Last weeks episode ended as the police took Rifat away for smuggling drugs in his lorries. Dila is stood in the road crying…

This weeks episode picks up there. Ali and the family get in the car to go to the police station. Kuzgun goes to Dila and sort of comforts her. He then takes her to the police station. On the way she has a flashback to when Kuzgun’s dad was arrested and when she planted the package of drugs for her father. She asks him to stop the car. She is afraid to ask him if it was him.

Kartal and Kumru also get the news that Rifat has been arrested. Ali and Bora both think that Kuzgun is behind this but they need proof. Ali wants the shipment for Bora to be stored at Kartal’s shop. And Kumru is at the police station doing her job as a reporter. Kuzgun talks with her and assures her Rifat will be arrested. Meanwhile, Sermin is watching them talk.

Dila is visiting her father and asks him if Kuzgun is involved. He says either Kuzgun or Bora. Dila is surprised her Dad thinks Bora. He explains that Bora was mad that he made Kuzgun in charge of the seed business. He also tells her a man called Bayram is in charge of everything and he’s obviously left Rifat alone now. He says the only person he can trust to help get him out is Dila. He tells her he will not survive in prison and all his family including her will be killed. He says the only way to get him out is to blame it all on the drivers of the lorries. Dila very reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, Bora has seen the CCTV of a masked man entering Rifat’s office. He finds out that the card used was Dila’s. Kuzgun is meeting with his men he assigns each of them a job to ensure that nobody will stop Rifat being arrested for the crime. Dila instructs her staff to get information and also she wants to meet with the driver’s lawyers.

Kartal has taken delivery of a car into his workshop. Ali wants him to look after it. Kartal checks the car and finds it full of drugs. At dinner that evening he is very quiet. His Mum tells him that one-day Kuzgun will return but not until he is clean and away from all the trouble. She asks Kartal to keep away from Kuzgun until then knowing that they may become a target from the people Kuzgun is chasing.

Dila returns home and is confronted by Sermin. She tells her she has more rights in the home than Dila and Dila is helping Kuzgun. Dila tells her very calmly that yes she will protect the people she loves including Kuzgun, however, she ( Sermin ) is only her father’s wife, She warns her not to start a fight or she ( Dila ) will win it. The next day at the newspaper Kumru finds out that the new owner of the newspaper will be Sermin.

Kuzgun goes to Kartal and gives him the money to cover the insurance. Kartal won’t take it. He asks Kuzgun about the fire. Kuzgun tells him if he knew he was inside the garage he wouldn’t have set the fire…then Kuzgun says not because your my brother but because I don’t hurt innocent people. As he walks away he pauses, obvious that he maybe wants to say something else, but he is still struggling with his feelings for his family. At home, Kartal calls the insurance and says he has the money to pay the debt and he will call tomorrow. His Mum opens the door and sees the money. Kartal then tells her about the insurance debt and that Kuzgun gave him the money. She takes the money outside and burns it.

Kuzgun’s man has followed Dila and she is sat under the tree in the park where she and Kuzgun used to go as kids to protect their fathers. He asks her if she is ok but she wants to be alone. He drives away but circles around so he can still watch her.

The next day Rifat along with the drivers are in court. The drivers all admit they are to blame and that Rifat didn’t know anything. However, it’s presented to the judge that Dila had made a deal and met their lawyers. Also Kuzgun and spoken with their families too. All of the men including Rifat are sentenced to 10 years in prison and a 20,000 Lira fine. Dila is devastated, as is Rifat, Ali, Sermin and Bora/ Kuzgun has a nice fat smirk on his face, both Rifat and Dila see this.

After the trial, Dila is called in to see the prosecutor. He tells her that he will be reporting her to the law society for misconduct regarding the trial. Outside Kuzgun calls over Kartal and Kumru. He takes them to a man selling candy floss and tells them to eat as much as they want. We learn that the coin Kuzgun has carried with him all these years was given to him by his Dad while in prison. He said he wanted to buy his brother and sister candy floss to cheer them up but is Dad told him to wait until everything was sorted. Meryem watches in tears from a distance. Finally, we get to see some emotion from Kuzgun.

Dila leaving the court dejected is met by Bora. He tells her about the security card and that Kuzgun must have stolen it from her. He tells her that while ever she is protecting Kuzgun she cannot do right by her own family. As Bora returns to his car there is a note on the windscreen telling him to go immediately to a coffee house.

Kuzgun is visiting his Dad’s grave. He tells his Dad that finally, Rifat is behind bars and that he bought Candy floss for his children. He also tells him there is more to come its not over yet he is also going after Behram the head of the organisation who was also involved in his Dad’s death. His Mum arrives with some plants for the grave. In a touching scene, Kuzgun helps her to plant them. He leaves obviously still not certain of getting close to his family. His Mum is happy that they shared that moment together.

Bora meets Dervish at the coffee house. He gives him an envelope with a card inside. It says ” with love ” the rest is blank. He tells Bora that he needs to listen to what Behram says. Bora asks who he is and is told he will find out. Dervish also tells him there is a message on that card it needs to be put in water to reveal it. At home, he puts the note in the water, and a date appears, the date for the next seed delivery. He realises that Beyram wants him to work with Kuzgun.

Kuzgun has arrived at the factory and meets with Cihan. He was chosen by Dervis to help Kuzgun he too was taken in off the streets. Kuzgun wants the business just between the two of them to start until they know who they can trust. Meanwhile after her talk with Bora Dila remembers that she felt sleepy after her night out with Kuzgun. She goes to the club and looks at the security tapes. she sees Kuzgun put something in her drink.

Dila meets with Kuzgun at the tree. She is mad with him blaming him and saying she was so stupid for believing him and that she loved him. Kuzgun tells her it was him that did all this. Did she forget her father put his Dad in jail? He says he has nothing against her she is different from the rest of the family. He advises her to leave as he hasn’t finished yet and if she doesnt then he will bring her down too.

After being berated by Ali Dila goes outside and sees Bora, she hugs him obviously upset that everything is going wrong. She tells him she will leave as no one needs her. He tells her to stay and he promises that he will keep her father safe in jail. She asks how? He says he will find Behram and bargain with him.

Kuzgun and Bora arrive at a meeting waiting for Ali. However, it’s not li that arrives, its Dila. She informs them that she will be running her fathers business and won’t let anyone take it away from her. The battle lines are drawn. Will Kuzgun take Dila down too if it really comes to it?

You can watch the episodes live every Wednesday night at 8 pm Turkish time on StarTV

Written By – Rachel Labidi



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