We left last week where Dila was handing over the proof to the prosecutor and maybe going to say that it was Kuzgun who killed Seref. However, she had spoken with her father and he paid someone to confess and take the blame. Dila now feels that she has paid Kuzgun back. Leaving the prosecutor she is upset and gets a call from Bora but ignores it.  Meryem is back home and realises that the call Bora got before she was released was from Kuzgun. She is happy but also worried what Kuzgun is involved in.

Meanwhile, Bora is furious. He has got rid of all the men who were supposed to guard Atlas, he will make the house like a fortress and promised he will make Kuzgun suffer for what he’s done. Kuzgun meets with The Tailor who is pleased he sorted Bora with his head and not his anger. Kuzgun tells him that he will be running the seed business. The tailor looks worried.

Kartal discovers his father’s photo that Kuzgun took when he set fire to his garage, he realises that it was Kuzgun that did it. Bora meanwhile is with Rifat and is a little shocked when Kuzgun walks in and he realises that he will be his partner in the business venture. He tries to get out of it but its too late. Rifat tells Kuzgun that Dila didn’t sell him out to the prosecutor. Kuzgun makes enquiries about the card lock on the doors. He finds out that there are only 3 cards to gain access. Rifat, Ali and Dila all have one.

Meryem tells Dila that Bora kidnapped her and it was Kuzgun who got her freed. She asks Dila to do her one favour. She realises that its Kuzgun who shot Seref and asks Dila to cut all ties with Kuzgun to get him away from Bora and all the trouble. Meanwhile, Kuzgun has gone to the company to learn about the business. It’s here that Ali discovers his father has given the business to Kuzgun, he is fuming.

Dila visits Bora and tells him to stay away from Kuzgun’s family. She tells Bora that she will make Kuzgun leave and not be involved in the lives of any of them. Bora says he will trust her to do that but if he does not leave then he will revert back to the ways he knows. She agrees.

Kartal goes to Bilgins head office and asks Ali if he still has a job available Ali offers him a job that pays more. and he accepts. Kumru meanwhile is trying to track down someone who wrote their father a letter but left no name or address. She finds a name Dervish, but no address.

Kuzgun meets with Dila. She offers him all her shares in her father’s company if he will go and leave them all alone including her. She tells him that he isn’t safe. She leaves telling him to think about it. A little while later Dila arrives home, Sermin overhears her talking to Bora and hears Kuzguns name. She asks Bora what has Kuzgun got to do with it and Bora tells her it was Kuzgun who killed Seref her brother. Dila got the other man to confess to save Kuzgun and also Rifat knows. Ignoring what he promised Dila he tells Sermin that Kuzgun will pay for killing his father.

Meanwhile, Kuzgun has sneaked secretly into the house. Obviously looking for the security card to Rifat’s office. He goes into her bedroom to look but Dila enters so he hides. He doesnt get chance to get her bag and has to leave her room while she’s in the bathroom. He follows Dila as she goes to a bar, he makes it look like its a coincidence they meet. He’s after that security card still that’s in her bag. He gets her to go on stage and sing…badly. While she is singing he puts something into her drink. Leaving Dila gets dizzy so Kuzgun takes her in his car. She passes out and he takes the card from her purse. He gets into the office copies the list of times and dates for the shipments goes back to the car and replaces the card in her purse all while Dila is still passed out.

Kumru is still trying to track the man that helped her father while in prison. We see that its the Tailor when he gets a note saying that Kumru is looking for him. Meryem asks Kuzgun not to get involved with the bad stuff. He tells her and her children to keep away from him or they will get hurt.

Kuzgun arrives at the factory to see Kartal leaving. He won’t let him work for Ali and knocks him out and takes him home. Ali is informed by one of his men what happened and he goes along with several men and beat Kuzgun badly outside his home. Kumru finds him and shouts for her Mum and Kartal. Kartal doesnt care and goes to carry out his job for Ali. Meryem looks after Kuzgun in his house. While he is sleeping she sees the names he has written on his chest and the lines through the ones that are dead. She sees hers and Dila’s names too.

Waiting for the lorries from Bilgins company is a police roadblock. The man in charge was friends with his father and Kuzgun had tipped him off about the lorries and the illegal cargo. They stop the lorries and find the packages. Kartal has gone a different route with his cargo.

Meryem takes the address that Kumru has found and goes to visit Dervish ( The Tailor ). She asks him to help stop Kuzgun from getting his revenge on Rifat. Dervish tells her its too late no one can stop Kuzgun.

Kuzgun arrives at Rifat’s house while they are eating. Shortly after the police arrive and they arrest Rifat as they had found drugs in his lorries. They handcuff him and take him away. All the time Kuzgun is stood expressionless watching having flashbacks when the same thing happened to his father all those years ago.

That’s the end of the episode. Dila will find out eventually that this was Kuzgun’s doing. Probably just as they start getting on together again. I’m surprised that Ali didn’t immediately turn to Kuzgun and accuse him.

You can watch the episodes live every Wednesday night at 8 pm Turkish time on StarTV

Written By – Rachel Labidi



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