Welcome to the summary for episode 13. Last weeks episode once again had great ratings. As always I write my summaries as I watch the episode, so any thoughts or comments I have done are as it unfolds.

Beliz after hearing from Ferman what he did for Nazli and putting the hospital at risks runs away from him. She calls Kivilcim to take over the running of the hospital for a few days. Ferman tries to catch her but is too late as she speeds off in a car.

Ali calls over Adil to his house. He is so excited to tell him that last night he danced with Nazli, not touching of course. He also told him how he had let Nazli put her head on his shoulder. Adil tells him that now he should try and touch someone. Ali seems to like the idea but isnt sure who to touch.

A man and woman are brought into the hospital after a car accident. The woman is bleeding internally and Tanju along with Nazli and Demir take her to theatre. In theatre they discover that she is in the very early stages of pregnancy and have to remove the fetus to save her life. They speak with her husband who is shocked as he is infertile, unable to have children.

Can, a young boy comes into the emergency room. He has some wood embedded in his shoulder. Can has a condition that makes him angry and he gets violent. They have to take him to surgery to remove the wood. After the operation Ferman tells his mum that she can take him home. She becomes upset and was hoping that he would stay a night in the hospital so she could get at least one nights sleep.

Kivilcim in charge for a few days has let the power go to her head. She is calling the hospital board and donors and putting Beliz down saying she has had to leave for a few days as she isnt enjoying the job. She comes across Gunes chatting. Selvi is also there. She is mad with them for chatting and tells them off. As Selvi is discussing it taking to Gunesh, Ali appears behind her and has decided Selvi is the one he will touch. He first tries with his hand but cant do it. Then a finger but also cannot bring himself to do it.

The lady who was pregnant is still not right. Adil suggests she may have a brain tumour but the MRI comes back clear. Her husband accuses her of having an affair, He also has learned that all their money has been taken from accounts. Ali asks Nazli if he can examine her. He looks at her eyes when the woman suddenly leans forward and kisses him on the lips.

Ali is in shock he jumps back and runs around the room. He runs to find something to wipe his face. He runs all the way to the other side of the hospital to Adil and tells him what has happened. Adil calms him down and tells him that touch doesn’t mean love.

Ali and Ferman are at odds regarding Can the young man with the aggression issue. As they were leaving the hospital his mum’s hand was injured in the door, caused by Can. As they take her away Can is aggressive and hits Ali. Ali remembers when he was in a care home and he too had an encounter with a bully. He thinks that Can would be ok in a home, but Ferman is adamant that would be the wrong thong to do. Obviously this has touched a nerve with Ferman. Ali tells him for the first time he will touch someone today, but Ferman tells him to stay away from that family.

That evening Ali is in Nazli’s flat. She tells him to try and touch her. He makes a tiny grab at her finger but Nazli tells him thats not touching, neither is it when he slaps her arm. She closes her eyes and Ali traces her face with his hand but not quite touching. Nazli opens her eyes and Ali jumps back saying she tricked him, he runs back to his flat and is mad with his own hand as he couldn’t touch Nazli.

Can confronts Ferman in the hospital telling him his mum should go home. Ferman doesn’t handle his outburst well and Aeclya has to calm Can down.

In his room Ferman is looking at a photograph. He is interrupted by Acelya who tells him Cans mother wants to speak with him. He says that he knows what she will ask but doesn’t know the answer. Acelya leaves and Ferman gets a call from Adil to meet him on the roof.

Ferman goes and Adil talks with him about Beliz. He tells him that she opened up one of her greatest fears but Ferman doesn’t do the same for her. He hides things and doesn’t explain things to her. He tells him to talk to her. Adil then rings Beliz and leaves a message for her to talk with Ferman. Selvi overhears Adil on the phone and tells him she agrees that its difficult to find someone to love who loves you back.

Ferman speaks with Can’s mum. He talks to her like he has had this same experience. He tells her the best thing for Can if she loves him is to let him go, even if its hard its the best thimg to do.

Kivilcim isnt happy as she has called all the donator’s of the hospital and still Beliz has a lot of support. So she has decided to through a donator’s party, something that Beliz would not do. Kivilcim tells Tanju it must be kept secret until the last minute.

Leaving the hospital, Ali is confronted by the brother in laws of Selen. They accuse Ali of kissing her. Ali tries to explain she kissed him but they start to attack him on the floor. Ferman is leaving and sees what is happening he realises that its Ali who is being attacked. He runs towards him and saves Ali from them.

Ali is watching Ferman and is remembering when his brother did the same thing for him when he was a boy. Ferman asks Ali if he is ok. Ali says ” Brother ” ” my brother saved me too ” Ferman is reduced to tears and tells Ali to come with him.

As he puts Ali in his car and his bike in the back we see Beliz is watching, as Ferman drives off Beliz also leaves in her car. It soon gets around the staff what has happened and they are all concerned.

Ferman takes Ali to a home. Inside he leads him upstairs to a room where a girl is sat in her wheelchair. As Ferman says hello to her she says ” Brother “. He hugs her as Ali watches from the door. She wants to go home with him but Ferman tells her no. He walks out to the balcony and Ali follows.

Ferman tells him that she has Cerebal Palsy. Ali asks of she has had it from birth. Ferman says it was his fault. He sobs and Ali reaches his hand to his shoulder. He then envelops Ferman in a hug. Ferman is shocked but he hugs Ali back.

We see that Beliz has followed them to the home and stands at the door watching and appears to be touched that Ali has hugged Ferman. She the notices the young girl sat in the wheelchair…

The last 30 minutes of this episode were amazing. Such fantastic acting from Taner ( Ali ) and Onur ( Ferman ). I think must people would have had a tear seeing Ali break his fear of touching to give Ferman a much needed hug. He didnt pull away quickly too. I was hoping that Ferman would be the person that Ali touched.

Obviously Beliz probably realises now about what Ferman hasn’t told her. I have mixed feelings about her. They dont seem suited and at the start of the series we saw that Nazli was attracted to him and I had hoped thats where things might lead. However for the past 10 episode or so there as been no more talk of Nazli and Ferman.

This series is so good. There is no wonder it breaks records with its ratings. A fabulous cast and some wonderful acting.

Written by: Rachel Labidi



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