Welcome to the summary for episode 16. Last weeks episode once again had great ratings. As always I write my summaries as I watch the episode, so any thoughts or comments I have done are as it unfolds.

We start the episode the morning after the ball. Acelya and Nazli are eating breakfast. Aceyla has the video on her phone of Nazli and Ali dancing. She shows Nazli and asks her what she thinks about Ali. Nazli’s reaction is one of confusion and a little shock. It seems obvious that she has never looked at Ali in this way.

Ali, Demir and Tanju’s patient comes in as an emergency he has had an accident with a nail gun. The nail in his head is easily removed, however they find another wound and take him to surgery. While there they find it has destroyed his kidney. They are about to remove it when Ali stops them. The man has only been born with one kidney, that one.

Asli’s high school friend and her husband visit the hospital. Gulcin has ovarian cancer and is in the final stages of the disease. She has undergone all treatments but nothing has worked. Her husband asks Nazli if there is anything they can do to ease the pain she is in.

Nazli talks to Ferman and explains. He agrees to take a look at Gulcin. He says that he can operate to make her more comfortable. Gulcin tells him that Nazli admires him. Nazli is devastated, Ferman replies that he likes to have Nazli with him during the surgery. A he leaves Nazli follows him to make clear that what her friend says wasnt what it sounded like. Ferman bends forward and places his hands on her shoulders and leans close.

Beliz is walking down the corridor and sees Ferman holding Nazli. She turns round an walks the other way. Ferman sees her and shouts her, she tries to ignore him. He stops her and there is tension between them. He tells her he has got somewhere to live, she says she is pleased, the sooner the better.

The man who needs a kidney cannot get one from the donor list. His tissue type doesnt match. The only option is a live donor, his brother. They do the tests and they match perfectly. Ali and Demir go to tell his brother they match. Of course Ali reels off all the things that could go wrong in the operation and then sticks a pen in front of the mans face to sign. The man agrees but on one condition. He wants his brother to sell the company or sell his part to free his money. The brothers disagree and one wont sell the company so the other wont give him his kidney. He storms from the room leaving Ali stood holding the pen up.

In Gulcin’s operation, Ferman finds that there is something that they can do to give Gulcin a little longer to live. They discuss it with her and her husband, and even though they are told Gulcin is weak and may not make the surgery they agree to the surgery. Gulcin speaks with Nazli and Acelyn. She tells them her husband will be alone when she is gone. She asks Nazli to go on a date with him.

Mucize Doktor

Nazli and Acelya just stand there stunned. Aceyla turns and walks away. Gulcon gets upset and tells Nazli they will both be lonely. Nazli at first lets the porter take her for her scan but seeing how upset she is she tells her that they need to treat her first. As Gulcin goes to the scan, Aceyla stands with Nazli. Nazli tells her not to say anything.

Adil sees Selvi. She asks him if there is anything wrong. Adil says no he was mistaken in what he thought. Selvi looks disappointed. Meanwhile Demir and Acelya despite quarrels finally let people know that they are in a relationship.

Mucize Doktor

Gulcin is still insistent that Nazli goes to dinner with her husband. She says its her final wish. Nazli explains everything to Ali. When she leaves Ali is crushed. He holds his chest unused to this feeling. He goes to see Adil and tells him how he feels. Adil takes him out for food and to the movies.

Tanju has given the task of persuading the man to donate a kidney to his brother. They have the idea to get the family involved and tell them he wont give the kidney unless his brother sells the business. They arent happy but he still wont donate it. Ali tells him that his brother wants to keep the business because of his father. He advises him to go and talk with his brother. They still do not agree. Ali speaks with the brother and explains about his father and how he was bad with him. His brother used to be with him all the time no matter what. The brother tells Ali he is the trump card and signs the papers.

The operation goes well. Afterwards both brothers make up and agree that they will sell the business.

Selvi is really regretting brushing off Adil. At the same time Ali picks up from Adil by his body language that something is wrong and correctly guesses that its someone special.

Nazli is out with Gulin’s husband as she wished but they are only sat to please her. Nazli finds her self unexpectedly talking about Ali. She is embarrassed.

Kivilcim actually does something good for a change. She talks with Beliz and tells her that she loves Ferman and she needs to stop him leaving. Beliz rushes home but the house is empty.She drops to the floor in tears. The front door opens and Ferman walks in to collect a photo of him and Beliz. As he turns he see her. She tells him not to go.

Nazli decides she needs to talk with Ali. She finds him on the roof of the hospital. She starts to tell him something as Ali waits…..

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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