Welcome to the summary for episode 17.

Last week ended as Nazli was on the roof with Ali, she was about to confess that she likes him, but panics and leaves. Downstairs she sees Acelya she tells her she likes Ali but she doesn’t know what to do. Meanwhile Ali calls Adil. He tells him maybe Nazli likes him. Ali gets all excited but Adil tells him not to do anything.

Ali asks Demir for hints that someone is attracted to him. Demir demonstrates with Acelya. Firstly fake giggling at what you say. Second swaying as you talk and thirdly not knowing what to do with her hands. Ali takes note of this, even though he tends to make everything very technical in his head. Ali tries Demir’s compliments on Nazli but she is just confused what he is talking about. As Nazli isnt showing the three signs Ali thinks she doesn’t like him.

Demir gets a patient, a young girl who’s nose is bleeding she also says she has pain and difficulty breathing. Her mum and dad are going through a divorce and they think that its psychological and she is maybe bringing on the nosebleeds herself. Demir agrees and is going to discharge her when the girls has difficulty breathing then vomits blood.

Tanju gives the case of conjoined twins to Ferman, Nazli and Ali. They need to transplant a kidney from one twin to the other. The twins are to be separated in a few months so this surgery is needed. Despite an issue in surgery everything goes well.

Beliz is telling Kivilcim and Adil that the amount of donations the hospital received exceeded what they actually need. She has decided to open a free clinic for the homeless and poor people. Adil thinks its a great idea. However Kivilcim is not happy that the donations she fought for will be used for a free clinic. Beliz tells her the decision has been made. Kivilcim storms out saying that its not over.

Filiz is discharged from the hospital when the MRI reveals nothing wrong. Acelya is concerned as she has a feeling there is actually something happening with the young girl. As she leaves she leaves her notebook but her mum and dad ignore her and walk her out of the hospital. Acelya finds the notebook and runs after them but its too late they leave.

One of the conjoined twins condition deteriorates. Its decide the best thing would be to separate the twins now instead of in six months. They share a major vein in the brain so one of the twins will need a new one making from the vein in her leg.

Filiz is rushed back into hospital after collapsing. The tests show a tiny shadow on her lung which could possibly be a slow growing tumour. They arent sure and want to do an exploratory surgery. The parents are against it but Ali chats with Filiz and he believes the pain she has is real. The parents eventually agree to the surgery.

In surgery they find a small piece from a plastic toy in Filiz’s lung, this is what has been causing the pain and bleeding. After surgery Filiz tells her parents that she is upset that they fight all the time. They both promise that they wont fight anymore.

Nazli and Ali ar a little awkward around each other since Nazli told Ali that they may need to stay away from each other for a while.. Poor Ali is mooching around the hospital. Selvi catches him and explains that sometimes when a woman says she needs time to stay away that she means for him not to stay away. This totally confuses Ali who thinks things should be black and white.

The twins separation surgery appears to go well. However after the operation they both show no signs of waking. Tanju and Ferman are concerned.

Kivilcim has told Tanju that she will make a big shock to get this hospital from Beliz. He warns her against doing anything. When she leaves the hospital she calls someone at a clinic. Her idea is to get pregnant by her dead husband ( Beliz’s father ) through so that Beliz has a half sibling therefore she wont have all the decisions about the hospital

Ali decides that he needs to get out of his comfort zone if he is to do anything about himself and Nazli. He invites her to the fair, she is hesitant but he makes her go. When they get there Nazli finds it funny when Ali is scared of the rides. On the carousel they are chatting and Ali realises that Nazli is showing the three signs that she is attracted to him like Demir showed him.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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