The first episode last week had record-breaking ratings in Turkey. This series really has captured the attention of the Turkish public. Let’s hope that it continues to do so. I will endeavour to translate the medical terminology into layman’s terms where I can.

Last week ended where Ali after being instructed by Ferman to dive straight into a major disaster in the emergency room, was really struggling to cope with the situation. Even a man flatlined in front of him and he couldn’t bring himself to react and help. Nazli revived the man and advised Ali to go home. Outside the room, Adil finds Ali and reassures him this happens. He also reminds Ali this doesnt count as he official doesnt work there until midnight. This seems to appease Ali. After knowing Ali for over 20 years he really is a great mentor to him.

Ferman takes Nazli to his office. He berates her for helping Ali and not listening to what he says. He puts her under review and tells her that he will get another assistant if she doesnt do what she is told. He asks her if she understands. Nazli obviously in love with him leaves the room upset. Ferman too is sad as she leaves.

Adil has a surprise for Ali, although Ali doesnt like surprises. He has had all his personal possessions brought from home for Ali and has made a room in his house specially for him until he can find his own accommodation. Adil understands that Ali doesnt like physical contact so for a hug they each cross their arms over their own chests.

After seeing Nazli upset the previous day Demir makes her breakfast in the staff room. Nazli is touched but she has no romantic feelings for Demir.

While doing a ward round Ali enters late but does know the ladies history. His mind goes through all his retained information and blurts out that there is a malignant tumour ( cancer ) !! Ferman, Nazli and Demir are horrified, the patient is frantic. She asks if she will die and Ali very matter of fact replies ” probably “. He goes on to say it will be most certainly deadly! You shouldn’t really laugh here but I must confess I did. Outside the room, Ferman tells Ali he cannot say this but Ali is genuinely confused, he didn’t lie and told her the truth. Ferman and Nazi explain that you must take a more careful approach with news for the patient. Ferman will operate on the tumour but tells Ali to stay away.

While Ali is passing a room he sees a young boy with his mum and the boy is vomiting. Ali finds out the child had an operation three days ago on his bile duct. Ali quickly examines him and is worried. He feels that the bowel is blocked, again he resites all the medical information he knows. Ferman enters the room and Ali tells him his life is in danger. Ferman says this is normal after this type of surgery. He tells Ali again not to interfere and to leave. Ali is unsure and stands in the corridor undecided.

Ferman and Nazli are operating on the lady with the tumour, there is an issue with the location of the tumour, Nazli has an idea to remove a kidney to get better access. Ferman agrees. Meanwhile, the young boy is worse and Ali decides to rush him to theatre and operate on him himself. Ali is just about to make the incision when Ferman appears and stops him. Ferman says he will do both operations together.

Sent out of the theatre Ali watches from the viewing platform along with Dr Adil. He has a monitor that gives him a close up of the operation. He sees that there is some bleeding before the surgeons see it. Adil quickly says on the loudspeaker that the patient is bleeding. Ferman struggles to see where it is bleeding from, Ali after watching Adil use the speaker also uses it to tell Ferman the bleeding is near the stitches from the old operation. Ferman finds it and looks at Ali in the viewing area with a look of confusion how he knew. Both operations are a success.

Later Ali joins Ferman and the other assistants but Ferman is furious and the assistants hold him back while he shouts at Ali in the middle of the corridor. He tells Ali to repeat ” I am not a surgeon ” ” I will no longer intervene with any patient” … ” because I do not belong in this hospital”… Nazli and the other assistants are very uncomfortable with it, poor Ali just repeats what he is told. Beliz overhearing this intervenes and tells Ferman he cannot treat Ali like this. She takes Ferman to her office and they argue. They are lovers and live together, and this has caused trouble in their relationship.

In a flashback, we see the day that Ali’s brother died. It was Adil who broke the news to his parents. His father who has never been able to come to terms with Ali’s condition blames Ali and his wife for everything. He tells Adil he no longer has a son called Ali, and he can do what he wants with him. Ali overhears him and his father tries to attack him but is held back by Adil. From this point is where Adil takes Ali under his wing.

Nazli speaks with Ali and explains to him about Ferman that he is a good teacher and he can learn from him, meanwhile Adil is talking with Ferman and he asks him is there a reason why you don’t like Ali, something I don’t know about? Ferman says no, but you can tell there is something. The head nurse also has a word with the other assistants and tells them they are a team and need to work with Ali and help him.

Kivilcim wastes no time in informing Tanju of what has happened with Ali over the course of the day. She wants Ali to make mistakes then Adil and Beliz will need to go and she and Tanju will have the hospital to themselves.

Ferman puts Ali on basic duties, assessing new patients, changing dressings, and inerting cannulas etc. just to keep him out of his way. He tells him this is ALL he can do and no interfering in anything else. Ali promises he will do a very good job with the basic stuff. Ferman tells him not to scare the patients. After he leaves Ferman takes out a photo frame and looks at it from his drawer, we don’t see who or what the picture is of. Obviously this will be something to do with his reactions towards Ali.

Ali, as promised, takes the duties very seriously, he orders every test he can on each patient putting the labs under pressure. In an hilarious scene, he sits by the bed of a young woman waiting for her to pass wind. She says she has, Ali, leans over and has a sniff, and shakes his head.

A young girl is admitted to the emergency, she is complaining of stomach pains. Her father thinks this is just an excuse to get out of going to school. Ali against her father’s wishes runs some tests.

Nazli tells Ali that the apartment below hers is free and arranges for him to go and see it that evening.

Tanju calls Ferman into his office informong him that Ali is requesting too many tests that are not needed. Ferman goes to see the girl, after seeing her parents arguing Ferman tells Ali the pain is psychosomatic meaning she is feeling this way due to stress. He tells Ali not to do any further tests. Ali under that instruction struggles to refuse tests for a man who is vomiting and he complains about Ali. Adil reassures Ali.

Ali goes to the lab for the result of the young girl’s tests he performed. He is worried and goes to the girls home, he bangs on the door, the father is furious and calls the hospital at Ali interfering. The mother listens to Ali and checks on her daughter finding that she is unconscious. They rush the girl in the car to the hospital, her heart has stopped and Ali arrives there giving the girl CPR. He gets ready to do emergency surgery, but once again Ferman appears and stops Ali before he can do anything. This time he lets Ali aspirate ( suck the blood ) out of the stomach. Which is probably Fermans way of telling Ali he has done a good job.

Adil and Belize are discussing what to do about all the complaints against Ali. Adil writes out his resignation as he was the one who vouched for Ali. He gets a call telling him what has happened with the young girl and Ali being persistent and saving her life. He is so pleased and Beliz rips up his resignation letter.

Ali is stood at the bedside of the girl and Ferman is watching from the door. He says Ali uncharacteristically touch the girl’s arm.

Finally, Ali turns up at the new apartment and Nazli shows him around. He gets his tape measure out and measures everything precisely. He agrees he likes it and moves in. He lays down on the floor to sleep with no furniture.

Ferman returns home and is still not happy with Beliz. He goes upstairs to the bedroom and makes a call. He asks how someone is today and if they asked about him. He looks disappointed as he hangs up the phone. He then clasps his hands together and looks at them, really upset.

Obviously Ferman has something in his past or his private life that is in some way connected to Ali or his condition. He appears to want to avoid Ali and that situation, and it’s making him think of his own life. No one knows, not his mentor Adil or Beliz who he lives with about it.

Another good episode I can see why it’s doing well in the ratings.

Written by: Rachel Labidi



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