Welcome to the summary for episode 12. Last weeks episode once again had great ratings. As always I write my summaries as I watch the episode, so any thoughts or comments I have done are as it unfolds.

This week starts as news comes through the hearing and decision will take place regarding whether Nazli was at fault when she inserted the breathing tube wrongly at the scene of an accident, after which the patient died due to lack of oxygen. Beliz is scared as the hospital isnt in great financial shape and they could also be fined if Nazli loses her licence. She is also happy after opening up to Ferman that she wants to have a baby and confides in Adil.

Ali, Tanju and Demir’s first patient is a girl who is unable to smile and show facial expressions. There is a procedure they can do by moving muscles from her legs into her face and then by stimulating the muscles she can learn to smile. Ali isnt happy saying the surgery isnt medically necessary and does have its dangers. Also her father is really struggling to pay for the treatment but he insists he will. The girl refuses the operation saying she knows her father cant afford it.

Ferman and Nazli’s patient is a single father of twins. He has taken quite a lot of medication and is complaining of stomach pain. They do an ultra sound scan and see that its his appendix. They rush him to surgery where they remove it. However later the bed sheets are stained with bile and they realise that all the medication he has taken has affected his stomach and bowel the only option for him is to have a colostomy bag fitted.

Gunes is called into the investigation to speak with the board. He was also at the car accident assisting Nazli. They ask him if he observed the patients sats ( oxygen in the blood ) like nurse should be doing. Gunes had to admit he wasnt. The board tell him that he too is now under investigation. Meanwhile outside Beliz is in a mini van she calls Ferman to go to her as she is having a panic attack worried about the financial situation of the hospital she owns. He calms her down.

Ferman feels for Nazli and what she is going through. Later he speaks with Adil alone. He comes up with the idea that a piece of equipment that Nazli should have used to help her wasnt on the ambulance. If it wasn’t on then Nazli would be ok but the hospital would be in trouble and have a severe financial penalty. He is torn. Help his student and ruin his lovers hospital. Or risk Nazli losing her practicing licence.

Aysel has the idea to take Ali to the Black Friday sales to get a present for Nazli to cheer her up. Aysel pretends to faint to get access to the store before the other members of the public ensuring they get the best deal. Ali buys a music system that he had Nazli had talked about. At home he puts it on loud. Nazli comes to see whats happening. She is pleased with the present but is still too concerned about what will happen in the meeting.

The girl has had the operation to help make her smile. It was successful in surgery but she isnt waking up from the anesthetic. They fear that she may have had some type of trauma and that she is brain dead. Her dad is distraught blaming himself.

Nazli gets the call to go into the meeting to be questioned. On the way Ferman stops her and takes her to a room. He tells her to say that the piece of equipment was missing from the ambulance. Nazli straight away realises that this will get the hospital into trouble and especially Beliz. He tells her to go and do it. As she is leaving she realises a way that they can help the gentleman not to have a colostomy bag fitted. Ferman cant believe she is thinking about other patients when she is about to go to a meeting about her future career. As she is about to enter the room Adil is there waiting outside for support she tells him what Ferman advised her to do but she is still unsure.

In the meeting Nazli tells them the events of what happened which they say matches with what the other witnesses say. They also ask her why she didn’t use the equipment from the ambulance that could have helped her insert the tube. She becomes nervous and doesn’t know what to say. At this point Ali comes running into the room followed by a stressed looking Adil trying to stop him.

Ali tells the board about all the good things Nazli has done for patients. He also tells them how she was the only one to help him when he arrived. How she did things for him. He even let her rest her head on his shoulder, which Adil looked shocked but pleased about. They thank Ali for his input and he and Adil leave the room. Again Nazli is asked why she didn’t use the equipment.

After the meeting Nazli sees Ferman and tells him she did not say anything about the equipment so the hospital wont be in trouble. Ferman is concerned for her but also appears proud that Nazli would choose not to bring harm to the hospital.

While waiting for the outcome Nazli and Ferman operate on the mans stomach it is a success and Nazli arranges for his twin daughters to come and see him.

Beliz has the decision regarding Nazli. Gunes, Nazli, Ferman, Adil, Kivilcim and Beliz are in the room. Beliz tells Gunes he has just been given a warning. Nazli has a mark against her file and if she ever does anything similar again she will lose her licence to practice. Also the hospital will not get into trouble.

Ali arrives home and can hear loud music coming from Nazli’s. He goes upstairs and she tells him she is staying. Ali is so happy. Nazli then puts a dance video on the computer and she gets Ali to dance.

Ferman tells Beliz he wants to talk to her in his room. Beliz is excited she thinks Ferman will propose to her after she opened up to him and said she wanted a baby. She sees Adil on her way and tells him too but Adil’s face shows he probably knows the reason he wants to talk.

In his office Ferman is nervous as Beliz arrives. She thinks he is nervous to ask her. He tells her he chose Nazli over her. He then explains what he told Nazli to do. Even though she didn’t say anything he wanted Beliz to know, he also says its his student and he would do it again if needed. Beliz is devastated and leaves. Ferman is left on his own.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi




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