Age: 27
Status: Single

Meriç Aral was born on November 17th 1990 in Istanbul, Turkey. She has a younger sister who she is very close to. She comes from a family of lawyers. Meriç studied law and literature and graduated from the Faculty of Law at Istanbul Bilgi University. After she graduated instead of pursuing a career in law, she worked as a film assistant with newly filmmakers. Meriç enjoyed theater and film production. She ended up studying acting and was in theater classes and workshops.

Her first acting experience was in 2012 in the series Sultan. She acted alongside Nurgül Yesilçay. Meriç continued studying acting and in 2013 she landed a role in the popular series Medcezir (2013-2015) which is very similar to the American show The O.C. Meriç played the role of ‘Hale’. She acted alongside Çağatay Ulusoy, Serenay Sarıkaya and Hazar Ergüçlü. The role opened lots of doors for her, it gave her different opportunities. Meriç acted in several films and series. I do not think she has ever taken a year off. Ever since her acting career began in 2012 she has done a project every year. Meriç become a well-known actress for playing a main character the role of ‘Ece’ in the drama series Yüksek Sosyete (2016). Such a great series. I really liked her in that series. Her acting career kicked off successfully since then. In 2016 she played a leading role in the romantic-comedy film Hesapta Aşk.

Meriç Aral got more recognition as the great actress that she is, in 2017 when she started playing a leading role the character of ‘Eylem’ in SÖZ. I love her in SÖZ. Her character is great. Her acting has definitely improved over the years. She is currently still acting in SÖZ, season 3 will start in September. In 2017 she also played the character of ‘Filiz’ in the action film Cingöz Recai. Meriç acted alongside Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, Meryem Uzerli and Boran Kuzum. For her current role in SÖZ, Meriç has been nominated twice for awards.

This summer she is filming a leading role alongside Çağlar Ertuğrul for the film Yanımda Kal. The film will be released later this year (2018) or next year. It is expected she will take a vacation after the filming for the film ends before SÖZ season 3 filming begins in August. Meriç was in a relationship with Berkan Özyer for a few years. They met when they were both in university. They broke up in the summer of 2017.

Meriç Aral is very close friends with her SÖZ co-stars actors Aytaç Şaşmaz and Eren Vurdem. She is also good friends with her on-screen partner Burak Sevinç. Meriç is a close friend to actress Hazar Ergüçlü. Meriç and Hazar acted together in two series, in Medcezir (2013-2015) and in Yüksek Sosyete (2016).

Other than in SÖZ Aybüke Pusat, Nihat Altinkaya and Meriç Aral acted in the same series before in Medcezir. Nihat Altinkaya also acted in the same series as Meriç in 2016 in Yüksek Sosyete. Meriç has a cat and a dog. She also dances and sings. Her hobbies include reading books and fitness.

Meriç Aral is a great actress. She has the talent and has the potential to get better and better. She has a very bubbly personality and a great sense of humor. She has a unique special style, she enjoys wearing vintage clothes. Meriç is very active on social media, she uses Twitter and Instagram.


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Written By : Raghad A.K


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