Born May 8th 1975

Memo as he likes to be called was born in Istanbul. He has a sister called Zeynep who is a ballet choreographer. From being four years old he loved sport, played tennis and and loved to swim. At the age of seven he was in some TV commercials and at nine years old he had a part in a TV mini series.

He attended the Italian High School then went to the University of Marmara were he did a degree in advertising, but this never really worked out. He played in a music group, worked in a restaurant for four years and didnt start acting until he was 25. He did commercials for Coca Cola and Mavi, and appeared in many fashion catalogue shoots, he says that modelling is harder than acting.

He has appeared in 18 films, one of which was the American film Fall Down Dead where he said he learned valuable experience working alongside actors David Carradine, Udo Kier, and Dominique Swain he has also has done 11 TV series, the most famous was the role of Sehzade Mustafa in Magnificent Century. Recently he played the character of Deniz in both Fi and Fi Ci.

In 2006 he married an Italian documentary maker Caterina and they have three children. He can speak Italian , French and English. In an interview with Vogue magazine he said he would love to move to a beach in Asia with his family, he also said he ” would love for the Turkish people to live in freedom and Turkey to become secular and a just free country “. I have only watched Memo in Magnificent Century, but I will look out for future work too.

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Written By : Rachel Labidi


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