Welcome to the summary for episode 10. Last weeks episode once again had great ratings. As always I write my summaries as I watch the episode, so any thoughts or comments I have done are as it unfolds.

Ferman has moved Ali to the Pathology Department. Adil sadly agrees with the decision. Ali arrives and is soon descended on by Duygu who is excited that Ali will be working with her. Nazli hearing that Ali has been transferred is upset. She sneaks to the path labs to see him. Its like Ali is a trapped animal in a cage and talks to Nazli through the window. She tells him that they will think of something to get him out of there.

People seem to be making visits to the pathology labs that dont usually go there.. Ferman takeshis own tests to get reults which he never does, all the time watching Ali. Beiz also walks past and looks at Ali. Adil also comes to the klab. He watches Ali who just sits at a table with his head resting on his hand looking at his plastic scalpel. Adil is concerned. He gives Duygu some snacks and asks her to make it look like she brought them. He stands at the window watching Ali.

Ferman and Nazli’s patient is a lady who’s hands became numb. They do an MRI and discover that she ha a brain tumour. Ferman doesnt think there is anything that they can do. Nazli has a dig at him by saying he shouldnt have sent Ali away. Ferman asks Nazli if she thinks he has just thrown Ali and forgotton about him.

Nazli goes again to the labs. Duygu seems a little fed up of these people keep coming to the labs. Nazli tells Ali to talk with Ferman she is sure he will take him back. Ali wont so Nazli tells him about the case of the lady with the brain tumour, she tells him to go see what he can do.

Demir comes across Selim. He is being held down by numerous people who think he is aggressive. Demir recognises the boy has autism. He quickly takes over and manages to calm him down. He needs stitches in his head which Demir does. Demir tells the staff he did research on autism because of Ali. Later Selim again is agitated. Acelya comes in the room and she wraps Selim in sheets to make him feel secure. This calms him and she tells Demir she researched this after Ali was agitated. Demir and Aceyla approach Tanju and ask him if Ali could help with Selim to calm him but he says no.

Ali has done tests on the lady with the numb hands and thinks its not a brain tumour. He has been told he cannot communicate with patients and Ferman still wont ask for his help. So Ali sneaks in the woman’s room and looks in her bag and finds ant-acid tablets. Ferman catches him. Ali explains that the woman ate seafood and normally any parasites from it are digested by stomach acid. This lady was taking anti acid tablets so the parasites from the seafood weren’t killed causing the symptoms she had. Ferman is impressed but tells Ali he must go back to Pathology while they do a test. Poor Ali is sad as he walks out of the room.

Selim is ill and Tanju wants to do keyhole surgery to look whats happening. An MRI cant do this as Selim wouldn’t stay still long enough. As they try to insert a canular Selim gets really agitated and is recounting numbers. Everyone tries to calm him. Tanju tells Demir and Acelya to fetch Ali.

Ali arrives and watches as Selim counts out loud random numbers and thrashes about not wanting to be touched. Ali realises that the numbers are the amount of steps from the ambulance to the front door, the door to the lift, the lift to the room etc. Ali tells Selim this and he starts to calm down. Ali assures him that he too is afraid of change, he really pacify s him. Ali also tells Tanju there is no need for surgery he knows whats wrong with Selim. Outside Tanju thanks Ali and sends him to pathology. Ali is sad but Tanju tells him thats where Ferman sent him. Selims parents are sad for him too.

Selim requests that Ali does his surgery. Tanju is happy to do that and goes to Ali to let him know. Ali is so excited. Tanju meets Adil and tells him the good news. However Adil seems to think that actually maybe its better for Ali not to do the surgery. Hes now growing up and should learn lifes lessons.

Ali all excited goes to theatre gets his scrubs on but cant find where Selims surgery is happening. He is told that Selim had a medical emergency and that they have already tooh him to theatre. Ali is devastated. He goes between viewing rooms watching Tanju operate and Ferman and Adil operate on the lady that has a parasite in her brain. He learns that it was actually Adil that stopped him going into surgery.

Ali asks Adil why and is told that he has grown up now and needs to pave his own way with his own choices. It is hurting Adil saying this but he is doing it for Ali’s sake. Ali chooses not to give Adil a hug and walks away.

Ali cycles to the hospital late at night to visit Selim. Selim thanks Ali but Ali told him he didnt do surgery. Selim tells Ali that he will be the best doctor ever.

Also this week. Kivilcim is still up to her tricks. She now wants to work with Beliz to bring the hospital up to a good standard and then tells Tanju that she will take it all away from her.

Ali tells Demir that he can tell with his pupils that he has feelings for Acelya. ( when you look at someone you are attracted to your pupil size increases ). They are supposed to go to a concert but Tanju wants Acelya to work. Demir is sad but says Nazli can go instead. Obviously Acelya isnt happy. But later Demir comes to work too to help her instead of going to the concert.

This weeks was a very good episode. The scene between Ali and Selim where he calms him down was done very well. I know Taner researched Autism and Savants syndrome extensively for his role. We also saw a nice side to Tanju, hopefully he will forget Kivilcim and her scheming and leave her to it.

WRITTEN BY: Rachel Labidi



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