Born September 20th 1959

Meral was born in Ankara, she has one older sibling. Her father was a military judge. During her childhood she moved around Turkey a lot due to her fathers profession. After completing high school she started to work for the Turkish Grain board. In the 1980’s she was a member of the socialist Workers Party of Turkey, and was the Union spokesperson at the place where she worked. Later in her career she acted these days in the film Beynelmilel as well as being the production co-ordinator. In 1983 she moved to Istanbul and entered into the publishing profession.

In 1984 she married stage actor Yaman Okay, he then introduced her to the acting world. Her first acting role was in the film Seni Seviyorum Rosa in 1992.  She only acted in two TV series, the one I loved was Bir Bulut Olsam where she worked with Engin Altan Duzyatan and Engin Akyurek.

Meral was best known as a screen writer and was very successful. She wrote two films plus the series Bir Bulut Olsam which I highly recommend to watch, and the massive success Magnificent Century. She was also a prolific song writer too having a number of hits from her work.

Her husband died in 1993 at the age of 41 , and very sadly Meral also passed away on April 9th 2012 at the age of 52 from lung cancer.

Meral is my favourite actress, only ever appearing in 5 series/movies she made her mark and was outstanding. Sadly her life was cut short but she has left us with some wonderful memories of her and her amazing work.

May god bless her soul, Rest in Peace.

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Written By : Rachel Labidi


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