Welcome to the summary for episode 15. Last weeks episode once again had great ratings. As always I write my summaries as I watch the episode, so any thoughts or comments I have done are as it unfolds.

This episode starts as Kivilcim invite all the staff to a meeting. She tells them that there will be a meeting for the hospital donor’s and all staff should attend. Beliz isn’t happy and leave knowing that Beliz has done this while she was away.

The guest heart Surgeon, Ela is not getting along with Ferman and they seem to have somewhat of a power struggle who will be in charge of their patient. The patient is a young girl called Gul who’s chest isn’t protected by her rib cage, therefore making her heart vulnerable and unprotected.

Ali doesn’t want to attend the party, however after speaking with the guest surgeon Ela who promises him she will help he decides that he will go. Meanwhile Demir has said that he wont take Aceyla to the party. She is disappointed but sees a way to make him jealous by chatting to Gul’s brother…it appears to work. She invites him to the party too.

Ali goes to tell Adil that he will be attending the party but realises that his plastic scalpel he uses for comfort is missing from its bag in his pocket. Ali runs around frantically asking people if they have seen it. Ferman stops him to go to surgery but Ali is worried he hasn’t got it.

In surgery Ela fits the artificial sternum to support Gul’s chest successfully. However she needs to go back into surgery as she hugs her mum and the plate moves pressing in her heart. They re position it and everything is a success. She can now hug her family and friends.

Kivilcim insists Ali goes to the party but he wont as he cant find his scalpel. He looks everywhere but no success. He eventually manages to go to the party and enters very timidly with the noise and bright lights. Everyone is shocked at how smart and handsome he looks.

Kivilcim gets onstage and asks Ali to join her. The spot light shines on him and Ali cannot cope. He suffers a meltdown and leaves the room. He locks himself in the bathroom and wont come out.

Adil after seeing Selvi at the party ignore him leaves. Asli decides to call Ferman to ask if they could look for his scalpel. They both go to the hospital and eventually find it in the meeting room.

Meanwhile at the party Ali gets the courage to leave the bathroom. Kivilcim is very harsh with him as he follows her to the stage. As he gets there he freezes, but Ferman arrives with the scalpel. He tells Ali to speak as if he is the only one in the room.

Ali makes a great speech and is applauded. All his friends are proud of him. Beliz seeing Ferman appears to have a change of heart and starts to walk towards him, but as she does Ferman puts a friendly arm around Nazli happy with Ali’s accomplishment. Beliz who already thinks that there is something between Nazli and Ferman walks out.

Nazli asks Ali to dance with her… no touching. The episode ends as we see them dancing. Adil is walking outside on his own while Selvi is looking miserable at the party.

I really hope that Ferman and Nazli get together. I dont think him and Beliz match well. Im sure Nazli still thinks of Ali as a good friend who she is trying to help.

Ali is happy that Ferman again came to help him like a brother. Maybe in the future will that relationship be tested with their love of Nazli?

Im also happy that Demir and Acelya have finally got together after all the flirting with other people. I just hope that Adil and Selvi too can be together,

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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