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Last weeks episode saw Dila in her father’s office with Kuzgun and Bora. She tells them both that she will be taking over her father’s business and that Kuzgun won’t be involved with the seed business anymore. Ali will take his place alongside Bora. Kuzgun tells her that Behram actually wants Kuzgun to be in the business but Dila says then Behram will have to decide as she won’t have Kuzgun there. She shows Kuzgun the appointment card to visit the tailor.

We get a flashback to before when Dila discovered the bomb in the basement along with a note. She talks with Ali and with Ali explaining just what her fathers business had entailed and she realises that this is serious and if she doesnt join in the shady dealings then Behram will kill her family as her father warned her. As they are talking the appointment card is delivered for Dila. Ali looks disappointed it was for her not him.

Leaving the meeting Kuzgun follows Dila. He stops her and says he had warned her not to get involved and that she won’t be able to stop him getting what he wants. Dila stands up to him and is adamant that he will not be involved in the business. After he leaves Dila is shaken. She gets a call saying that she needs to go to a meeting about her dismissal from being a lawyer. She runs into Bora and Ali. Bora his usual creepy self tells her visiting the Dervis isn’t an issue and she will be fine.

Ali goes to see his Dad in prison and tells him that Behram wants Dila to continue not him and that she has an appointment with Dervis. He tells Ali that Dila must continue with Kuzgun, Ali isn’t happy.

Dila meanwhile has gone to meet Dervis. They talk on the roof of the building. He tells her that she is still only a candidate and that Behram wants her to do the seed delivery as planned if she wants to be approved to take over from her father. Dila says she will do the delivery but refuses to work with Kuzgun. Dervis tells her if she doesnt do what Behram wants she will pay with her life. When she leaves she speaks with Ali and tells him she has something in mind about what to do with the delivery.

Ali has tipped off the police about the drugs in the cars that are parked at Kartal’s garage. They raid it and Kartal knows that the drugs are in the cars as he had seen them. The police search and clearly expect to find drugs but they don’t the cars are clean. They leave and Kartal is confused. Ali arrives soon after and tells Kartal he had the drugs removed. He also gives Kartal proof that the debt he owed for the insurance has also been paid. Ali tells him he wants to do business with Kartal and he is proving that he cares.

Meanwhile, Kumru is investigating Seref’s death with permission from Boras sister she goes to get more files about the case, she leaves to copy documents and the man calls Bora telling him that she did come for them. When she returns Kumru says she had forgotten her phone, she had left it recording to see who the man called. She finds out it was Bora and that there are more records that weren’t given to her.

Bora is talking with Dila and tells her he won’t go against Behram and will do the delivery to Kuzgun. Dila’s plan is for something to happen after it’s delivered to Kuzgun so it’s Kuzgun that’s in trouble. Meanwhile, Kuzgun has made his own plans with the help of Cihan. Kuzgun sends Dila a text asking her if she really wants to go up against him? Bora then says to Ali he has an idea of how to stop Kuzgun with the business. He makes an arrangement with Dervis to meet and says he will tell him who killed Seref and who informed police about the delivery of the drugs. getting Rifat in prison.

Cihan gets a call to tell him that all lorries that he and Kuzgun were going to use have been seized, obviously, Dila has done this. So Kuzgun and Cihan go about getting around this by making some vans into ambulances. They pay some guys to act as paramedics to drive them. Ali gets the call that the cargo was loaded onto the ships Kuzgun did it in ambulances as they don’t get stopped. He is furious as is Dila.

Dila meets with Dervis and he tells her that she will now have to wait and see the price she pays after disobeying Behram’s orders. Dila isn’t fazed and tells him to pass the message that she will not deal with Kuzgun in the business. Meanwhile, Bora is going to meet Behram he is collected by two guys and blindfolded.

Kuzgun has gone to see Dervis and says he needs to talk to Behram. The young boy enters with coffee for Dervis and hands Kuzgun an envelope with Behram’s seal on it. It says ” Either kill Dila or marry her “. Kuzgun tells Dervis he doesnt kill people for nothing and he won’t marry the daughter of his enemy.

