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Its the day for the new clinic to open. Demir isnt happy he has to work there when he could be seeing new cases in the old hospital. How ever Aysel tells him she will be working there too. As they enter the hospital Demir hears his name being shouted. His father who he hasnt seen for years wants to see him. Demir tells him he is busy but his dad says he will wait.

Ali is working in the ER with Ferman. Two patients are brought in. Both collapsed at the airport after travelling on a long haul flight. Initially Ali thinks it may be pulmonary thrombosis. However one of the patients dies. They see that they both have a rash in their necks but neither came in to contact with eachother so they think its airbourne.

Ali has been avoiding Nazli. She is working with Tanju upstairs but finds out where Ali is and goes to find him. Meanwhile Ferman calls Adil about the cases and he in turn calls the infectu=ion control. They are advised to quarantine the ER.

The paramedic who brought one of the patientd in has a rash on his neck and is put into isolation. Demir’s father who came down to get something to eat is being stopped from leaving. Ferman explains that he cannot leave and they will let Demir know who is in the new clic=nic.

Nazli arrives in ER and sees Ali. He doesnt want to talk with her, he has already said what he wanted, but Nazli tells him not to stop talking to her. Ali keeps being distractyed by a buzzing noise that seems to be coming from one of the overhead lights although no one else can hear it.

The paramedic’s condition is deteriorating. Ferman looks around the department at all the people that are trapped in there. He calls Adil to inform him. Adil makes the decision to put the hospital on full quarantine lock down.

Ferman explains the situation to the staff and then announces the quarantine to the public. They arent happy and one man marches to the door. Ferman grabs him from behind and sedates him. That stops the other people in their tracks realising that this is serious.

In the office Adil is watching the situation on CCTV. Tanju and Beliz ask who is in ER..he tells them, Ali, Ferman, Gunes and Nazli. Tanju is not happy that Nazli went to the ER to find Ali. He has to take Demir to help him with surgery. He calls Demir and tells him his dad is in the quarantine.

Betus has finally woken up from her bowel transplant that her sister donated. Her sister is down in the ER as she wanted to know why she couldnt see Betus. She is ill and when Ferman is examining her he feels something in her stomach. She really needs surgery but is in quaratine. Ali cannot help with an option for this as he is still being distracted by the buzzing noise from the light.

Demir goes down to see his dad. From behind glass doors his dad tells him that he is sorry for not contacting him. Demir doesnt accept the apology but as he walks away his dad shouts that he is dying. He has stage 4 lung cancer. Demir accuses him of lying.

The man who Ferman sedated gets a call. Ali answers the phone. Its Tanju. The man is the father and the donor for Tanju’s patient. Ali explains he is in quarantine. Tanju goes to Adil to ask for permission for the man to be let out of quarantine on special measures.

He isnt allowed out of quarantine but Tanju has found another donor. The compatibiliyt isnt as good. The patient doesnt want to go through it all again if the donor’s marrow fails. He tells Tanju he is happy his dad came for him and is prepared to die of he cannot get his fathers 100% match bone marrow.

Ali and Ferman are treating Selim the paramedic. As they leave the room and take off the protective gear Ferman notice he has a rash on his arm. He goes back in the room and closes the doors. He tells Ali. Alis is shocked. Ferman makes him go and deal with the ER. Him and Nazli are the only doctors now in the department.

Ferman is talking to Selim when his heart stops. Ferman begins CPR. But despite Ali and Gunes helping Selim dies. Ali refuses to believe that Ferman will die too. He gets a call from Beliz who wants to bring Betus to see her sister through the window. Ferman cannot bring himself to tell Beliz he has the virus too.

Ali tells Nazli that Ferman has the virus. They are both in a state of shock. Nazli goes down to the sterile area to see Ferman. She is so upset knowing three people had this virus and all three have died. He tells her she needs to take charge in the ER. She needs to make sure Betis’s sister is treated so Betus will still have family. Nazli starts to walk away but suddenly turns back.

She tells Ferman that she needs to tell him somethings as he may die. She tells him he has been the person that she has always relied on. She didnt mind him shouting at her as he would smile afterwards. Ferman is listening as Nazli also confesses that she was in love with him. He seems stunned. He urges Nazli to go and treat the people in ER. As she leaves Ferman is fighting back tears.

Ali tells Ferman that Kudra’s condition is bad. Ferman tells him to bring Kubra in front of his room and he will guide them through the operation. Ali is distraught. Ferman asks Ali to take care of Fatos, tell her that he loves her and asks him to visit her at the weekend and take her some puzzles. Ali begs him not to die he says he has lost one brother and he doesnt want to lose another one. Ferman tells him that he is so sorry.

Meanwhile Beliz has brought Betus down to see Kubra through the window. She rings Ferman and he explains she is being operated on. Betus is frantic as Adil arrives. He tells one of the guards to go get one of the doctirs inside the quarantuine. A nurse arrives and whispers to Adil that Ferman has the virus.

In Kubra’s operation Ferman is getting worse. A nurse comes to tell them a patient is deteriorating in the ER. Ferman tells Ali to go.

Everything all starts to go wrong at the same time. Ali is treating the man who collapsed but he is affected again by the noise from the light. Demir is watching as his dad collapses on the floor and cannot get his inhaler, another lady has started to get contractions and the people are panicking that its the virus thats spreading.

Outside the room Adil tells Beliz that Ferman has the virus but he makes her pull herself together for the sake of the hospital. Tanju’s patient’s heart has stopped and he is trying to revive him even though the man signed a DNR ( Do Not Resuscitate )

At the surgery just as it gets to a critical stage Ferman collapses on the floor unconscious.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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