Welcome to the summary for episode 19.

Last week ended as Ferman tells Nazli and Ali that they are unable to do Betus’s operation as they have been lied to. This week commences in the committee room where Ferman isn’t happy. Betsu’s sister lied when filling in her consent form… she is actually under age. There is another 8 months before she will be old enough to donate the bowel. Too long for Betsu. Ferman begs with them to find a way for the young girl before she dies.

In the emergency room Cemal is rushed in. He witnessed a man attacking a girl and he jumped in to help. The man hit him around the face with a skateboard. The wheel punctured his face and his airway is compromised due to him swallowing blood. Nazli has to perform an emergency tracheotomy to help his breathing. Ali is called away as there is something wrong with Betus.

Betus is in pain. Ali says they need to do something but Selvi reminds him that they haven’t a legal guardian for her. Betus tells Ali maybe she will feel better if he tells her the truth. Ali telling her any truth says he likes someone but hasn’t told them. Betus older than her years tells him love is a disease and if he doesn’t tell her he will be in pain like she is.

Beliz has found a relative to give permission for the operation. Kubra however begs them not to call him. She shows them scars on her arm. The uncle drinks and can get angry. Despite this they call him but he refuses to sign. Adil takes his address and finds him in a cafe. He still wont sign until Adil points out that he has all the signs of liver disease. His time is coming sooner than others. Wouldn’t it be good that his nieces could say their uncle saved Betus. He signs the consent form.

Cemal has to go to surgery to repair the bones that have shattered in his face and also to repair the hole in his face. Ali is astounded that this man actually stepped in to help someone he didnt know. Nazli says he is a hero. However when discussing this before surgery Ferman gets very irritated about him being a hero.

In surgery they have trouble repairing the damage to his face. The only option would be fusing his jaw together permanently. This would mean he couldn’t ever open his mouth again. Ferman tells them to wake him up get his permission so they can do it. He says this is the price he pays for being a hero. Ferman rips his gloves off and slams them down as he walks out. Ali and Nazli are stunned.

Once again Betus follows Ali asking who his love is. She tells him its better to talk. Ali sees Adil and Selvi. They have stopped talking but Ali can tell there is a connection. He sends texts to them both to meet him. Obviously Ali doesnt go. Adil and Selvi realise they have been set up. After talking Adil offers to give Selvi a lift home which she is happy to accept.

Cemal signed for them to fuse his jaw. In surgery Ali again speaks with Ferman reminding him that he too was a hero when he saved him from been beaten by a relatives family, and also his secret nearly came out. Nazli picks up on this comment but doesn’t say anything. Ferman suddenly stops and says he isn’t going to fuse Cemal’s jaw. He wants one of his students to think of ideas so that they dont have to seal his jaw shut permanently.

Ali is awake all night going through all the bones and muscles in the body to see if any can be used to help Cemal’s jaw. He thinks back to when Nazli told him Heroism isnt in here ( pointing at his head ), its here ( and points at his chest ).

Ferman and Beliz are in bed when there is banging on the door. Ali walks in all smiles telling Ferman he has a solution for Cemal, they can use part of the pectoral muscle to repair the area.

The next morning they put the idea to Tanju, who says no. Its never been done before and the risk of infection and Sepsis is very high. Ferman says the poor guy wont be able to talk or eat , thats the other option. Tanju tells Ali to leave the room. Tanju reminds Ferman that hero’s dont have all the luck and to remember that for Cemal. If he wants to do the operation then its up to him.

Ferman, Ali and Nazli speak with Cemal. Ali tells him the long list of complications. Cemal writes on his board that he doesnt want it doing. They begin to walk away but Cemal writes on his board he is only joking and to do the operation straight away.

Betus is suspicious when Kudru tells her she too has to be in hospital for a few days but just for some medication as she is tired. Betus manages to get hold of Kubra’s medical records and sees that its her who is donating the bowel. Gulin realises what she did and calls Selvi.

Ferman tests Demir when he least expects it. Despite Ali trying to mime the answers behind Ferman’s back he fails miserably. Ferman tells him he has to work 2 extra hours in the new clinic. He turns to Ali and asks him a question. He comes up with the answer from a case 7 years before. Ferman tells him he can do Betus’s surgery. Ali is so excited and gets permission to run and tell Betus.