Bora is taken to a secluded forest. He meets with a man who he thinks is Behram. He tells him that he wants Rifat’s safety in prison guaranteed and that the man who killed Seref and put Rifat in prison was Kuzgun. ‘ Behram’ replies he already knew that and Kuzgun is also a candidate for a place in the business but he has to complete his test first. He also told Bora that Dila is responsible for her father’s safety and her family so she needs to learn to obey his orders first. When he leaves the fake Behram reports back to the real Behram that it’s done.

Dila clears out her lawyer’s office and asks her assistant Selcuk if he wants to work with her at home he agrees. Leaving the office Kuzgun is waiting to talk with her, He notices a black car approaching and gets Dila in the car, the men start shooting and Kuzgun gets them away. He stops the car and Dila is in shock he tells her this is what can happen to her but Dila is still adamant she will not do business with him and she drives off. Round the corner, she stops the car still in shock and remembers her Dads words that they would kill him, her and all the family just for show. Also, the words from Dervis that she will pay for her disobedience with her and her families lives.

Kuzgun goes to see Dervis. Dervis tells him Dila was lucky she will be killed. Kuzgun asks him not to kill her and he will do what Behram wants. Dervis tells him don’t be long.

Kuzgun goes to see Dila he tells her they will get married and that they will be married soon and she will see how in a couple of hours. As he leaves Bora arrives, Dila tells him what Kuzgun says, she is wondering how Kuzgun will persuade her. Ali returning home is stopped by Cihan and some guys they get him out of the car at gunpoint, they take him away all which is being watched by Kartal who has come to talk with Ali. Kartal gets in a taxi and follows the cars.

Dila and Bora work out that this is Behram making Kuzgun marry Dila and that is why Ali has been taken. Bora begs her not to marry him and he will find Ali. Bora and his man go to look while Dila goes straight to Kuzgun at his home. She is furious. Kuzgun tells her its a signature on paper that is all he doesnt want to marry her. This appears to hurt Dila a little. Leaving the house Meryem shouts her and Dila tells her what is happening.

Kartal who has discovered where they are keeping Ali calls Zeki. He tells him he knows where Ali is but as he is telling him his phone dies. Zeki calls Bora to inform him and Bora gives instructions for Kartals last phone signal to be traced.

Meryem goes to Kuzgun she tells him she saw her’s and Dila’s names on his chest when he was ill. And that Dila’s name was over his heart. She begs him not to hurt her. Meryem leaves and makes Kuzgun think, he goes back inside and looks at the drawing on the wall from when Dila was a child of him and her. He goes and fetches some pain, and paints over it.

The next morning Dila goes to Kuzgun and says she accepts. They go to sign the papers. Before going in Kuzgun tells her once he has killed Behram they will divorce, until that day they can be each other’s punishment. Dila says she only wants one thing from the marriage she wants everyone to think it’s real from the outside, no one to know its a lie. Also that they will live with her family. She says it will never be a real marriage but to others, it will look that way.

Bora finds the trace for Kartals phone. He calls Dila and tells her they know where Ali is. Kuzgun checks to see if all is ok with Cihan he tells him it’s fine. Cihan tells the other guards to go for food as they will release Ali soon. Cihan goes to the bathroom, Kartal sneaks in and finds Ali, he unties him but is caught by Cihan. Ali tells him its Kuzgun’s brother. Bora’s men arrive. Cihan on his own comes under heavy fire. Kartal is given a gun. Cihan escapes but Teo is intent on killing Kartal. Ali tries to stop him but Kartal shoots Teo.

Bora calls Dila as she is entering the marriage room but she has turned off her phone, even though she was waiting for the call. The marriage goes ahead. As they leave we see a flashback. Dila was approached by a woman from the police who has been chasing Behram for years. She wants Dila to work undercover to bring down Behram and the business. She tells Dila to accept the marriage and everyone should think its real. Dila is resistant at first but the agrees.

After the ceremony, she tells Kuzgun that she will be his end.

This series is good and rapidly improving. The characters, storylines and acting are great. The scriptwriters are doing an amazing job with the twists and turns too. It’s a series I look forward to watching weekly. In the past week Ive heard that it’s ending and that it will go to another season so there has been no official word. It certainly deserves to carry on into a second season that’s for sure.

You can watch the episodes live every Wednesday night at 8 pm Turkish time on StarTV

Written By – Rachel Labidi



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