Welcome to the summaries for a brand new series that has started on Fox Turkiye. The medical drama is based around the American hit TV series The Good Doctor.

In the weekly summaries, I will endeavour to explain some of the more complex medical terms. I hope that the series has some good medical advice to make the series authentic which sometimes has been lacking in the past. I would sit and take more notice of what they were doing wrong rather than enjoying the show. The cast are excellent, Reha Ozcan, Taner Olmez, Hazal Turesan, Onur Tuna, Murat Aygen are all experienced, talented actors. It has all the ingredients to be a good dizi.

To start I must say I love the opening titles, very well put together.

The opening scene of the series is Ali laid in bed and wakes seconds before his alarm clock. He has a very precise routine. We see he has a chart to follow and obviously routine is important. He is packing his clothes and takes a photograph too. He has a plastic scalpel that is wrapped in a cloth that he puts in his trouser pocket.

Walking along the train tracks Ali has a flashback to when he was young around seven years old. He is being bullied by a group of boys as he doesnt talk. He has a white rabbit in a cage with him that he protects. His brother arrives and fights the boys off, they run away leaving Ahmet to console his younger brother. That evening at home we can see that Ali’s father has a real issue with his son’s condition. He gets frustrated and violent that his son won’t talk. He throws the rabbit in its cage against the wall.

Ali takes the rabbit to the local hospital, there Dr Adil examines it and tells Ali it has died. He tells Ali that if he could have treated him before he went to heaven then he could have saved him.

We come back to the future where Ali is sat with the plastic scalpel in his hand as he remembers. The outside noises of the world ( cars honking etc) really affects him. He gets on a bus heading to the airport.

At the hospital in Istanbul conversation is about who will be the new trainee surgeon. Nazli and Demir are the only two at the minute and are very busy. They only know that Dr Adil recommended the new assistant.

Ali lands at Istanbul airport. Once again his sensors are overwhelmed with all the sights and sounds around him. Two men are hanging a sign when it drops, shattering and impaling a young boy with the shards. His artery in his neck has been cut, a doctor who is in the airport commences first aid. Ali comes forward and tells the doctor he is applying pressure in the wrong place, this is a child and the pressure needs to be a little higher. Ali steps forward and shows him where to place the pressure and the boy takes a gasp of breath.

Ali also finds a shard in the boy’s stomach, confidently he tells the crowd not to worry he can deal with it. He tells them he is Ali Vefa, a trainee surgeon at the hospital. He discovers that the boy has a collapsed lung. Ali grabs a knife and returns with a bottle half full of fluid and a pipe. He cuts open the boy’s chest and inserts the tube releasing the air so the lung re-inflates. All this has been caught by someone on their phone and streamed on social media.

At the hospital, there is a board meeting where Dr Adil is explaining about Ali and his condition. He is trying to get them to approve his internship at the hospital. He tells them at seven years old Ali knew all the organs of the body, how they worked and the surrounding anatomy by reading journals and he remembered everything. He could also draw them all too. Dr Adil goes on to explain that Ali not only has autism but he also has Savants Syndrome which means he has exceptional talents in a particular field and his brain has multifunctional intelligence. Beliz ( the hospital manager and owner ) is impressed but the head of the surgical department Dr Tanju isn’t and says that Ali’s condition is too much. They vote and all on the board vote against Ali apart from Beliz and Dr Adil.

At the hospital, Ali is banned from going inside as no one knows who he is. Nazli is caring for a baby and succeeds in talking round Ferman to help the child. It’s obvious that Nazli has feelings for him, but even though Ferman appears kinder to her than his other trainees we don’t know yet if the feelings are mutual.

In surgery Ferman is operating on the boy from the airport, he is impressed with the makeshift valve that Ali made. He says that whoever did the care for the boy did a good job. Ali is trying to sneak back in the hospital but is ejected again until it becomes clear who he is and the internet video surfaces of him. Ferman speaks with Ali and finds out this is his new intern.

Nazli is thrown out of the theatre by Ferman and is upset. When she is outside she comes across Ali… he gives her an idea how to save the baby, she rushes back in but Ferman has already done it. He praises her for thinking of it. Later Nazli takes Ali to Ferman’s office and tells him the idea in surgery was Ali’s. Ferman tells him the only thing he can teach him is not to be a surgeon. Ferman for some reason appears to be trying to distance Ali from himself.

Ali is called to the boardroom. He tells them in the way only Ali can straight forward and factual why he wants to be a doctor, and about the death of his brother. He wants to buy a new bike as Istanbul is busy. Once again all the time he is holding his plastic scalpel, it seems to comfort him. The board are moved by his honest speech. Ali is made an assistant in the hospital.

Ali is introduced to the other assistants working under Dr Ferman. Ferman is not impressed that Ali will be staying. Adil tells Ferman to look after Ali, help him, teach him like an older brother, Ferman just shakes his head and walks away.

Adil gives Ali the confidence to go into theatre and watch Ferman operate. Ali is very hesitant and hovers outside the door, Ferman calls him in and tells him he has not to touch anything in the hospital, not to get involved. Ali stands in the corner looking like a frightened puppy. Ferman looks at him, obviously, there is something there that bothers Ferman.

Nazli wants to be friends with Ali, but socially he doesnt know how to cope with this. She apologises for anything she has said and asks for them to start again. She shakes hands and Ali doesnt like contact but she makes sure she holds his hand.

Dr Tanju has a rethink about Ali, it bothers him that Ferman isn’t letting Ali do anything. He tells Ferman Ali must be able to do everything else the assistants can do. Ferman takes this literally. There is a big emergency, busy with lots of patients, noises etc, knowing that this will be bad for Ali he sends him to the middle of it. The episode ends with Ali looking lost and bewildered. The head nurse calls him over, the patient needs to be intubated ( breathing tube inserted ) but Ali just stands there looking lost as the patient flatlines.

The first impressions of the series are good. The medical details are accurate and the actors are doing a great job too. You get a hint that there are a few storylines bubbling away for the future. Nazli and Ferman could be one of them but Beliz is going to be a problem. Demir obviously likes Nazli and nurse Acelya I feel may be against Ali too.

If the series carries on for lets say 80 episodes as some do my worry is that we need the content just as good at episode 80 as we do in episode 1 which will be difficult with a medical-based drama.

Written by: Rachel Labidi



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