. As Ferman leaves he stares at Damla knowing exactly what she has done.

Tanju has found out Nazi and Demir have kept the patient who swallowed the packages a secret. He agrees finally to operate and agrees not to call the police until after they operate to see whats in the packages.

In theatre they remove the small packages. Tanju cuts one open to find it full of diamonds. He tells them to close the patient he is calling the police.

Ali finds a solution to help Berke talk. He goes to his room and signs to him that he is not alone. Berke lets his parents know he does feel alone and he has no friends. They give permission to operate. Ferman says to Ali and Damla they will do it now without Tanju knowing. He warns Damla not to say anything.

In theatre they make a prosthetic voice box for him. Outside Tanju learns that they are in surgery. He watches from the viewing room. After the operation is over he confronts Ferman. Ferman tells him there is a reason why he is picking in Ali. Tanju warns him there will be consequences.

There has been a robbery. Ilhan the boy who swallowed the packages has injured a nurse while trying to steal the diamonds. Tanju is furious. He shouts at Nazli and tells her she and Ali need to go to him at the end of the day and he will give them his decision about their relationship.

Beliz feels so guilty that Kivilcim has had an abortion because she got fired has decided to give her the job back.

In Berke’s room Ferman, Damla and Ali wait to see if he can make a sound. Ali encourages him and he does manage to make a sound. Everyone is pleased and emotional. Ali turns to Ferman and says he can be fired now.

Ferman talks with Damla. He tells her not to mess with Ali any more, or her will end her career.

Ali and Nazli go t see Tanu. He tells Ali that he knows he would have done the same as he did today even if he wasnt in a relationship. So he knows that the relationship hasnt affected him. Nazli and Ali are pleased he wont be fired.

However Tanju tells Nazli that she made a big error today about the boy swallowing the packages and getting the hospital into trouble. He tells her that she is being removed from the surgical team and is to work in the new clinic.

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WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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