Welcome to the summary for episode 25.

A new assistant is starting at the hospital. The staff are all chatting about it wondering who it is and whether they will be nice. In the boardroom, Beliz, Adil, Tanju and Ferman are welcoming the new assistant Damla. She appears very eager. Tanju tells Ferman to put her with Ali, he will soon figure her out.

Kivilcim arrives at the hospital to find the free clinic has started again. She is not happy and even more unhappy when she walks in the boardroom to find Beliz has hired a new assistant without her knowing. Beliz reminds her that until she gives birth she is still an employee and has no say what Beliz does. Ferman turns away with a smirk as does Adil. Yanju looks at Kivilcim with a ‘ you asked for it ‘ look on his face.

The new assistant Damla gives a present to Demir, Nazli and Ali. Ferman has to go theatre and takes Ali with Damla. Demir is suspicious of Damla. We see her talking to Tanju and she tells him she will feed him information about things he wouldnt normally hear about.

A woman has given birth but the baby has issues with its heart. Damla and Ali are with her and she asks them if she could have caused this? She was taking antidepressants at the start of her pregnancy before she knew she was pregnant. Ali in his own honest way said yes the tablets could have caused this. The woman is upset and her husband angry.

Damla wastes no time at all at rushes to Tanju telling him what Ali has done. Tanju shouts at Ali in front of Damal and Ferman. Ferman follows him then realises that Damla was the one who told him. Ferman sees now why she is there. Acelya overhears the conversation. She goes to tell Nazli.

Nazli enters the staff room to a very agitated Ali. Damla has the journal that Ali uses and refuses to give it him despite knowing his condition about order. Nazli is just about to have a go at her when there is a code blue. The baby is in trouble. Damla races to the SCUBU followed by Ali. In there Damla manages to grab everything quickly before Ali leaving him stood there looking helpless.

Ali come up with a way to repair the baby’s heart. Damla is not happy that he has. She is even more mad when both Ferman and Tanju are pleased with him. She also offers that maybe they shouldnt carry on treating the baby and let nature takes its course.Ali and Ferman obviously dont agree but Tanju says he will put that option to the family too.

Everyone decide to invite Damla out for food and drinks so they can get to know her better. However things arent great when she is very cantankerous and likes the opposite of everyone else. Nazli says its good for her to be honest and she respects that. But while Nazli is at the bar Damla approaches her and says she knows that she and Ali are in a relationship. In a veiled threat she says it would be really bad if Tanju found out but as she has been kind to her she wont say anything.

The next day Nazli takes Damal to a room and locks the door. She explains about Ali and the relationship is new. She asks her to promise she wont tell anyone until Ali is ready. Damla eventually promises.

Kivilcim is on the rampage. She berates two staff members for looking at her. She then sees Gunes and Gulin chatting and fires them both. Beliz finds out and asks Kivilcim about it. Kivilcim has no remorse.

In theatre the baby’s heart surgery is underway. Damla is stood with Tanju and Ali with Ferman. Tanju wants the ventilator stopping and Damla goes to do it. However Ferman seeing that she is trying to out do Ali stops her and tells Ali that it was his idea so he should turn it off.

The baby deteriorates and they are struggling with what to do. Ali comes up with a solution and some complicated mathematics. Damla is impressed but you can see that she is very competitive.

Leaving the hospital Kivilcin sees a paper stuck on her windscreen. Adil appears and asks her why she thinks her husband left the hospital to Beliz and not her. He tells her he didnt trust her when she was angry. He tells her to open the paper. Its her contract of employment. In the 4th clause it says that she cannot dismiss anyone without consulting and getting the boards decision. She has broken her contract so Adil fires her. She is shocked and angry. She vows this isnt over as Adil calmly walks away.

Tanju has intercepted a phone call . Someone wants to make a complaint about a doctor. The policy is not to give doctors names out over the telephone but Tanju is quite happy to tell them that the doctor they want is Ali Vefa. The man is suing the hospital over what Ali said earlier.

As Tanju is leaving the hospital he is stopped by Damla. She tells him that Nazli and Ali are in a relationship. She turns round and walks away with a smug look on her face.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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