Welcome to the summary for episode 24.

The episode starts with Nazli and Ali sat together on the floor of the staff room. Both look nervous but excited. They are in a relationship now but Ali thinks they should make some rules so they understand what they will and wont do. As they stand up they bump in to each other. Ali starts to step away but doesnt.

Cem a young boy who recently had a liver transplant has returned to the hospital. He has jaundice and pain in his stomach. Ferman reassures him and the family. However outside the room he tells Nazli and Ali that they need to start tracking down a new liver. The match will be a difficult one but Ferman makes them search.

Kivilcim meets with Beliz. She drops the bombshell that she is pregnant with her fathers child. Explaining they froze his sperm before he became ill. She had an embryo implanted and is now pregnant. Beliz is in shock. Kivilcim tells her the reason she has done it is to have a hand in the hospital.

Nazli finds a match for Cem. She has found a living donor. ( Liver transplants can be done from a living person. Just a section of the liver is used as it regenerates itself ). Ferman is happy. However hearing that he is not on the donor list Ali asks her why. He is a prisoner in jail for seven murders.

Demir and Tanju’s patient, Rezzan is a lady who has written medical journals. Demir is very impressed with her. She has a problem with her heart and is in need of a heart transplant. Acelya is asked to contact her family to let them know, but her ex-husband and sister are not interested. This affects Demir, mad that no one cares about her. Tanju knowing how ill the lady is asks Demir to stay with her.

As they strip a room of everything ready for the prisoner to arrive, Nazli gets a call to see Cem. He has learnt from his mum and dad that his liver will come from a murderer. He is adamant he does not want it.

We learn that Tanju has a history while working abroad. While advising Kivilcim to not do this with Beliz he tells her that he ran away and can never be a doctor abroad again. It lost him his family. He tells her nothing is worth losing your family for. Kivilcim basically tells him its too late now.

The staff have started to realise that there is something going on between Selvo and Adil. Selvi is nervous and doesnt want the attention. Gunes and Gulin rush to get Acelya when they see Adil and Selvi sat together. However when they listen they are only talking about clinical waste and cleaning. They are so disappointed that there is nothing happening. As they walk away we see that Adil and Selvi knew they were listening. Thats why they made the conversation boring.

The prisoner arrived at the hospital. He is very intimidating and argumentative with the staff. In theatre they put him under the anesthesia but he has an allergic reaction. Tanju is adamant that he told them he had no allergies on a purpose knowing he had. He could use this as an excuse to escape. Tanju orders that the police are with him, handcuffed all the time until he leaves the hospital.

Nazli and Ali go for a meal. Everything is ok. Ali has memorized a joke that makes Nazli laugh. When the salad comes there are pickles on it that Ali didnt ask for. He gets agitated standing and making a scene. He knocks the waiters tray and a bottle of water nearly hits Nazli in the face, but Ali manages to catch it. This unsettles him and despite reassurances from Nazli Ali hurries away. Leaving Nazli realising this relationship is not going to be easy.

At the hospital the prisoner is being discharged back to prison. The guard handcuffs him and as Nazli leans to check his wound he whispers to her Tm sorry. They wheel him surrounded by guards with the staff following to the van.

Ali notices that he has peed and there is some concern there is something medically wrong. Tanju however says the prisoner is lying. As the guards go to stand him up we see the handcuffs weren’t fastened. He grabs a guards gun and takes Ali hostage.

Despite everyine begging him to let Ali go he refuses. Tanju tells him the reason he s doing this is he wants to die. The prisoner is frustrated that he couldnt help the kid and he cannot change and be a good person.

Suddenly Ali manages to break free and a guard shoots him. The staff stand there in total shock. We then see that they have got the prisoner on a trolley and rush him to theatre. In the surgery Tanju insists that they use the prisoners organs for donation.

Meanwhile Adil has taken Ali to his room. Both are in a state of shock. Ali opens up to him about him being together with Nazli and the first date they had. How bad it was. Adil reassures him that most first dates are like that. Ali leaves the office in a more positive frame of mind saying yes he was scared but the man wanted to help, and he himself is fine and didnt get hurt.

Rezzan and Cem both receive their organs, and both are doing well with their loved ones.

Kivilcim confronts Beliz and tells her she wants 50% of the hospital and if she doesnt give it her now she will get it anyway when the baby arrives. Beliz asks her if she gives her it will she still have the child? Kivilcim says she will think abut it.

As Kivilcim is leaving the hospital she is confronted by Ferman. He hands over his resignation. She is quite happy to take it until he informs her that the rest of the team including Adil will also resign. It will take years for her to rebuild the team in the hospital. As Ferman walks away she rips his letter up in anger.

Ali has invited Nazli to his place. They are watching a movie. Ali asks her if its ok that they stay at home and not go shopping or out for meals etc. Nazli says she is happy with that.

Ali tells her he wants her to meet someone. He goes in the bedroom and picks up the photograph of his brother. He tells him he has a girlfriend. This is obviously a big deal and important to Ali for him to show Nazli his brother. He quietly introduces Nazli to his brother. They go back to watching TV with Nazli resting her head on Ali’s shoulder.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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