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Ali is having breakfast with Adil. He tells him that things wont go any further with Nazli. He couldn’t even hug her when she was feeling down and he ran away. He says that he has accepted that that’s how it is and he doesn’t want to pity Nazli. Adil tries to help but Ali likens his situation to eating olives. How he has to think ten steps ahead how to store, open the jar, how to eat where to put the stone after eating… this isnt fair on Nazli.

Funda arrives in A&E she has a deformed leg after crashing of her bike. She refuses any type of pain relief medication. After they do some tests Demir tells her she will need an operation. She refuses. She finally tells Demir she was addicted to prescribed medication in her past. Her husband doesnt know. She has been clean for ten years but she knows even one dose of painkillers will start her taking them again. She tells Demir to do what he has to do but no medicines.

Adil sends for Nazli. He tells her he knows that she is struggling with her feelings for Ali and doesnt know how things can work. He tells her about a time when Ali was young.

Ali had lost his brother and was living in the boys home. Adil was finding it hard to visit him as he was busy with work. One night he was too late and told the caretaker that he will never get Ali to love him. She takes Adil into Ali’s room and shows Adil his notebook. Ali has drawn pictures.

Adil tells Nazli that Ali will love her and he will show her how to love him.

Koray a teenager comes into the hospital for an operation to remove his kidney as he has a tumour on it. His has already had chemotherapy but he now needs an operation. His girlfriend, Mira also had cancer and thats where they met at chemo.

After checking his test results Ali discovers that the tumour has gone. Ferman, Ali and Nazli give him and his girlfriend the good news. He is so excited and picks up Mira and spins her round. She passes out and collapses on the floor.

Beliz is organizing a surprise party for Ferman’s birthday. Gulin and Gunes go for a coffee discussing it. When they arrive they see that Adil and Selvi are sat eating together. Selvi is playing with her hair. Gunes and Gulin realise something is happening between them.

However having seen Gulcin and Gunes watching them Adil tells Selvi later that they need to be careful about their relationship at work. This makes Selvi a little confused.

Kivilcim goes to see Tanju. She tells him that she is looking after herself hoping that she will be pregnant. She will find out tomorrow.

Koray is being discharged and he wants to see Mira before he leaves. Mira’s mum stops him from going in the room. She tells him that her immune system is low, and she isnt to get excited he can see her after the operation. Koray leaves with his dad in tears.

Everyone meets up at the shopping centre to get a present for Ferman. Nazli and Ali keep choosing the same thing. Eventually they get to the counter to pay but there is a mad rush of customers all shouting and pushing as a flash sale is announced. Ali is in the middle of it all. He screams loudly and the people stand back. Ali runs out of the shop leaving Nazli to make the purchases.

Funda has a complication with her leg that Tanju and Demir have already operated on. They need to take her back to surgery but she is adamant they wont put her to sleep or use painkillers. They try telling her how painful this will be and also increases the risk of a heart attack or a stroke as her blood pressure will rise. They advise her to tell her family about her history of medication addiction but she flatly refuses. She warns them if they do put her to sleep she will sue them all.

Getting Ferman to his surprise party is an issue. Beliz tries but they argue so she asks Ali to help. Finally he directs Ferman to the restaurant where everyone is waiting to surprise him for his birthday.

In the bathroom Kivilcim has taken a pregnancy test that is positive. She goes straight to Tanju and shows him. She then makes her way to give Beliz the news but Tanju stops her from saying anything. He tells her its not a good time. Kivilcim says she wont tonight but tomorrow she will make Beliz’s world crash down around her.

At the party Ali thinks of a way so Koray and Mira can go to a ball together. With the help of Nazli, Gunes and Gulin they decorate the hospital corridor and lend Mira a dress and Koray a suit. Then they surprise them both with the some of the patients watching on.

Mira’s mum arrives back at the hospital. Nazli rushes over to explain but she is pleased what Nazli has done. Nazli returns to standing with Ali. She tells him shes in. She knows they cant kiss, hug hold hands and that they are both scared but shes in. Ali thinks and then says ok.

Despite telling her husband about her history of addiction and him being very supportive she still refuses to have any medication. She is taken into theatre and Tanju has to hammer a steel rod down the length of her shin bone. She is in agony. They bring her husband in too to help calm her down. Her surgery finally ends well.

Mira has her operation to remove the tumour in her brain but there are complications and its Ali who comes up with a solution. Outside the theatre her mum and Koray are told by Adil that the operation has been a success. Koray is with Mira as she wakes up. But as was warned she has forgotten who he is. Ali tells him not to be upset. Shes well and alive. They can start from the beginning and not to give up.

Ali turns to Nazli and tells her ” Im in ”

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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