Welcome to the summary for episode 22.

After being shunned by Nazli at the end of last weeks episode Ali wakes up and nothing is right. The weather is bad, his toast isn’t right, his hair s bad. He calls Adil concerned. Adil tells him it may be his emotions concerning Nazli. He tells Ali to come and have a chat, but Ali says no.

As Ali is leaving Nazli is at the door. Ali turns away but she begs him to turn and look. She has the rose he offered he in her pocket. She tells him that she will always keep the rose. However she wants them to remain friends. She says maybe in the future but she is scared of hurting Ali. He says he doesnt see her as a friend. They agree to be friends for now to help any possible future relationship.

Ali goes to work and straight away goes to see Ferman who is still a patient recovering from the virus. He tells him he needs advice about a girl. Ferman tells his he is his teacher. Ali whips out the letter Ferman wrote when he thought he was dying and shoves it at Ferman telling him it says ‘ brother ‘ Eventually Ferman tells Ali he will help. He must act cool and dont let her know that he is thinking about her. Ali takes cool literally and swaggers out of the room leaving Ferman smiling.

Meanwhile Nazli is talking with Acelya. She tells her that she cannot face Ferman. She tells Acelya bout Ferman saying he had thought about them. Acelya is shocked. Nazli says she doesnt know what to do. How can she face him and Beliz? And she doesnt want to hurt Ali.

Demir’s father has come to the hospital for test about his lung cancer. He collapses and is taken for tests. They reveal that there is another primary source of cancer other than his lungs and from there has spread to all his major organs. Tanju tells him maybe Chemotherapy will help but really there is nothing they can do for his father. Demir doesnt accept it and tells Acelya he will find a way to help his dad.

Ali’s chill routine isnt going down great. He knows Nazli is watching but pretends she isnt when he tries to act cool with Gunesh and Gulin who are both just really confused. Nazli also looks confused. Ali realising this isnt going well rushes off to see Ferman. Ferman tells Ali to concentrate on his work. He cannot help him. Gunesh and Gulin appear to have picked up there is something between Nazli and Ali.

Demir is doing a lot of research into helping his dad. He calls Tanju and Adil and tells them he has found a way. Remove all the affected organs remove the cancer from them and put them back again. Tanju said they had tried this before on a patient but it didnt go well. Adil gives his approval for it to go ahead. Demir excited goes to tell his dad. Adil and Tanju stand looking at the enormity of the job they face.

A young violin payer comes in with an infection on her finger. Ali and Nazli are sent to clean and dress it. Gunes has numbed the area but as Ali starts she can feel pain. He asks her if she has any other symptoms. Nazli is telling her its just probably a repetitive injury but Ali blurts out it could be a flesh eating bacteria and if it is they will have to cut her finger off.

Outside the room Nazli berates Ali for blurting it out when the risk is low. They argue about who Ferman would back. They march off in different directions. Gunes and Gulin are now sure something is going on between them.

A council meeting has been arranged. Beliz tells Adil that doctors are not allowed in there. They can only give written statements. Beliz later tells Adil that it was about Demir and him breaking through the quarantine containment line in the ER. He risked public safety. They will make a decision about Demir’s punishment but Beliz tells Adil they did mention revoking his medical licence to practice as a doctor.

Adil sees Selvi and tells her about the council and also they will be playing with Demir’s career. He asks her to go with him for a candlelit meal. He looks around to see if anyone is watching then tells her that he likes her. He says if she feels the same she should meet him after work.

Beliz calls Nazli to her office. She wants her to look after Ferman while he is recovering. Nazli is reluctant and says maybe Ali should do it. Beliz insists she would prefer Nazli to as she trusts her. After some hesitation Nazli agrees.

Ali has taken Nil’s case to Ferman. He agrees with Ali that this is serious and they need to try and save her hand. He tells him to take the case to Tanju. Ferman asks Ali who the confused girl is who wants to be friends. Ali tells him Nazli. Ferman’s face drops.

Kivilcim is at the clinic having her and her deceased husbands ( Beliz’s father ) embryo’s implanted. She is rude with the doctor and tells him it must be a 100% success. Afterwards he tells her they will do a pregnancy test in a few days to see if it worked. He asks her about the name for the baby. She tells him this baby isnt for her its a project. As she leaves the doctor looks concerned.

Acelya gets Nazli to really think who she would like to be in a relationship with. Nazli thinks and Acelya says ” Its Ali isnt it?” Nazli says yes. Acelya tells her she is afraid of being with someone with autism. Ferman is just an excuse. Nazli remembers that Beliz wants her to look in on Ferman but when she gets to the door she cant go in.

Nil’s situation deteriorates and the bacteria has spread further. The decision is made to take her to theatre and remove her arm. Nazli is upset and says the bacteria may have gone to her organs. Ali suggest the Bariatric chamber which involves exposing her body to 100% oxygen making the body heal faster. Nazli volunteers to be with her.

Demir visits Ferman. He tells him thats his dad’s surgery had a few complications but went well and he will survive. He also tells Ferman that the council have suspended him for 2 weeks and put it in his records so in the future he wont be a general surgeon.

Adil leaves the hospital. He thinks Selvi isnt going to meet him. However Selvi steps out of the shadows. She is dressed beautifully and tells Adil she knew she was ready for this for a long time.

In the chamber Nil wakes up. Nazli tells her what they had to do to save her life. Nil is distraught. She blames Nazli telling her she listened to her and thought it would be ok. She shouts that she wants Nazli to leave but she cant until the treatment in the chamber is complete. Ali is watching through the door unable to do anything.

Demir overhears Acelya speaking with his dad. Telling him all about Demir. He tells her that Demir is lucky t have her. As she leaves the room Demir grabs her and tells her he loves her. She says she has loved him for a long time.

Finally Nazli goes to see Ferman. She asks him questions. Ferman tells her that there can never be anything between them. Nazli says she is relieved. She had a dream but thats all it was. Ferman asks if they can just carry on as normal. She agrees.

Arriving back from the clinic, Kivilcim goes to see Tanju. She tells him of her plan to give birth to Beliz’s sibling making her fathers will invalid so she can get her hands on the hospital. Tanju has a look of disbelief and disgust on his face. This appears to be too much for Tanju.

Ali goes to see Ferman. He is upset that people say one thing but do another. Like Nazli says she likes him but stays away. Ferman wrote brother but then tells him to drop the subject. Ali tells Ferman we make a big issue about the small things and keep the big things inside. Ferman replies ” I agree brother ” He tells Ali he does feel like a brother but they must keep the teacher and student relationship and he isnt like Adil. He then gives Ali his tablet and shows him an article about a bionic artificial arm for Nil. He tells him to go and show Nazli.

Ali finds Nazli and shows her the tablet. She is really happy they can help Nil. Ali tells her that if she wants to be friends then thats what he will do. He will try not to love her. Nazli hugs Ali. Ali is having difficulty returning the hug. Nazli’s tears drip on his neck, Ali cannot take it and pulls himself away saying he cant.

Ok so who else was thinking Nazli is stood with Ferman’s ipad. Is there something on that ipad? Maybe something about her? Probably just wishful thinking. Or has it now been put to bed any future relationship between Nazli and Ferman? Is that it all done?

I must mention loving the scenes with Ali trying to act child out. Made me smile. Great actor who can do that layering of his acting skills.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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