Welcome to the summary for episode 18.

This week begins as Nazli and Acelya are having breakfast. Asli is excited about the trip to the funfair and Nazli tells her about it. Nazli knows she has to be certain of her feelings for Ali so that she doesn’t upset him. She tells Acelya that staying away from Ali didnt work so now she will spend time with him.

Nazli, Ali, Demir and Aceyla are eating breakfast in the staff room. They start to do impressions of Ferman. Ali’s turn he stands up and unbeknownst to him Ferman walks in the room. Ali tells him honestly of course that they all did an impression. Ferman isn’t impressed and berates them when they have a young girl in a coma that they need to discuss. He tells them in 2 days he will test them on all the surgery’s they have performed in the past year.

Tanju is worried about the twin who wont wake up. Kivilcim asks if Ali or Nazli has any idea’s. She tells him its Nazli who looks after Ali. She says they should use Nazli to get Ali to do something as he is basically nothing without her. Ali has overheard everything.

One of the conjoined twins eventually comes around from the operation but her heart is very week and she is in a critical condition. The other twin has still not woke up, there is an issue with her blood flow. They try to fit a stent into where they grafted a new vein but it doesnt hold. No one can come up with a idea to save either twin. Ali suggests that the twin who is in a coma and shows no signs of life should give her heart to her twin. Tanju is adamant they wont kill one sister to give the other her heart. Suat tries to tell him that the twin is brain dead and will never recover, and the twin with the heart condition only probably has 24 hours left.

Ferman goes to Beliz, he asks her to speak to Tanju about transferring the heart. Beliz takes the hospitals policy and procedures to Tanju and tells him that they really need to do the operation.

Tanju and Ali speak with the twins mum and explain the situation. Of course she is devastated. She wont sign the consent form but Ai tells her if her daughter was conscious she would want this and would want to save her sister. The mum agrees but she says her daughter must never know that they turned off the ventilator of her twin. They will say that she dies naturally. Tanju agrees. The mum is distraught Ali just cannot bring himself to put a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

I just want to say here that maybe in Turkey they do this, but here in the UK we would never speak with any patient or family member regarding a case sat in the hospitals cafe. Never mind getting them to sign a transplant consent form. Also when they have done they both walk away leaving the poor woman sobbing at the table with the whole cafe looking at her. So sad that it was written like this as with other things they have done a great job.

In theatre they disconnect the ventilator. Her mum is there too and says a tearful goodbye to her daughter. After a few seconds her vital signs pick up and she starts breathing on her own. Tanju makes the team check the leads on her chest that the connections are stable which they are. Everyone is pleased that she has survived… but what about her twin who is in need of a heart?

Now the team get together to think what they can do. Ali says that they need to rejoin the twins again so that the twin with the heart problem can live with her sisters heart. Everyone agrees that they will join the twins by the legs. However when they put this to the twin she is told that her sister is breathing on her own but there is no brain activity. She says that she would rather die than have her sister used as her life support unit.

After speaking with Ali and Nazli the twin decides that she will consent to the operation to attach herself back to her sister to give her more time to find a heart.

Meanwhile Ali has been thinking and remembering his childhood and his brother. He felt that he was a burden to his brother. His brother always helped him, looked after him stood up to him and Ali thought that it made his brother suffer. Adil contacts one of his brothers teachers and an old friend. They both leave voice messages telling Ali how much his brother loved and respected him and how brave he thought he was, he never thought of Ali as a burden. Ali is really moved by this.

Kubra and Betus arrive at the hospital. Betus comes in on a stretcher writhing around in agony. Ali tries to examine her but she jumps up saying its a joke. Ali is confused. The staff tell him that Betus is a regular visitor at the hospital and likes to prank people. Meanwhile her sister Kubra has just turned 18 and is meeting with Tanju to give her sister a part of her small bowel in a transplant. They are compatible and Tanju tells her the risks but she agrees. She asks him if they can tell Betus that the donor is someone else and not her as her sister wouldn’t accept the bowel from her. Tanju agrees.

After the operation to join the twins again, unexpectedly the twin with no activity wakes up. Everyone is shocked. However there is s price to pay. Her waking up means the heart is doing more work and is not enough to keep her and her sister alive. They rush the twins to theatre to separate them. Ada’s heart stops and despite CPR and shocking the heart her heart wont restart. Ali keeps going and thumps Ada in the chest. Her heart restarts again. The team quickly get back to work and separate them.

After the operation Suat tells Ferman and Tanju that she only has approx 2 weeks now that the twins are not connected before the heart gives out. They need to find a donor but thats virtually impossible as there is a long waiting list. Tanju insist they need to find away.

Ali finds Betus sat crying on the steps. She thinks she is a burden to her sister. They have no parents and her sister has worked hard to raise the money for her medical treatment. She really wants to live. Ali suddenly jumps up he realises he has a way that could save the twins. He thanks a confused Betus and promises her he will do everything to save her life.

Ali arrives in the twins room where Tanju, Suat and Ferman are…he runs in telling them they can transplant stem cells from the bone marrow directly into her heart and this will increase the function by 40%. They all agree its a good idea and Ferman tells him he deserves a well done.

Ali asks Ferman if he can operate on Betus. Ferman quizzes him with some of the things he needed to learn. Ali easily answers the questions Ferman gives him. Ali tells him he learnt all the cases from the year in 3 hours. Ferman realises that this is easy for Ali due to his Savant’s and he has an advantage over Nazli, Demir and Acelya. So he tells Ali he has to learn all the hospital cases from the last decade by tomorrow if he wants to help with Betus’s operation.

Nazli finally opens up to Ali. She tells him that before she had an emptiness inside but now Ali has filled that void. Ali starts to tel her he too feels the same but stops when Ferman arrives. He tells them they cannot do Betus’s operation as they have been lied to.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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