Welcome to the summary for episode 11. Last weeks episode once again had great ratings. As always I write my summaries as I watch the episode, so any thoughts or comments I have done are as it unfolds.

Ali arrives at work. Standing outside he makes sure he has his plastic scalpel with him for courage and also that his hair is neat. He comes across Nazli and looks like he is about to tell her something when the boss from the labs appears and tells him its time to go to the labs.

Ferman goes to see Adil. He asks how Ali is doing but before he replies Nazli also knocks and opens the door trapping Ferman behind it. She too asks how Ali is. Then proceeds to tell Adil that Ferman cares for Ali even though he says different. Adil is loving this watching her talk about Ferman while Ferman is listening. Adil tells them both to stay away from Ali and let him manage on his own. Ferman isn’t too offended with Nazli but she is embarrassed he heard her.

A friend of Beliz is in the hospital with her young baby. It had a head injury that was sorted and they are waiting to go home. They need to do one last test first. In the pathology lab they see on the scan that there is bleeding at each side of the baby’s brain. Its suggested to Ali that the baby has been shuck with some force to do this. Ali goes upstairs and walks in the room as the mum is a little aggressive towards Selvi.

Kivilcim has brought a patient to the hospital. Its a complicate case and she has done this so that the hospital can get recognition. Galip has a huge tumor that is connected to the base of his spine but has progressed to his stomach. It weighs 50kg but Tanju and Ferman are going to remove it. After the scans it shows the tumor has grown massively and the blood vessels supplying the tumor are large. Ferman explains that they haven’t got enough time to remove the tumor before Galip dies through blood loss. Galip begs them to do the operation.

All the signs and tests point to the baby being harmed. Beliz takes the decision to involve the social services and the police. Ali meanwhile has done some tests he gets the results and is astonished what he finds. The injury to the babies brain were done some weeks before, the same time as the baby was delivered with a suction cup. This is what is thought to have caused the damage.

In theatre Tanju, Ferman, Demir and Nazli are removing the large tumor from Galip. Halfway through they have to stop as there is a danger of excessive bleeding that would kill him. Ferman just wants to remove what they have already cut away and sew him back up with the remainder of the tumor inside. Tanju tells Nazli to call Ali as he has the knowledge of the circulatory system. Ferman at first says no then agrees.

Nazli runs to get Ali, he is so happy Ferman has called him to theatre. He takes a look and says that they can clamp the main artery to stop bleeding but could release the clamp every so often to maintain blood supply to vital organs. Everyone is so pleased, then Ferman tells Ali thank you and to leave. Poor Ali is devastated as he slowly backs out of theatre.

As Ali makes his way to inform the babies mum the social services and police are there wanting to take the baby away. Ali tries to stop them all shouting and arguing telling them it will scare the baby. No one listens, so Ali sets off the fire alarm. While everyone is momentarily stunned her ushers the mum and baby into the room and locks the door behind them. He knows that she is hiding something and its not harming her baby. Ali tells her that the secret she is keeping is that she still loves her ex-husband. He talks with her and she is astounded that Ali could know this.

Ferman arrives and tells Ali to open the door. He does and Sebnem tells Beliz and Ferman the real secret she has been keeping. Everyone thought she was too good for her husband but she loves him no matter what. Ferman is impressed that Ali understood the ladies feelings. He speaks with Adil who is also pleased and its a sign that Ali is growing up.

Ferman asks Ali to go to his office. Ali tells him that he admires him and wants to be like him. Ferman is moved by Ali’s speech. He tells him that he can move back to the surgical team. Ali is stood there shocked. Ferman repeats it and Ali is so excited running around the office. Ferman smiles as Ali rushes out of the door.

He runs everywhere telling people hes back on the surgical team. He comes across Nazli, Demir, Gunes and Selvi. they are all so happy to hear he is returning. They all decide to go celebrate. Selvi tells Adil and invites him to the celebration but he is little disappointed that Ali didn’t come to tell him first. Ali arrives at his office and says he understands why Adil backed away from him. Adil agrees to go out with them.

After the days events with her friend Beliz takes her friends advice, to open up more with Ferman. She tells him that she loves him and that she wants to have a baby together. Ferman says he loves her too.

Demir had arranged a romantic night for Gunes to take out Gulin the restaurant has been booked out just for the two of them. That is until the whole gang show up. Gunes is a little disappointed until they tell him why they are celebrating. They all eat and even manage to get Ali up to dance a little. Outside later Nazli and Ali sit together, Nazli leans her head on Ali’s shoulder he doesn’t move away but at first he is very tense about it, but we gradually see he relaxes and is happy.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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