However when Ali goes to her room she isnt there. He needs to go and perform Cemal’s surgery. In theatre there is an issue when a clot lodges in an artery. They manage to clear it. Ferman also tests Nazli about a past patient. he passes the test without anyones help.

Betsu cannot be found anywhere. Everyone gathers in the security room and they see her on the CCTV leaving the hospital alone. The police are informed and they are looking for her. Selvi tells Adil that Betsu has seen the file which says her sister will be the donor.

Cemal is now recovering. He gets a visitor. The girl he saved from being attacked. Obviously they appear to like each other.

As Ali leaves the hospital, Betus is following him. She follows him home and when he is leaving with Nazli to go and search for her, Betus is outside his door. He takes her in and makes her comfortable. She is upset about her sister but Ali speaks with her saying that his brother died for him. Some people are in this world to be a cure. Betus is crying and Ali wipes away a tear. She says ” You touched me ” Ali replies ” You touched me here ” and points to his heart.

She eats her food and sleeps on the sofa. Ali says someone loves him referring to him being the one Betsu turned to. Nazli replied that everyone loves him. They look at each other for a while. Nazli leaves. Ali does his little excited jig in the lounge… we see that Betsu has heard everything. She now realises who the girl is that Ali likes.

The team have a meeting about Betus’s operation. Tanju and Ferman remind them they all love her but they must remain calm and professional. Afterwards Ferman catches up with Ali. He says to Ali that just because Betus went to him and he brought her back from the hospital he is not a hero. Ferman seems to have a real issue with this hero thing.

Kudru and Betus are going to theatre. They hold hands and blow kisses as they are seperated to different theatres.

Ali speaks with Betus. She tells him if anything should happen to her in surgery then he must promise that he will tell the person who he likes. If she is ok and the surgery goes well then she will tell them. She says she knows who it is as she heard them last night. Poor Ali is left stunned.

Ali performs his first surgery. From the first cut until the ends. Both operations appear to go well. Ali runs to Adil who is speaking with Selvi. He is so excited and Adil is so proud of him. They do the special hug.

The team are called to Betus. Her blood pressure has dropped. They rush her to see what the issue is. The tests come back and they need to replace blood. Ali suggests to start the operation again. Ferman again tells him this hero stuff is no good and sometimes you just have to wait and see.

Betus still hasnt woken up. Ali tells Nazli she asked something from him. Ali is starting to say something when Beliz interrupts.

Ferman gets a call and rushes to the home where his sister Fatos is. When he walks in there are images on a projector of all the good times he has had with Fatos. She tells him he is her hero. He tells her she is his hero. Ali bursts in and says he heard Ferman say he believes in heroes. Ferman tells him he believes in people who believe. And when you believe things happen. Ali asks him does he promise they happen, Ferman replies yes he promises. He ruffles Ali’s hair.

Ali goes back to the hospital. He stops and buys a red rose on his way. He goes into the bathroom and tries practicing what he will say to Nazli. He gets frustrated but eventually takes a deep breath and does a really good speech. Then he starts panicking again.

He rushes out, rose in hand and collides with Nazli. She thinks the rose is for Betus. He holds it out to Nazli and starts to say something. Nazli realises and stops him saying she isnt ready yet. However in a rush Ali blurts out that he loves her… Nazli just stands there in shock. Ali drops the roses and rushes away saying he shouldn’t have said it hes sorry. Nazli looks at the rose on the floor and gives a small smile.

Wow this was a packed episode and a good one. I now realise why they got in a well known talented actress to play the part of Betus. Beren Gokyildiz is such an amazing young girl. She played lead roles in Anne, Bizim Hikaye and most recently Kizim. The role of Betus was a demanding and emotional one and Beren is excellent.

We finally got a tiny step forward in a relationship between Ali and Nazli. Although I am a little disappointed that the interaction between Nazli and Ferman never came to anything after the first few episodes.

The series still rides high in the ratings and at this stage Im thinking we will get a second season.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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