Born January 10th 1981

Mert was born in Ankara, Turkey. He has a famous Father the Arabesque singer Nihat Firat. After he finished High school his study turned towards the theatre. He graduated from the theatre department of Ankara University and then also went to do a masters in Film and Drama at Kadir Has University. After Uni he went to Sweden where he worked as a waiter but also studied radio and Television. On returning to Turkey he did theatre work acting in plays. In 2006 he moved to Istanbul and it was here he was spotted and got his first film and TV work. He has written four screenplays, acted in 14 movies including the 2014 hit film The Water Diviner starring alongside the Australian actor Russell Crow.

He has appeared in nine TV series to date. including, Ufak Tefek Cinayetler, Intikam and Binber Gece.
He founded two theatres in Istanbul and also one in Bursa. He is also an accomplished screenwriter and for this and his acting he has won several awards.He was chosen to be the Goodwill Ambassador for The United Nations Development program in Turkey.

When asked in an interview what is something about you that will surprise your fans?..his answer was ” I can make Borek ” His favourite actors are Morgan Freeman ( I totally agree with that one ) , Katherine Hepburn and Tom Hanks

Mert is currently single at the age of 37…he has said in a recent interview he wouldn’t hit the marriage table until after he is 40. .

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Written By : Rachel Labidi


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