After last weeks episode, I’m hoping that this one continues to the same high standard.

So Dila and Kuzgun were married. Even though she could have stopped the wedding she saw it through and we now know the reason why. She is working for the police. She glances at the certificate and is probably thinking this is what she always wanted, to be married to Kuzgun. However not under these circumstances.

Leaving the ceremony Kuzgun gets a call from Cihan telling him that Ali was freed and Kartal was there. Kuzgun is furious and goes straight to Kartal at home. Kartal explains Ali helped him after Meryem burned the insurance money, he was just trying to help Ali when he saw him being taken. Kuzgun warns him to stay away from Ali.

As we know Kartal killed Teo in the shootout at the warehouse. His body has been returned to Bora. Ali tells him it was Cihan that killed Teo. He doesnt tell him it was Kartal. Bora is left alone with Teo’s body. We see some real emotion from Bora. Teo getting killed has really affected him. He asked some of the men who were at the warehouse what happened. They didn’t see. Bora sends his men to get Cihan. He wants to send Kuzgun a message.

Dila meets with her police contact. She tells Dila that she must make everyone believe she loves her husband. She wants her to have a big wedding, invite family and friends, even Behram to the ceremony. She tells Dila to do this and she will sort the rest. She promises Dila they will take down Kuzgun, Behram and the rest. Kuzgun tells Fusun that he is married. He wants to send her away but she doesnt want to go.

Dila visits her Dad in prison. She tells him she has married Kuzgun. Straight away he says that it was a plan from Behram. Dila denies this saying that she loves Kuzgun. Her Dad disowns her saying that Kuzgun has won, he has taken the most precious thing from him.

Returning to the warehouse, Kuzgun finds Cihan with a rope around his neck in a precarious situation. Bora appears with his men. He tells Kuzgun the deal is over. Cihan has killed his man, Teo. Kuzgun informs him that Dila is now his wife. A stunned Bora says he will kill all of Kuzgun’s family, including Dila.

 Dila sits with the family and tells them that she has married Kuzgun. Ali thinks its a joke at first. Sermin like Rifat asks if this is from Behram. Dila tells her that she loves Kuzgun. He arrives in the middle of it. Ali is furious and goes to get a gun. He points it at Kuzgun’s head. Dila tells him if he kills Kuzgun it’s like he is killing her. He lowers the gun, Dila and Kuzgun leave. Sermin tells Ali they need to be patient, maybe Dila was forced into this to protect them. Meanwhile downstairs, Dila tells Kuzgun while she was trying to save him he did all this to her.

Later Ali meets with Bora. He tells Ali that Behram did threaten Dila with Ali to get her to marry Kuzgun. Ali says she doesnt mind marrying Kuzgun. Ali wants to know exactly why Behram wants to save Kuzgun so much?

Ali speaks with Fusun and tells her it was all Dila’s fault that her brother was killed. And now Kuzgun has married her. Fusun doesnt believe him but she asks Kuzgun as he takes her to the station. After speaking with him she isn’t sure, she lets Kuzgun think she has left but calls Ali and says she will stay a few more days in Istanbul.

Dila is making plans for the wedding party. She asks Kuzgun if he wants to invite anyone he says no. Boar has told Sermin to invite Kuzguns family to the wedding. Sermin goes to visit Meryem and tells her about the marriage. Meryem is shocked but still remembers to make Sermin take her shoes off when entering the house. She gives Meryem an invitation to the wedding and says that she hopes this wedding will bring the families together. Meanwhile, Kumru learns of the marriage while at work for the newspaper and Kartal is informed by Ali.

At the wedding, Kuzgun goes to the room to collect Dila. When he sees her he is mesmerised. They go downstairs and dance. It’s obvious that there is still an attraction between them. Meryem. Kartal and Kumru arrive. Kuzgun isn’t happy, he knows they were invited to show everyone he has a weakness. One of the men at the table with Bora gets news his company has been raided. Bora blames Kuzgun for reporting it to the police. It was the police that actually did it. Meanwhile, Kumru sneaked into Ali’s office and placed a listening device on his desk.

After the wedding, Dila and Kuzgun are preparing to sleep in separate roome=s when Sermin arrives with champagne. They have to act like a real couple and go to the bedroom together. Dila cannot unzip her dress, so we have the tense moment of Kuzgun helping her. As she goes to the bathroom a phone rings, Kuzgun realises that its a second phone that Dila has. In the bathroom, Dila knows she has made a big mistake. Kusgun isn’t stupid. Dila quietly peeps out of the bathroom and sees Kuzgun getting changed. She sees the names carved on his body. Including her name over his heart.

Ali meets with Fusun. He tells her not to leave and to help him bring down Kuzgun. She asks him how. He tells her he has an idea that will make Kuzgun crazy.

Kumru has sent a friend into the hospital to check out the data from Seref’s heart machine. He calls Kumru and tells her that the machine was stopped for a short period of time by someone that night. Kumru tells him to bring the paperwork and she starts to write her article on who killed Seref. Meanwhile, Kartal takes the gun which he killed Teo with and throws it in the lake…I’m sure that isn’t the actual gun that Ali gave him.

Kumru goes to Sermin with her article and has great pleasure in showing her the evidence that her brother’s machine was switched off. She immediately goes to Bora. Bora assures her he did it so that he wouldn’t suffer, He also assures her that no one is safe in that house apart from her and Naz. Later Bora gets his men together and tells them all the family will be having breakfast outside. They are to attack everyone. The only person not to touch is Dila.

Kumru goes looking for Kuzgun at his warehouse. She comes across Cihan who it looks like takes a bit of a shine to Kumru judging by his face. Kumru tells Kuzgun that she has written an article as Sermin wanted about who killed Seref. She shows him the article. Kuzgun is overwhelmed that she found the truth for him. They are both in tears and hug each other.

Kuzgun and Dila are in the bedroom. They get close and Dila opens his shirt to reveal her name on his heart. She tells him that he will fall in love with her ( I actually think he already is Dila ). Both of them are shook up after the tense encounter.

The next morning things are being prepared for breakfast outside. Sermin has called Kumru to bring something over to the house. At the table, Ali goes to fetch the new Nanny. It’s Fusun. Kuzgun is shocked. Immediately afterwards Kumru arrives. Sermin leaves the table pretending she has a call. Kuzgun spots the masked mean approaching he pushes Kumru to the floor. Ali grabs his family and runs. Dila is left standing there. She sees the gunman take aim and knows they want Kuzgun. The gunman fires and hits Dila. I think this could be a turning point when Ali realises that he needs to rely on Kuzgun for safety.

Another great episode. No worries about Dila. It was a shoulder injury. I’m pleased that Kuzgun and Kumru have made up. Dila will know that she obviously wasn’t the target of the shooting and will realise that it was Bora’s doing. Ali will be shocked when he realises his family too were targets possibly making him rely on Kuzgun. 

Good news for the series is that it will be taken to film festivals and sold internationally it has been reported. So this would mean that it won’t end soon. Like Carpisma Kuzgun does actually play better to an international audience rather than a Turkish one. This is good news for us that Turkey is willing to sell the rights of this type of series around the world even if its ratings in Turkey aren’t great. Obviously, they are starting to realise just how much interest there is around the world, and we aren’t just interested in the big older shows like Magnificent Century.

You can watch the episodes live every Wednesday night at 8 pm Turkish time on StarTV

Written By – Rachel Labidi



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