Welcome to the summary for episode 21.

This weeks starts in the middle of all the drama. Demir’s dad is having an asthma attack. The nurse finds his inhaler but its empty. Demir is frustrated stood at the other side of the door. He takes the security guard’s stun baton and threatens everybody to stand back. He unlocks the door and goes into the quarantine zone.

He tries to help his dad but he needs to move him to another room. He improvises to make a nebeuliser that will help to open his dads airway. It works and Demir can help now in ER.

Ali is struggling still with the noise from the light. Nazli shouts for everyone to keep quiet and gets the nurse to talk to Ali calmly. He recovers and helps Nazli successfully finish Kubra’s operation.

Tanju’s patient finally responds to all the CPR at the last moment. He goes again to Adil to expand the quarantine area so he can get the bone marrow for his patient. Adil refuses but comes up with the idea that they have two depressurized rooms. Demir can take the bone marrow in the laundry from the donor and Tanju can give the bone marrow his patient in a store cupboard.

Ali is showing Demir the cases and whats happening but that light is affecting him. Demir grabs an IV stand and smashes the light. Ali is immediately better. The lady in labour, her waters break.

In isolation Ferman is in bed unconscious. Nazli is sat with him. She is begging him to wake up. She tells him she cant believe she told him those things before. What would have happened if she could have held his hand. She looks around, no one is there. She holds his hand. She leaves the room upset and we see Ferman’s hand move.

Ferman wakes up. Ali is so excited but Ferman reminds him this is just a phase and his condition will deteriorate again. He gives Ali a letter and tells him to read it later. He also asks to speak with Beliz. Ali makes a video call. Ferman tells Beliz he loves her. He tells her one day she will find love again and she needs to love again. Beliz is so upset and says she wont be with anyone else. After they finish she tells Ali that he must promise her he will cure Ferman and not let him die. She begs him telling him he is special and can do it. Ali promises her he will.

Ali gets to work checking the patients who had the virus’s medical records and doing research. The lady who is in labour has a problem when the baby’s heart rate drops and Ali needs to deliver the baby. Gunes tells him he is needed for Ferman but Nazli goes instead.

Ferman is unconscious and his airway is compromised. Nazli has to intubate but as she starts she thinks back to the accident where she inserted the tube wrongly and the patient died. She is told by Gunes to remain calm she can do it.

The pregnant lady starts to bleed heavily and Ali needs to perform a cesarean section. He does so in the hallway as some members of the public are watching outraged he is delivering the baby in quarantine. He delivers the baby but its not alive. He starts heart massage but the mum starts bleeding and is going to die. Ali is torn what to do.

Demir is taking the bone marrow from the donor. He manages to do it and sends it down the shoot to Tanju who is waiting with his patient. As Demir thinks hes done it the donor complains of cheat pains. He whispers something to Demir then his heart stops.

Kivilcim makes everyone in the boardroom go to eat. She sits with Beliz calming her down. Beliz says she really isnt evil. Kivilcim says she will hurt her in the future, laughing. Beliz laughs too thinking its a joke. However we know its not a joke she is going to have a baby so that she has some say in how the hospital is run.

Ali manages to save the mum and the baby. He gets Demir’s dad to help with CPR on the baby while he rigs something to stop the bleeding in the mum’s stomach.

Ferman’s machines are bleeping and Nazli runs for Ali. When they get to Ferman they see he is fine, wide awake and very impressed with what Ali did to save him. Ali is so happy. Nazli is a little embarrassed after what she had told him thinking he was dying.

Demir finally gets to talk with his dad. They make peace as his dad asks him to be with him when he dies. Demir tells him he wont die and they will be giving him his care from now on. Adil shouts Demir. He is ready to get his punishment for breaking the quarantine barrier but Adil tells him there is no punishment and thanks him personally for helping Ali.

Acelya is pleased to see Nazli and hugs her. Nazli tells Acelya she cant look Ferman in the eye again. She thought he was dying and told him everything about being in love with him cant live without him etc Meanwhile Beliz runs to Ferman and hugs him glad he is now safe and well.

Nazli is leaving the hospital. She is called back and told Ferman wants to see her. She is embarrassed to go in the room. Ferman tells her to not think about her and him he is her teacher nothing can happen. He then says he heard her when he was unconscious say what she dreamt of and he felt her hold his hand. For a moment he thought what it would be like for them to be together but he cannot think such a thing. The conversation is interrupted by Adil and Selvi who have dropped by before going out for a meal together.

Outside Fermans room Nazli is in shock. She thinks that Ferman actually considered them together meaning he does like her. Ali after getting a prep talk from Betus comes to ask Nazli if she is interested in him or not. He pushes her but its the wrong tome she is obviously still having feelings for Ferman. Ali walks away saying he has his answer.

Ali rides his bike home. He is thinking about all the times he shared with Nazli. He takes his hands off the handlebars but loses his balamce. He falls. He checks himself over but doesnt seem to have any injuries. A letter falls from his pocket. The one that Ferman gave him. In the letter Ferman tells hi that no matter how many times he falls he must never give up. He wants him to be the greatest surgeon. He has signed the letter ‘brother’

So I have said before that I wondered if anything would come of Nazli and Ferman. Since the first few episodes when Nazli obviously had a thing for Ferman it hasnt really been brought up again. Until now.

Ferman likes her but is being professional and keeping his distance, but he then gives her the glimmer of hope when he says he thought about the idea of them being together for a moment. Therefore when she left the room and saw Ali her head was in turmoil.

After a little research with other viewers its a split whether they would like to see Nazli with Ali or Ferman. It will be interesting to see if the Turkish writers stick with the American version of the series when it comes to Ali’s love life.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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